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Looking for cocktail dresses online? Look no further! From lace cocktail party dresses, little black dresses to floral favorites, rest assured you will find a dress for all occasions and seasons on our page. Filter within colour, print and pattern, length and occasion for best results. Shop from top names like Vero Moda, Mango, Eavan, Forever 21 and People among others at best prices. Price list last updated on 02-Jun-20.

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Cocktail Dresses
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Buy Cocktail Dresses Online At Flipkart

Cocktail dresses are sleek and suitable to be worn to formal occasions. They are typically knee-length party dresses that women wear to cocktail parties. You can find many different styles, which may confuse you. Thus, to make it easier for you to understand your different options, let’s discuss some of the popular cocktail dresses and styling tips. 

Styling Tips For Cocktail Party Dresses

Heels - When you put on a cocktail dress, it’s advisable for you to opt for high heels so that your legs look more toned and long (when your dress shows your legs). The heels can also help accentuate your dress and your physique as well. 

The Right Dress Line - If you’re dressing up to go to a black tie (formal) event, make sure that you choose a full-length dress. For a semi-casual event, you can pick a knee-length dress so that your toned legs are visible. And, for a more casual event, you can wear a dress of a shorter length. 

Hosiery  - In case your dress is not full length, you can choose to wear stockings (black or nude coloured) to give your outfit a more refined and sophisticated look. 

No Skirts or Suits  - When your invitation explicitly says ‘cocktail party’, it is better for you to wear dresses and avoid wearing skirts or suits to create a more demure yet regal look. 

Sleeve Lengths  - If you’re fretting about what the appropriate length of your sleeves should be for your dress, then it’s time to stop. There are no general rules regarding the appropriate length (although there are many types of sleeves - but more on that later). So, make sure that you choose to wear a dress that you’re comfortable wearing. 

Coats or Cover-ups  - During the chilly winters, carrying a coat, a wrap, or a light formal jacket with you will help keep you warm at outdoor cocktail parties. This way, you’ll enjoy the party more as you'll feel comfortable and warm. 

Necklaces and Necklines - If you’re planning on wearing a V-line neck dress, you can go for a longer necklace that features a simple pendant to create a more flattering effect (that doesn’t overpower your entire look). And, if you’re going for a round-neck dress, opt for a 15 inch (or shorter) chain with a decorative pendant to perfectly complement your outfit. 

Different Types of Sleeves - Although there are no set rules regarding the types of sleeves your preferred cocktail dress should have, it’ll still be helpful for you to know the different types of sleeves that exist in the market. 

The Bishop Sleeves 

These sleeves are loose fitting down at the arms but are gathered at the wrist, to allow you to freely move your arms. 

The Bell Sleeves

These sleeves are fitted down to the arms, and they open into large bell shapes at the bottom. 

Cap Sleeves 

These sleeves are more commonly preferred by women as they are not only traditional, but they also look classy. They cover up the tops of the shoulder. 

Dolman Sleeves 

Dolman sleeves are full at the top (of the arms) and gradually tighten to fit snugly at the wrists. 

Fitted Sleeves 

These fitting sleeves can showcase your toned arms as they fit perfectly from top to bottom. 

Juliet Sleeves 

These sleeves can give your cocktail dresses a more Shakespearean feel as they feature puffs of fabric at the shoulder. 

Three-quarter Sleeves 

These sleeves end just below the elbows and are relatively tight as well. 

Now, comes the important bit. What is the most suitable cocktail dress for your shape? Let’s talk about the different parameters that you can consider while choosing an appropriate dress for your event. 

The Best Sexy Cocktail Dresses for Your Body Type 

You may have skimmed through fashion magazines, shopping sites, or your Instagram feed and come across beautiful cocktail dresses that you want to own. But, did a thought dampen your mood? And, was that question, ‘will it even look good on me?” That is a valid question because not all dresses flatter all body types as some of them are specifically made for certain body types. 

Here are a few tips that you can keep in mind while shopping for the perfect cocktail dresses:

Identify Your Body Type 

The Pear Body  - This body type features slender upper bodies and smaller busts; and, the hips and thighs are larger than the upper bodies. If this is your body type, you can opt for dresses that feature empire waistlines. You can also pick A-line skirts as they can make your body look more proportional. 

To accentuate your torso, you can choose two-toned dresses with light colours on the top and dark colours for the bottom. You can also choose to wear dresses that come with padded shoulders so that your top and bottom stay perfectly balanced. 

The Straight Body Type  - Petite chests and bottoms, fewer visible curves, and slender legs make up the straight body type. So, if this is your body type, you can choose to wear cocktail dresses that feature numerous layers. You can also choose to wear peplum jackets as they fabulously flatter the straight body type. 

The Round Body Type - This body type features outwardly curved waists, thick (or thin) legs, and a wider appearance. If these features fit your body type then you can pick dresses that come with V-shaped necklines. You can also opt for empire waistline dresses and eye-catching accessories so that you can look like the perfect package at every event that you attend. 

Even though there are dresses that have been carefully designed for different body types, you can still choose to wear whatever you’d like as long as you feel comfortable in the outfit. 

Now, let’s talk about how you can get your hands on the best cocktail dresses available in the market. 

Shop for Cocktail Dresses Online 

Sitting in the comfort of your home, you can shop for a variety of cocktail dresses with just the click of a few buttons. Make sure that you type keywords such as ‘buy cocktail dresses online’, ‘cocktail dresses for women’, ‘party wear cocktail dresses’, etc., into the search bars of search engines and shopping sites so that they can pull up the best results. 

And, once you choose the dress or dresses that you like, you can choose to buy them, and in a matter of time, you’ll have your purchases delivered to your doorstep. It’s that easy and convenient. So, get shopping as soon as you can to get your hands on the best deals available online. 

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