The bigger the investments, the greater are the numbers for calculations. And using regular calculators for maintaining the accounts is not encouraged in any enterprise. Everyone must have seen basic calculators used in various shops and the financial calculators that students, professionals and economists use. There is a simple difference between both the instruments. The basic calculators as the name suggests is used for the usual mathematical calculations to meet the everyday requirements. Whereas the financial and business calculators are used by experts and professionals to determine the taxes, ROI and many other larger expenses. These advanced calculating devices have multiple functions such as loan and mortgage calculations, accounting, forming statistical data, maintaining return on investment and other commerce-based data estimation. In big business houses, these calculations help the leaders to take future based financial decisions and other growth plans. 

    These financial and business calculators are available in any big supply store or on online shopping websites. Some websites like Flipkart even offers genuine calculating devices in discounted prices. There are few important things any finance student should keep in mind before purchasing this type of device. Select those business calculators that meets the Certified Financial Planning Board standards. Because those models which do not meet would not be allowed to use during the CFA certification test, that most students aspire to sit for.  

    Some of the models that actually meet the standards and allowed into the exam room also are Texas BA II Plus, Texas BA II Plus Professional, Casio FC 200V Financial, HP 10BII, Sharp EL-733A and others. Buy financial and business calculators online in much economical prices. These online shopping websites offer a variety of secure payment modes like net banking, credit/debit card transaction and cash on delivery for a easy shopping experience. 

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