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    Culottes : comfy and stylish

    Culottes were originally knee-breeches worn by upper-class European gentleman from the late Middle Ages to the early nineteenth century. They were tight, fitted trousers ending just below the knee, fastened with a button, buckle, strap or a drawstring. They looked like nothing but pants at first glance. It was mostly worn by the wealthy and became a symbol of oppression. So much so, that during the French Revolution, working class revolutionaries were called ‘sans-culottes’ or ‘without-culottes’ - referring to their opposition to aristocracy. So, these pants actually started to create a divide between classes.  

    Culottes for women

    Culottes for women (how we know them today) came about in the Victorian era (mid to late nineteenth century). At this time, women started to take part actively in sports and activities like horse-riding, bicycling, tennis, etc. However, the skirts they wore at that time were not conducive to sports. So, long split skirts (a skirt split into pants) were developed for women which would give the illusion of wearing a skirt while they rode horses with a man’s saddle rather than riding side-saddle. These horse-riding split skirts became a controversial garment because they were breaking sexual taboos against women riding horses when they were expected to hide their lower limbs at all times. Soon, split skirts were developed to give women freedom to perform other activities as well like gardening, bike riding, etc. They still looked like they were wearing a skirt! This version - a skirt split into pants is how we see culottes today. Ruffles, frills and panels were used to conceal the divide. The French word ‘culottes’ were used to refer to these new ‘women’s pants’. 

     Some people say culottes pants are incredibly bold and stylish. Others feel they are unflattering to the women’s body. But we can safely say that they extremely comfy and very versatile. Especially in the summer, it can prove to be a very breezy option to beat the heat. 

    You can style culottes pants in umpteem number of ways. We give you a few ideas:

    a.) Striped, checked or any other printed culottes make a big style statement in itself. Keep the rest of your outfit simple with a solid-coloured tee. 

    b.) A boxy crop top with a pair of crisp, pleated culottes makes a super stylish formal outfit. 

    c.) A plain black top looks great with a pair of floral culotte pants!

    d.) Denim culottes go extremely well with a white crop top. This ensemble looks great with a pair of boots. Do not be afraid to experiment. 

    e.) A simple pair of off-white culottes looks super smart with a formal shirt tucked in. Try it out!

    f.) A pair of black culottes with a dark sweater tucked in looks great during winters. 

    g.) You can also just wear a cropped captioned tee with a pair of matching solid-coloured culottes.

    h.) A pair of high waist culottes goes beautifully with a bralette top. Team it up with a pair of ballerinas for an easy summery outfit. 

    There is no right or wrong way to style culottes pants. Just remember to match the colours and be confident. Also keep in mind that more than anything else, this beautiful garment represents women liberation and there is nothing more stylish that that!

    Buy culottes online 

    Now buy womens culottes online at the comfort of your home. Our website hosts some of the most stylish designs of culottes pants you can imagine. So what are you waiting for? Hurry, get shopping!


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