Nehru Jackets: A Simple Solution for a Big Difference


    Not satisfied with what you see as you give yourself a last glance before the mirror? Find your dress shirt too plain? While a blazer may be too formal and make you feel awkward, a Nehru coat can be the best solution for you, taking your look to the next level. Named after the famous leader in India who made the jacket famous, today, the Nehru suit is more than something you wear to look traditional. In fact, this outfit is more popular as a form of Western wear with renowned figures like musicians from the Beatles who had worn them. So, if you don’t have a couple of Nehru jackets in your wardrobe, you can have a look at the range of Nehru jackets for sale online. If traditional looking Indian jackets are what you thought you’ll find in the collection of Nehru jackets for sale, you’re in for a surprise. Read on to know more about the variety that you will find while buying a Nehru jacket online: 


    The Color of Your Nehru Coat

     You can wear Nehru coats in colors like black, grey and beige with matching pants to form a sophisticated Nehru suit that you can wear for formal and semi-formal occasions. However, these are not the only colors that you’ll find Nehru jackets available in online. You can have a look at the range of jackets from brands like Hriday and Apex Tailor to find jackets in colors like red, pink, yellow and light blue. You even have a range of printed jackets that you can wear with solid-colored shirts. 



    The fabric decides how formal or casual the Nehru coat looks. While brands like Numero Uno have stylish cotton jackets that can look really cool with jeans and other casual outfits, brands like Hriday and Yepme have a variety of formal-looking jackets in materials like silk and polyester. You can wear these Nehru coats with dress shirts and formal pants to form an elegant Nehru suit. 


    Styles of Nehru Suits

    While shopping for Nehru jackets online, you’ll find Nehru jackets that are designed to be buttoned up till the neck and those that come with low V necks. Nehru suits with pocket squares at the breast can make you look like a real gentleman. However, for this, you have to ensure that your Nehru coat comes with a pocket. If you want a more formal look, you can go for a double-breasted jacket. Spend an hour having a look at the range of styles that Nehru jackets are available in online to buy a jacket with just the kind of style that you’re looking for. 


    Whether you want a Nehru jacket that you can wear with jeans or with formal dress shirts, you can shop online to find a range of stylish designs that you can choose from. Remember, when it’s too hot to wear a blazer, a Nehru jacket is the best alternative that you have. 

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