Journalling is a practice of self-assistance and learning that very few people think highly of. In our list of possessions it might not be the most attractive piece but it definitely can be the most valuable thing. The kind of life we lead today is full of indulgence and distractions where the more important things get sidelined. But, by maintaining a journal, you will never feel lost in this busy and fast moving world. Journals are a creative way of being a friend and teacher to yourself. You can have many role models and close people to learn and get help from, but in the end the only one who knows you well enough to help is yourself.

    Journals can benefit your mind and body in different ways. Surprised? Well, keep reading. Jotting down the goals at a time and expecting your mind to grasp that is not something practically possible. The process of learning and achieving the goals is a long process and can be obtained by taking one step at a time. There are various reasons why one should keep a journal.

    Journals are the written proof that you are making progress on various fields of your life. It is easy to forget the small and big successes you already had in your life in the pursuit of meeting newer goals. You must have definitely solved many problems in the past. So, it helps to take a break and look back at the achievements and gain motivation from your written experience. Writing down your goals also help you think about the why's and how's of the goal. It initiates the process of thinking and planning to reach the destination. You can use it as a confidence booster, a record to follow or for any other purpose as per your wish.

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