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Whether you’re running a well-established company or a home office, it is essential that it should be well stocked with the basic items you would need for everyday tasks, so that your business runs smoothly. We use one office accessory or the other almost every day to complete our work. Choosing the best office products not only results in better quality, but also increases our efficiency and productivity. Office supplies range from simple items such as, pens, memo pads, card holders, files and folders to other items such as paper shredders, paper labels, megaphones, desk organisers and more. Popular brands such as, Giftsonn, VenTechno, Caroline’s Treasures, Nutcase, Alexus, and Sky Trends Gift offer numerous categories of office supplies which are needed on a daily basis.

These supplies play an important role in the everyday business and shouldn’t be thought of as insignificant issues. Managing and using your company’s supplies effectively could help save quite a bit of money, helping you run your business efficiently. We usually don’t realise the value of something trivial unless there comes a situation where we’re in desperate need of it. As the saying usually goes, it is better to have and not need it, than not have and need it.

Office Supplies for Everyone

Even for home usage, you may find that certain office supplies come in handy such as pens, paper, staplers, and more. But for office use, it is necessary that you have these accessories handy, as a business depends on getting things done quickly and efficiently. It is better to keep office accessories in plenty, so everyone can use them when needed. Writing supplies such as pens, paper, files and folders, memo pads, boards & dusters are products you cannot work without in any company. From taking notes in a meeting to keeping quick track of numbers, these are essential.

Let’s take a look at some of the commonly used office supplies:

Notebooks, Diaries and Memo Pads

Used in almost all areas of work, notebooks or memo pads come handy when creating a to-do list, jotting down the ‘minutes of meeting’ or important points spoken during the meeting, penning the important aspects of a business strategy and so on. Different types of notebooks such as, plain, index, ruled, and quadrille are available online for use in different situations.

Diaries are something that are seen in almost every household. While some use it as a journal, penning down the events that happen every day, some keep it with them at all times, so they can jot down their creative thoughts when inspiration strikes. Some even use it keep track of their expenses and accounts.

Pens and Pencils

Even in this age of technological advancements, pens and pencils are must-have office stationery that are needed for any profession. A wide category of pens are pencils are available which cater to specific purposes. 

Ballpoint Pens

They are one of the most widely used office stationery. They are easy to use, and there’s less chance of ink staining your fingers or clothes. Its smooth writing and easy refilling have made it popular all over the world.

Fountain Pens

Known for its smooth writing, a fountain pen may vary according to the point of the nib, the type of metal used, ink-filling mechanism, and the body of the pen. A few models of fountain pens are even used for calligraphy writing.

Whiteboards, Markers, and Dusters

Any established company has white boards in its conference rooms. The ideal way to write on a whiteboard is by using marker pens. They fall into three categories based on whether they can be used only on paper, or whether they are permanent or non-permanent. The non-permanent markers are the ones used for writing on a whiteboard. Permanent markers are used in situations where you need the writing to not fade over time. Available in several different colours, markers are one such thing that any company should have in plenty. Also, if there are whiteboards and markers, the one other thing you would need is a duster. Getting a good-quality duster helps erase the writing on a whiteboard with ease.

Desk Organisers

Getting a desk organiser is useful if you’re someone who doesn’t like their desk messy and cluttered. Some of the commonly used desk organisers are file sorters, pen holders, drawer sets, and more. Almost every professional has a card in his or her name. Having a card holder on your desk makes it easy to find your cards.

Desk calendars are a great way to keep track of the date and day, so you can make sure you don’t miss out on any important appointments for the day.

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