School and college were the times when we used to write a lot. However, in school we wrote with an ink pen. And writing with such a pen was a thing of pride. Today, even in the age of ballpoint pens and emails, ink pens or fountain pens have retained that undeniable allure. From signing important documents to sending out handwritten memos or even letters, a fountain pen is something worth investing in.  

    Choosing a Fountain Pen

    Choosing a fountain pen really depends on trial and error method. You need to test out a few fountain pens before you can zero down on your choices. 

    Now, any pen enthusiast will tell you that the first thing to consider when choosing a fountain pen is the nib. This is the part we use to write with. The nib consists of the tip and the size and shape determines the style of writing. Some tips are broad-sized, while others are fine or extra fine. The tip shape varies between italic and round. 

    After choosing the nib, next comes the ink filling system. Most fountain pens these days make use of the cartridge system. It’s a simple and convenient system. However, you only get standard ink colours. Another system commonly used is the converter system. This system allows you to use it with an unlimited range of ink colours. Lastly, the built-in system, which is featured in high-end fountain pens. This system is as versatile as the converter system and works on the same principle.

    Finally comes the body design. If you look up fountain pens online, you will see that they come in all shapes and sizes. Now, the design really doesn’t affect how a pen writes, but it is important for you to comfortably hold it and find it attractive. Always go for pens that match the size of your hand and choose pens that are neither too heavy nor too light. 

    Buy Fountain Pens Online

    Buying a fountain pen online is easy. You can choose from a wide variety, order online and pay using safe and secure payment options. With online shopping you can enjoy the convenience of having the product delivered right to your doorstep. 

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