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    Impressions Men's, Women's Shapewear
    Impressions Men's, Women's Shapewear
    88% off
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    Kanika Women's Nighty
    Kanika Women's Nighty
    69% off
    OffersSpecial Price
    Vixenwrap Solid Babydoll
    Vixenwrap Solid Babydoll
    58% off
    OffersSpecial Price & 1 More
    Klamotten Solid Babydoll
    Klamotten Solid Babydoll
    66% off
    OffersNo Cost EMI & 1 More
    Masha Solid Babydoll
    Masha Solid Babydoll
    49% off
    OffersSpecial Price
    Masha Printed Babydoll
    Masha Printed Babydoll
    53% off
    OffersSpecial Price
    Fasense Solid Babydoll
    Fasense Solid Babydoll
    57% off
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    Vixenwrap Floral Print Babydoll
    Vixenwrap Floral Print Babydoll
    53% off
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    Kanika Women's Nighty with RobeRs. 208
    Boosah Solid BabydollRs. 299
    Boosah Polka Print BabydollRs. 299
    Boosah Solid BabydollRs. 199
    Kanika Women's NightyRs. 274
    Klamotten Solid BabydollRs. 331
    Masha Printed BabydollRs. 629
    Kanika Self Design BabydollRs. 299
    PrettyCat Women's Push-up Black BraRs. 430
    Klamotten Solid BabydollRs. 308
    This data was last updated on 2017/10/19

    Lingerie For Every Woman

    No wardrobe is complete without lingerie. While providing comfort and support, your lingerie can make you feel good about yourself and instill a sense of confidence as well. Lingerie involves a broad category of innerwear and clothing that is worn for a number of purposes. 

    Lingerie is the umbrella term that covers a whole list of clothing like bras, panties, camisoles, corsets and more. Knowing the different types of lingerie, and buying the one right ones is extremely important. Here’s a list of the most common types of lingerie that you should have in your wardrobe right now:

    Here’s a list of the different types of women’s lingerie you simply must own:


    Also known as a foundation garment, shapewear is used to make you look slim and fit. Shapewears come in handy at almost all times. You can wear them with a dress, a pair of jeans, gowns and so on. Different types of shapewear are available online. Buy the Impressions shapewear which is ideal for both men and women. You can choose from shapewear briefs, saree shapewear, thigh shapewear, tummy shapewear, leg shapewear, and much more.  Shapewear or foundation garments are a type of women's lingerie that is worn to make your look slim and fit. Many different types of shapewear are available, and you can wear them under almost all your attires, be it jeans, a dress or even a saree. Saree shapewear, thigh shapewear, leg shapewear and waist shapewear are a few of the many types that are available, to name a few. The MICRA shapewear is unisex and super comfortable for a first buy.


    The advent of a corset dates back to the twentieth century when women wore it under their dresses. If you want to enhance your curves, get yourself a corset. This lingerie helps you look thin at the waist, accentuating your curves, especially the lower part of your body. Corsets come in handy when wearing a bodycon dress or gown.  Want to enhance your curves? Then get yourself a corset. This lingerie dates back to the twentieth century when women were required to wear this under their dresses, to provide a curvy appearance. Your waist will look slim, with your bust and waist will be accentuated, giving you an hourglass shape. Bodycon dresses look great if you wear them with a corset. 


    A loose and flowy garment, robes are used to cover yourself. You can wear them at home, or after a shower.  Robes are worn after a bath or when applying your makeup. Loose and flowy, you can use them to cover yourself. Most robes are made of satin or other smooth and soft fabrics like silk. 


    Panties are a necessity for every woman. While regular panties are a must have, you can invest in a few other types of panties as well. Women who are pregnant require maternity panties. After pregnancy, you will have to wear a different type of maternity underwear too. If you’re feeling fancy, get yourself a G-string or thongs. Other types of panties include bikinis and cheekinis. You have a whole list of the different types of panties to choose from. Like bras, panties are a must have in every wardrobe as well. Make sure you replace your regular panties frequently, at least every six months. Different types of panties are available as well, like the thongs and G-strings, as well as maternity panties for pregnant women. Post pregnancy panties are available too, and these are a necessity as they provide comfort. You can buy panties from brands like Jockey and Vaishma.


    Like panties, your brassiere, more commonly known as your bra, is a must have in your wardrobe. Bras protect and support your breast. There are a number of different types of bras that are made for different occasions. Are you wearing a low neck t-shirt? Then get yourself a t-shirt bra. Do you need to accentuate your neckline and breasts? Push up bras will do the trick for you. Plan on hitting the gym? Wear your sports bra under your gym clothes to workout in comfort. Fancy bras like lace bras are available online as well. 

    Bras or brassieres are a must have in every wardrobe. They help support and protect your breast. The most commonly used type of bra is the bralette, which is the simple cotton or polyester bra that is worn regularly on an everyday basis. The best brands to buy bras from are DealSeven Fashion and Shoba.

    Many other types of bras are available as well. A few common ones are as follows:

    T shirt bras - these come in handy when wearing a t-shirt, especially one that has a low neckline. Since most t-shirts are made of thin fabric, these bras help protect and support your breasts. 

    Push up bras - wearing a fancy dress with an alluring neckline? Then enhance your overall appearance with push up bras. They help push your bust up, so it looks better and well defined. 

    Sports bras- these are a must have if you plan on hitting the gym or engage in other sports and physical activities. When you exercise, your breasts can get hurt owing to the fiction that exercise can cause. Invest in good sports bras to exercise and workout in comfort. 


    Negligees, also known as night gowns, are usually worn to bed. The fact that they are made of sheer fabric and soft materials makes it the perfect clothing for you to go to bed in. You can get a plain and simple satin negligee, or choose from a wide range of lacey ones. Either way, a negligee is one of the most comfortable lingerie out there. Negligees or night gowns are the type of lingerie that is worn to bed. Comfortable and made of sheer fabric, they allow your skin to breathe at night, ensuring that you get good sleep. Wearing a negligee is good for you because, at night, your skin is regenerating. They are breathable and comfortable to wear and can help your skin work better at night. 


    Camisoles or spagetti top straps are worn over your bra. They are most commonly worn if the neckline of your top is too deep or when you wear a top that is made of see-through fabric or lace. Camisoles can be worn as sportswear or as a casual top as well. Like the negligee, camisoles make for great sleepwear too.  Camisoles are a necessity as well because they are useful for some reasons. They can be used as sports wear, casual wear, or sleep wear. Camisoles can be worn under sheer tops or tops with a low neckline as well. Invest in camisoles of different colors, to suit your purpose. 


    A bustier is often confused with a corset, but the truth is both are different from each other. While a corset helps accentuate your curves by giving you an hourglass shape, a bustier aims at accentuating mostly your bust. It helps tighten your midriff and push up your bust. Also, a corset ends at your hip or sometimes even lower, while a bustier ends at your midriff.  While the corset aims at giving you an hourglass shape, bustiers work to enhance your bust. Tight fitting around your waist, your bust is supported and pushed up. Bustiers come in handy when wearing a strapless dress or a dress that has a low neckline. 


    Wearing comfortable clothing at night is a must. Investing in a good sleepwear can help you get better sleep at night. Also, your skin is constantly regenerating at night, so this is all the more reason as to why you need to wear easy, breathable clothes that are made of skin friendly fabric.

    Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Lingerie 

    Get the right fabric - most of your lingerie like your panties, bra, camisole, corset and more, come in close contact with your skin. Buy lingerie that is made from fabrics that are skin friendly. If you have sensitive skin and your skin is prone to allergies and other reactions, make sure the lingerie is made of cotton, as cotton is one of the best fabrics for sensitive skin. 

    Get the right size - this is something you should follow especially when you buy your bras, corsets, bustiers, and shapewear. They need to fit you perfectly so they look good and you get the right shape. Keep this in mind when investing in maternity wear—there are many plus size lingerie that is available for women who are pregnant. Replace them as and when required - your lingerie should be replaced after a certain amount of time. Over a period, they can lose their elasticity, and the fabric can get worn out.  There are a huge number of top brands for you to choose from, Clovia, Piftif and Indiweaves to name a few. Shop for lingeries online and get the best discounts and deals.

    Buy lingerie online from some of the top brands like Clovia, Indiweaves, Pitfit, Krazy Kats, Indistar and more. Shop for lingeries online and get the best discounts and deals.

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