Public Administration and Public Affairs 11th Edition 11th Edition

    Public Administration and Public Affairs 11th Edition 11th Edition (English, Paperback, Henry Nicholas)

    Public Administration and Public Affairs 11th Edition 11th Edition  (English, Paperback, Henry Nicholas)

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    • Language: English
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Publisher: Phi Learning Pvt. Ltd.
    • ISBN: 9788120338234, 8120338235
    • Edition: 11thEdition, 2009
    • Pages: 404

      Public Administration And Public Affairs is a reference book on public administration, public affairs, and public policy.

      Summary Of The Book

      Public Administration And Public Affairs presents the turbulent world of public administration and public affairs. It is suitable for introductory courses on the subject. While the focus is on the American administration in particular, the underlying concepts can be applied to a public administration system in any democracy.

      The book is divided into four sections beginning with a section on certain paradigms of public administration. The next section covers the theories, the forces, and the people who form the fabric of public organizations.

      The third section discusses topics related to public management, such as the information resource of the public, the consequences of corruption, financing and budgeting governments, and managing human capital in the public sector.

      The final section explores various aspects of implementing public policy, such as understanding and improving public policy, intersectoral administration, intergovernmental administration, and approaching a bureaucratic ethic.

      The book ends with a set of seven appendices that contain relevant information such as annotated journals, guidance on becoming a public or nonprofit administrator, and the Code of Ethics of the American Society for Public Administration.

      This edition of the book has been updated to include new sections on e-governance, information systems, experiences of minority and women public administrators, technology assessment, and technology forecasting. It also covers topics such as the functionality and failure of information technology projects, corruption and whistle-blowing in public affairs, analysis of the backlash against affirmative action, and the mismanagement of the occupation in Iraq. The Honest Leadership and Open Government Act of 2007, and the recent scandal involving Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae have also been included.

      Public Administration And Public Affairs was published in 2009 by Phi Learning.

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      • Publication Year
        • 2009
      • Author
        • Henry Nicholas
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      Good book

      This is a good book for Public Administration fundamentals.

      It is based and written for American administration. So, the main focus is on America.

      It can be used to understand fundamentals ignoring the American examples.

      Good book, helps a lot. Great buy through


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      14 Sep, 2012

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      Good book

      Very nice book for the basics of Public Administration. It may appear irrelevant in the beginning for Indian students because of the huge amount of examples and data that are drawn from american administration, but if examples are ignored and the concepts concentrated upon, this book becomes a great introduction to the subject. I have read the chapters on organizations and Public Policy. Clarified many concepts.


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      31 Dec, 2012

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