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    Rings are one of the most common piece of jewellery that we use daily. We wear it on our fingers and flaunt it day and night. Even though these decorative ornaments are available in gold, silver, platinum and many other materials, we tend to use gold rings more than any other. One main reason behind this is that, our hands are always immersed in one or the other kind of work and a piece of jewellery worn on our hands are also indulging in the same. Because of this, we choose gold rings which are genuinely durable and it also doesn\'t hinder the work. Apart from the functionality of the metal, it is also preferred for its ability to complement the texture of our fingers.

    These are available in numerous options and settings to enhance your personality. However, it is always necessary to consider the reason for purchase before choosing a piece. Gold rings are a daily wear item and people wear it round the clock. It is also used to indicate the marital status of a person as in a wedding band or engagement ring. This piece of jewellery is considered as a gifting item too. Always consider the occasion as it is a deciding factor in selecting the style and design of the ring.

    Settings for a gold ring can range from classic band design to gemstone encrusted pieces. Rings for men are mostly made in band designs as they wear it mostly to indicate their marital status. Gold rings for women include a wide range with intricate designs and settings of gemstones such as pave, solitaire and multi-stone. These designs can be simple or elaborate and either will look beautiful over gold. It can also get quite creative and can flaunt the similar sense of style which a lady carries off.

    Latest Collections in Gold Rings

    There are different types of gold used to make rings. Knowledge about these types will help to select a piece according to your style and colour preference. Yellow gold is the higher carat gold and it is the common choice for gold rings. Rose gold has a long lasting reddish tint because of its combination with reddish metals. White gold looks similar to silver and it may require re-plating to maintain the look. Sizing is another important factor to consider while selecting rings. Since some gold rings with specific style and setting cannot be resized, one should always choose rings with appropriate size. For example, it is difficult to resize a gold ring with stones around the band. This should be taken into account if you want to resize a ring after a while.

    Flipkart offers gold rings for men, women and babies. Select gold rings according to base material, type and ring size. Make payments through net banking or choose the cash on delivery option. All transactions are safe and secure to make your shopping experience comfortable. There are also easy return and replacement policies to ensure convenient shopping.

    Yellow Gold Rings Online

    Planning on proposing to the only woman you want to spend the rest of your life with? Do you want to make the moment special for both of you? Then, here’s your chance to make her smile for life by giving her the perfect rings that she deserves. We know this can result in sleepless nights, and a constant worry amidst your already busy schedule. So we offer you the perfect opportunity to take your pick from a wide range of rings available at your own convenience, thanks to online shopping.

    Tips and tricks

    Rings have always been the most admired prized possession among all the other ornaments. Whether you want one to gift your lady love, or one to propose for marriage, you need to ensure you choose the right one in your first attempt. And we completely understand that you might be new at it. So here are certain suggestions you should keep in mind while choosing rings, to impress your love instantly.

    Band – Choosing the right band that fits the finger perfectly is something inevitable. You don’t want the band to be so loose that it slips down the drain, nor would you want it to be so tight that you can’t open it ever. So choose a size that will fit without hurting her finger. As for the material, some of the popular choices are yellow gold, white gold and platinum among the precious metals. If you are buying an engagement ring for your to-be-fiancée, or an anniversary gift for your wife, then precious metal rings will definitely make her fall in love with you all over again. If you want to buy a Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend, then investing in silver or alloyed rings will definitely make the day for her.

    Setting – The perfect engagement rings boast the most beautiful setting ever. And diamonds have always been the first choice of gemstone when it comes to choosing an engagement ring. If you think a diamond ring doesn’t fit your budget, then you can always set a trend with other gemstones like emerald, ruby, sapphire and amethyst to make a strong impression on your lady love.

    Personality – Choosing a ring that matches your woman’s personality and lifestyle is important. If she is hyperactive and her work takes her from one place to another, a modern-looking ring with no sharp edges will definitely make her flaunt it proudly. If she is a bit traditional, then a classic design will be the perfect choice.

    Hints – If you are still unsure of which rings to look for, then go ahead and ask your fiancée subtly what she would prefer. Or you can keep an eye out for what she likes when she goes to a jewellery store, so you can have a more than fair idea about her taste.

    Buying online

    Now that you can buy rings online, what you need to do is fix the price, choose the design and brand, and place an order to get it delivered wherever you want, be it home or office. Surprise your wife or girlfriend with the right ring, and make those wonderful moments feel larger than life.

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