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Very few garments can match the timelessness of a designer sarees . Trends will come and go but Indian women and their relationship with the sarees will always remain special. When it comes to fashion designer sarees, Flipkart is home to some of the biggest names. Shop for best designer sarees online from Divastri, Mirchi Fashion, Aahira and AVR Fashions among many other leading brands. With the festive season fast approaching, watch out for our latest model designer sarees collection. The information you are reading has been last updated on 20-Sep-19.

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Designer Sarees: Now You Too Can Look Like a Diva

If you’re an Indian woman, the chances of you not owning an elaboration collection of designer sarees are bleak. Infact, your first memory of wearing a saree must be from your mom’s wardrobe. That’s how the love affair starts. Whether it some traditional event, a wedding party or some formal occasion, a designer saree is the perfect choice. These nine-yard wonders bring out your feminine charm in the best possible manner. Contrary to the popular belief, sarees are often quite comfortable - you just have to drape them well. If you’re planning to stock up on some designer sarees, you should check the collection from Divastri, AC Creation, AVAILKART, AVR FASHIONS, Aahira and Active. Featuring trendy designs and high-quality fabrics, these brands have received good reviews from consumers. To help you further with your buying decision, let us have a look at some of the popular types of designer sarees online:

Bollywood Sarees

Bollywood is known to have introduced a range of styles in India, and one of the most interesting among them. With shimmery designs, trendy shades and fabrics that make a heroine look hot and attractive, Bollywood sarees are found in a lot of our favourite Bollywood songs. If you’re tired of wearing traditional sarees for every function in the family, brands like Design Willa have a range of Bollywood latest model sarees online in art silk, georgette, crepe and various other fabrics with designs that are sure to make you look like a Bollywood diva. 

Banarasi Sarees

Whether it is weddings or any other traditional events, a royal Banarasi saree is all you need to be the centre of attraction. The marvellous sheen and texture of these elegant sarees are bound to catch attention. These timeless sarees were originally woven for the royal families with real gold and silver threads. These designer sarees feature intricate detailing that often requires a lot of time to finish. These sarees find their roots in Varanasi and they are quite popular as bridal sarees in North India. 

Chanderi Sarees

Originated from the land of Varanasi, Chanderi sarees have made their way back to the fashion charts. Silk, zari and cotton are woven together to make a fabric, that’s light and has a royal vibe to it. You can find a wide variety of patterns online, including traditional coin, floral art, peacocks and geometrics. If you like to keep it simple and elegant, a Chanderi saree is your go-to option. These sarees are quite lightweight and they will keep you comfortable all day long. You can pair a chanderi saree with some junk jewellery to look like a fashionista. 

Tant Sarees

If you’ve ever been to Kolkata, then you must have noticed Bengali beauties adorning themselves in crisp cotton fantasies. Tant sarees are stiffly starched and they display excellent craftsmanship. They aren’t as flowy as silk or georgette, but they possess a unique charm. A Tant saree is usually made of cotton and it is quite comfy to wear. Durga Puja is quite close and if you’re planning to shop for it, tant sarees are your go-to option. What sets them apart? Well, a lot of things including their bold borders and exquisite prints. Pair them with gold-plated jewellery to look like a Bengali goddess. 

Kanjeevaram Sarees 

While north India boasts of Banarasi sarees, south India has Kanjeevaram sarees to bank upon. Also popular as Kanchipuram sarees, Kanjeevaram sarees find their origin in a small village named Kanchipuram that’s located in Tamil Nadu. Often distinguished by their motifs, heavy silk and gold cloth, Kanchipuram sarees make a popular choice for weddings and other special occasions. Why are they so popular? The dazzling shine and the richness of the fabric combined with the amazing finish contribute to the popularity of Kanjivaram sarees. These designer sarees have a royal appeal to them and they can make you stand apart from the crowd. So, if you’re looking for something that offers you the best of both worlds, you should opt for Kanjivaram sarees without any second thoughts.

Kasavu Sarees

Are you intrigued by the name already? Well, we don’t blame you, and to add to your happiness you should know that the look of these sarees does total justice to their unique name. Settu sarees were traditionally worn as dhotis with blouses and stoles. Over the years, they have undergone a makeover and they are now popular as Kasavu sarees . These designer sarees are characterized by thick golden borders that are often woven with threads of real gold. Don’t worry, if you’ve a restricted budget, you can also opt for the ones woven with artificial threads. So, the next time you have ethnic day at work, drape yourself in a beautiful Kasavu saree and pair it with some fancy jewellery. 

Bomkai Sarees

Among all the gorgeous options from east India, Odisha has Bomkai to boast of. Exquisite embroidery and thread work are a few USPs of these famous sarees. These nine-yard wonders are available in, both, silk and cotton. Also famous as Sonepuri sarees, Bomkai sarees were originally produced by the Bhulia community of Bomkai. The unique tribal rawness in their prints gives these designer sarees a charming appeal. So, adorn yourself in a beautiful, handwoven Bomkai saree and get ready for some genuine compliments. Pair it with some junk jewellery to complete the look. 

Sambalpuri Sarees

Another popular marvel from the state of Odisha is the Sambalpuri saree. Sambalpuri sarees combine traditional motifs, such as flowers, wheels and shells in their beautiful weaves. The threads are first dyed and later woven into fabric form, rendering a rich look. Whether you’re heading to a casual occasion, a semi-formal occasion or a formal occasion, these versatile sarees can be worn to almost all the occasions and they will make you look uber stylish. Combine these designer sarees with some terracotta jewellery and transform yourself into an ethnic diva.

Paithani Sarees

If you’re a Marathi Mulgi, you would already have a huge collection of the magnificent Paithani sarees in your wardrobe. These sarees are named after the Paithan town in Aurangabad. These designer sarees are quite famous for their slanting square borders and exquisite pallus that are inspired by natural patterns including trees, parrots and peacocks. Their zari borders and the recurrent peacock designs are a treat for the eyes. These handwoven sarees are great for grand events and parties. You can team an elegant Paithani saree with pearl chokers and bangles to look glamorous.

Bandhani Sarees

The word bandhan means ties. These designer sarees are made using a unique process of tying and dyeing. The Khatri community of Gujarat is considered to be the pioneer in making Bandhani sarees. These sarees are often decorated by plucking the cloth with the fingernails into many tiny bindings that form an attractive figurative design. Rajasthan is also quite popular for Bandhani sarees . If you’re headed to some puja ceremony or a casual event, you can go for Bandhani sarees. They are light and they will give you a chic yet elegant appeal. Just throw in some dazzling accessories to balance the look.

Muga Sarees

Muga sarees represent the perfect amalgamation of simplicity and elegance. These sarees are made of a special kind of silk, which is produced by a larvae. According to the popular belief, this larvae feeds on only two special kinds of leaves. This silk is also used to make the Assamese traditional Mekhela Chador and sarees. This silk is quite popular owing to its glossy finish and durability. The natural yellowish-golden tint of these sarees just adds to the glamour quotient. If you love wearing sarees, Muga sarees are a must-have in your wardrobe. To ace the chic look, pair a Muga saree with golden hoop earrings and a pair of contemporary footwear. 

Phulkari Sarees

If you’re looking for something bright and dressy, then Phulkari sarees are meant for you. These sarees feature embroidery in bright colors with floss silk thread on coarse hand-woven cotton fabric. Standing true to their name, Phulkari sarees feature a lot of artwork and geometrical patterns. You will usually find Phulkari sarees in bright hues and patterns. These designer sarees became all the more popular after their entry in the legendary Heer Ranjha movie. The Phulkari embroidery is also popular for dupattas. So, the next time you’re confused about what to wear at your BFF’s sangeet or wedding, you can rely on these sarees. 

Buy Best Designer Sarees According to Your Body Type

You might have fallen in love with the georgette saree that Katrina Kaif wore in her last movie, but it’s also important to know whether a saree like that will suit your body type or not. A saree is supposed to flatter your curves and make you look gorgeous. If you’re on the slimmer side,then you can opt for cotton and silk sarees with heavy embroidery. To accentuate your curves, you can also go for brocade, beadwork and bold prints. If you’re on the taller side, then you should go for designer sarees with heavy borders. Heavy borders tend to divert the attention from your height and they will give you a balanced look. If you’re on the heavier side, then chiffon or handloom sarees are perfect for you. Silk sarees are quite versatile and they tend to flatter almost all body types. 

Fashion Designer Sarees Online Shopping

Beautiful designer sarees in georgette, chiffon, art silk, lace and more are available on Flipkart at attractive prices. So, what are you waiting for? Buy designer party wear sarees and wedding sarees in gorgeous colours and patterns.

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