Maps For Lost Lovers
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Maps For Lost Lovers (English, Paperback, Aslam Nadeem)


Maps For Lost Lovers  (English, Paperback, Aslam Nadeem)

20 Ratings & 3 Reviews
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  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Random House, India
  • Genre: Fiction
  • ISBN: 9788184002881, 8184002882
  • Pages: 548
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  • Description

    Maps For Lost Lovers is set in a small Pakistani community in a British town. It tells the story of two young lovers whose lives are caught up in the bigotry and tension of a community still steeped in old beliefs and traditions.

    Summary Of The Book

    Dasht-e-Tanhai is an unlikely name for a small British town. Yet, that is what it is called by its sizable Pakistani community. The name means the Desert of Solitude. This community of people live in a sort of cultural isolation, still clinging to their old customs and traditions. This is the setting of Maps For Lost Lovers.

    The younger generation is trying to assimilate itself into the mainstream of their adopted country. But the grip of old customs are still strong, and relationships between people of different communities are not looked upon with favour.

    In this scenario, young Jugnu has fallen in love with his neighbour, Chanda, and they are suspected to have been be killed for honour. The story is mainly told through the viewpoint of Jugnu’s liberal and forward thinking older brother Shamas, a poet and social worker. Contrasting with his views on life are those of his wife, Kaukab. She is steeped in traditions and because of this, she hurts others including her own children and in turn she herself is hurt, unable to come to terms with the modern world.

    While the main plot centers on the two lost lovers, the story also takes the readers through a journey of the life in the small community living in an alien land. While they withdraw into their own isolated life, the bigotry of the larger community also touches them, as they are victims of racist attacks. As the search for the fate of the missing couple continues, the novel shows the impact the incident has on the other members of their respective families. It is only after several months that the horror of what happened begins to unfold.

    Maps For Lost Lovers has a theme of narrow-minded prejudices and violence in the name of honor, religion and race. It is not a dark story, but it is an examination of a community that even after emigrating to strange land, wants to keep its old customs alive, to cut itself off from the world in which it has chosen to live.

    About Nadeem Aslam

    Nadeem Aslam is a British Pakistani writer.

    Some of his other books include Season of The Rainbirds, The Wasted Vigil, and The Blind Man's Garden.

    Nadeem Aslam was born in 1966 in Pakistan. His family moved to the UK when he was 14 years old. He studied biochemistry but gave up after the third year to become a writer. His first published novel was The Season of The Rainbirds in 1993. It won the Betty Trask Award and also the Author’s Club First Novel Award.

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    • Random House, India
    • 198 mm
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    Maps for Lost Lovers

    One of the most beautiful and satisfying books I have read in a long time. We read it for our bookclub and everybody just loved it. I did not know whether to read it slowly for the language or fast for the story. In the end I read it fast as I had to know what happened in the end. The suspense was just too much. I will have to read it again for all the beautiful pictures it painted in my mind.

    lalith mulherkar

    Certified Buyer, Bangalore

    Apr, 2014

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    really confused...............

    i got totally confused................mujhe laga last chapter tak sabhi answers mil jayege par esa kuch hua nahi. book London m base south asian familys k bare m achha view deti h but main subject / charters se bhatak jati h.


    Certified Buyer, Allahabad

    Jun, 2014

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    Worth following the signs of this map

    This book transfixes you from the first page. Takes you to a different world altogether -where the outside world is all too real but always in conflict with the insiders.

    This book weaves tale of a family or more than that of a community at crossroads. Their deeds, hurt and pain help you to understand their fate, only too vividly.

    At the heart of it, there is a love affair. But this relationship gets entwined with all other relations and goes horribly sour. This tale, it's pre as well as po...

    Shilpa S

    May, 2012

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