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    Converse Shoes Price List

    Converse ShoesPrice
    GS Footwear Canvas ShoesRs. 449
    Converse SneakersRs. 2565
    Converse CasualsRs. 2499
    Converse CasualsRs. 2499
    Converse SneakersRs. 2470
    Converse SneakersRs. 2375
    Converse Chuck Taylor Light Weight SneakersRs. 2499
    GS Footwear Canvas ShoesRs. 449
    Converse SneakersRs. 2225
    Converse SneakersRs. 2470
    This data was last updated on 2017/10/18

    Converse Shoes: Your Feet Deserve The Best

    Are you looking to revive your punk rock phase? Or simply to upgrade your everyday style? Converse shoes are the perfect shoes for you. For decades, Converse shoes have been pushing the envelope on alternative fashion with their sturdy, stylish shoes that are both casual and athletic. With athleisure in fashion and a 90’s style revival, Converse shoes will keep you at the top of your fashion game.

    Converse Shoes: A History

    Converse was founded in 1908 in Massachusetts by Marquis Mills Converse and first came to prominence in 1917 with the release of the first All-Star basketball shoes. Eventually, these shoes evolved into the iconic Chuck Taylors. These ‘Chucks’ are made of canvas and were innovative in their loose lining of canvas which allowed ease of movement. Converse Shoes was bought by Nike in 2003. Converse shoes traditionally have their trademark star logo, a stitched canvas upper portion and the instantly recognizable rounded white toe cap. Initially marketed as athletic shoes, Converse shoes were designed for better flexibility and support. The hi-top design was well suited for playing basketball and this was how the shoes grew in popularity. These days you can buy Converse shoes online at competitive prices. With such a wide range of styles, which Converse is right for you?

    Converse Shoes For Men: A Style For Every Taste

    Converse shoes are differentiated but their ‘cut’, i.e, where the top of the shoe ends.

    Low Top Shoes
    - These Converse shoes end just below the ankle like standard sneakers. This design is easy to wear and suitable for casual use. It’s not suited for sports since it doesn’t provide enough ankle support.

    Hi Top Shoes - The traditional Converse shoe design which hits about an inch above the ankle. Since these were designed for playing basketball, they provide good ankle support while giving some degree of flexibility. Even though these have an athletic design, they are commonly worn as casual shoes as well.

    X-Hi - These hit over an inch above the ankle and can be difficult to wear.

    XX-Hi - Similar in design to boots, these Converse shoes hit just below the knee. They can give a very distinctive and striking appearance.

    Which Material Is Right For You?

    If you’re a purist, you might choose to stick to the original canvas shoes. Canvas is a lightweight material that lets your feet breathe, keeping you comfortable even if you’re on your feet all day. If you plan on wearing your converse shoes all day, every day, then canvas could be the perfect material for you. You’ll be comfortable and relaxed all day.

    The style conscious men among us could decide to go for suede Converse shoes. Suede has a soft, classy look that can elevate your style game to all new levels. This material isn’t waterproof though and requires a lot of care to maintain.

    Is leather more your style? Fret not, Converse shoes even come in leather variants. Leather is more expensive but is durable and comfortable to wear.

    Did you think that all mens shoes come in boring neutral shades? Converse shoes may surprise you. With a wide array of colors to pick from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Converse shoes for men are available in the classic range of colors: optical white, beige, black, gray, pink and red. You can find these Converse shoes online, often at a discounted price. If you want to go off the beaten track, Converse shoes also come in more uncommon colors like orange, purple, green, etc.

    Apart from this, there are different collections and special editions with funkier designs. You can find Converse shoes with camouflage print, comic book characters, bands, etc.

    How To Style Your Converse Shoes

    You can pair your Converse shoes with jeans and a T-shirt for an effortlessly cool look or go unconventional and jazz up a semi-formal outfit with a dash of style.

    If you’re feeling too lazy to go hunting for the perfect pair, stay comfortable and buy Converse shoes online. Check and compare Converse shoe prices before you decide on a purchase and remember to get the right shoe size for a good fit and all day comfort.

    No matter the occasion, Converse shoes have you covered.

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