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PS3 Games
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The Top games">PS3 Games Online

PlayStation 3 was first released in 2006-2007 across the world by Sony Interactive Entertainment. These consoles were the first to introduce Sony’s PlayStation Network, its social gaming service. This feature allowed for a more interactive, immersive, and socially involved gaming experience.

PS3 games can be obtained via purchase of Blu-ray disc or by downloading the games.

PS3 Games: Buy both the latest and the classics online.

Resistance: Fall of Man, was the top selling PS3 launch game. Ridge Racer 7 was the top selling Japanese launch game. The most successful titles at the end of 2007 were Resistance: Fall of Man, and Motorstorm, both of which received sequels.

All Time Best Games Made For PS3

1. The Last Of Us

In spite of a lacking multiplayer content, The Last of Us came away as probably one of the most charming titles from any generation. The amazing visual designing, potent voice acting, and choice-oriented gameplay merge together to provide a mature storytelling experience.

The riveting relationship that Ellie and Joel share, as they fight to survive in a post apocalyptic word is what adds to the charm of the storyline.

2)   Destiny

Destiny is primarily a first person shooter, but it is also heavily infused with character development and customizations characteristic to the modern MMORPG.

You play as a Guardian, abrading the solar system of aliens, at the same time looking for guns with which to shoot. After a decade of making Halo games, the developer has made gunplay as real as possible, providing this game with a satisfaction most others can’t boast of.

3)   Grand Theft Auto V

This installment in the GTA franchise is exemplar in the open-world narrative and story progression it offers.

The beautiful streets and bylanes of Los Santos are filled with things to do. The unprecedented three protagonist system catapults you into an enthralling story.

4)   Red Dead Redemption

This game is basically Grand Theft Auto, with the added bonus of being set in the Wild West.
The main character John Marston traverses a vast area, full of interesting people, and plenty of activities to do.

The Budget Range of PS3 games

They are known as The Best range in Japan, the Platinum range in Australia and Europe, and the Greatest Hits range in North America.

The titles available in this range are:

Resistance: Fall of Man, MotorStorm, Uncharted: Drakes of Fortune, Rainbow Six: Vegas, Call of Duty 3, Assassin’s Creed, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, Devil May Cry 4, Army of Two, Battlefield: Bad Company, and Midnight Club: Los Angeles.

Rare And Expensive Games

Some PS3 games are extremely rare, and expensive, oftentimes both. This can be due to limited release, or a good game that isn’t being produced anymore.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Fortune Edition is arguably the most expensive, costing approximately 3,700 dollars.

However, such games are a rarity, with most being priced at nominal, economical rates.

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