From algebra to advanced calculus, graphing calculators are available in various models to suit all your needs. They are capable of plotting graphs, solving simultaneous equations and performing advanced mathematical variables. These are easy to use and are usually powered by rechargeable batteries. Certain models come with color display and touchpads that can make your calculation more fun and interesting. Their advanced features help you understand mathematical concepts better. You can define, analyze, save and present data in the form of graphs with the help of multiple graphing functions.

    Graphing calculators are imperative tools for upper level math classes like trigonometry, calculus and also for science courses. You can type any equation and watch it graphed on the x-axis and y axis. You can use these graphs to determine the point of intersection. You can connect them to a different calculator or computer to transfer data with the help of USB cables. With the memory feature, you can store all your equations. Some models come with close to 500 built-in functions.

    Graphing calculators are categorized under two different types – CAS (Computer Algebra System) and Non CAS. You can factor, evaluate, integrate and simplify equations, all at a single touch with the help of CAS. These are ideal for mathematical students and scientific professionals. Non CAS calculators perform the calculations in numeric equations. The different features of Non CAS include natural or conventional displays, Universal Serial Bus and 3D graphing capabilities.

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