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    PepeJeans Men's Solid Casual Linen White ShirtRs. 1448
    Elepants Men's Solid Casual Linen White ShirtRs. 440
    LP Louis Philippe Men's Self Design Casual Linen Beige ShirtRs. 2344
    Gant Men Solid Casual Linen Pink ShirtRs. 4799
    Levi's Men's Solid Casual Linen White ShirtRs. 2079
    Fizzaro Men's Solid Formal Linen White ShirtRs. 689
    PepeJeans Men's Solid Casual Linen Dark Blue ShirtRs. 1448
    Showoff Men's Printed Casual Linen Brown, White ShirtRs. 1005
    John Players Men's Striped Casual Green ShirtRs. 1599
    Provogue Men's Solid Casual Linen Green ShirtRs. 899
    This data was last updated on 2017/07/24

    The Best Linen Shirts Online

    When it comes to staying cool in summer heat, linen shirts for men tops the list. Back in the day, linen shirts were coveted by the upper classes for its cool and soft feeling against the skin, becoming a mark of wealth and social standing. However, today, buying linen shirts online are available at an affordable price, and find their ways into every man’s wardrobe. They are available in various colors, prints, and patterns and are ideal for both formal and casual occasions. 
    The linen shirt trend stems from our growing obsession with everything organic. We want to be healthy, eat clean and cut out anything processed or chemical. It's only natural then, that this is reflected in fashion trends. Earthy products like mens linen shirts from brands like UCB or Louis Philippe make a harmonious package. Here’s how to take the summer staple and give it a spin. 

    Look For A Slimmer Fit And Shorter Sleeve
    A linen shirt might be a breezier look than your standard broadcloth shirt, but that doesn't mean it should be flapping in the wind as you walk down the street. Look for shirts with a trim cut through the body and, if it's short-sleeved, a cuff that hits your bicep instead of your elbow. Blackberrys Men's Solid Casual Linen Pink Shirt is a great example. You can also opt for Wrangler linen shirts.

    Try A Different Cut, Color, Or Print
    The problem with a white or ivory linen shirt is that it can look a little old for your age. To ward off such old vibes seek out more lively, edgy versions of the breezy basic. A linen shirt like Pepe Jeans Men Checkered Casual Linen Multicolor Shirt is young, vibrant and definitely a hit if you want to look casual yet classy.

    Navigate Around Sweat Stains
    If you're someone who sweats a lot, or you know you'll be in the sun all day, plan ahead. A linen shirt is better than a synthetic fabric but that doesn't mean you won't get pit stains. Try an undershirt or go for black, navy, or white shirts which won't show underarm sweat like gray or blue tend to do. Try Elepants Men's Solid Casual Linen Black Shirt and you won’t be disappointed.

    Know Whether Or Not To Tuck It In
    A too-long linen shirt is a friend to no one. If you bought something short and boxy you're good to let the hem fly free. For a more traditional look, a long-sleeve shirt like John Players Men's Solid Formal Linen White Shirt would suit well if you tuck it into your trousers. A linen shirt from Arrow, when worn with tailored shorts or a pair of slim chinos, is another key piece that proffers a supremely confident look. Aim high on the quality stakes and your wardrobe will thank you for it.

    Benefits Of Linen Shirts
    1. Coolness
    Linen is highly breathable, much more so than cotton due to its comparatively lower thread counts
    2. Absorbency
    Linen shirts have a very high moisture absorbency rate, making it the ideal fabric for hot and humid climates. It’s also hypoallergenic, which means sweat is less likely to break down its fibres.
    3. Resilience & Longevity
    While linen shirts are 30 per cent stronger than cotton shirts, its chief advantage is its longevity. It tends to become softer and shinier with each wash. Flax fibers don’t stretch a great deal and are resistant to damage from abrasion, which generally speaking is a good thing, although repeated folding and ironing can wear out collars.

    How To Care For Your Linen Shirts
    Since a linen shirt has no lint and doesn’t pill like wool, it’s very simple to care for. Steer clear of dry cleaning unless it is absolutely necessary. A lukewarm hand or machine wash is the best way to clean a linen shirt. Once done, simply hang dry. A quick iron when damp is perfectly acceptable if the garment is excessively creased, but with modern linen-blends, this will rarely be the case. Avoid over-ironing the crease of the collar as this can damage the fibers, with a linen shirt you want a nice roll rather than a sharp fold, anyway.

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