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    Pattu Sarees Price List

    Pattu SareesPRICE
    Mimosa Woven Arani Pattu Cotton SareeRs. 1160
    The Fashion Outlets Self Design, Solid Coimbatore Silk Cotton Blend, Jacquard SareeRs. 1279
    Mimosa Woven Arani Pattu Cotton SareeRs. 1160
    Nilesh Fab Printed Venkatagiri Cotton SareeRs. 641
    The Fashion Outlets Self Design, Solid Coimbatore Silk Cotton Blend, Jacquard SareeRs. 1279
    Gugaliya Printed Bollywood Art Silk SareeRs. 399
    TRUNDZ Printed Venkatagiri Cotton SareeRs. 595
    Studio Shringaar Woven Arani Pattu Art Silk SareeRs. 499
    Varkala Silk Sarees Woven Kanjivaram SareeRs. 1654
    Nilesh Fab Printed Venkatagiri Cotton SareeRs. 641
    This data was last updated on 2017/08/23

    Buying Beautiful Pattu Sarees Online

    Did you know that India is the largest consumer of silk in the world? And pattu sarees are nothing but silk sareesSilk is known as ‘pattu’ in southern parts of India. It’s traditional for Indian women to wear silk sarees during auspicious occasions. In many parts of India, the bride is seen wearing a beautiful pattu saree on her wedding. 

    Pattu Sarees Of The South

    South India has a very rich culture. All pattu sarees that come from each South Indian state have their own uniqueness and style. A large portion of the total raw silk produced in India comes from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. 

    You can buy pattu sarees crafted by the finest weavers of South India online. Here’s some of the most famous silk sarees from the south. 

    Kancheepuram Pattu Sarees Online

    There is no way that you won't look wonderful after donning a Kanchipuram silk saree. They look perfect with the right type of jewelry. Kancheepuram silk sarees are a type of silk sarees that come from a town called Kancheepuram or Kanchi in Tamil Nadu. According to Hindu beliefs, weavers from Kancheepuram are believed to be the descendants of Sage Markanda. Markanda was the chief weaver of the Gods. It's believed that Lord Vishnu preferred silk. In an original Kanchi pattu sarees design, the border and body are woven separately and attached together. They are similar to Banarasi sarees. They are available online, so you don’t have to worry about looking through shop after shop to find the one that you want. 

    Chettinad Sarees Online

    Chettinad sarees are named after a town in south Tamil Nadu. These sarees are crafted by expert weavers. They’re usually recommended for brides. The sarees usually come with a combination of silk and cotton. This combination creates a special design, making the saree very special. These sarees have a really high demand from women from North and East India. There is actually nothing to beat the combination of Chettinad sarees and jhumkis. You can get them online from brands like Jewels Capital and Jewels Galaxy for jhumkis and Miraan and Winza for chettinad sarees. You can buy from a large collection of designs and styles of silk sarees online. 

    Mysore Silk Online 

    In the state of Karnataka, silk is mainly grown in Mysore. The production of silk in Mysore dates back to the rule of Tipu Sultan. During this time, the silk industry was booming. However, it went to the backseat when it had to compete with imported silk.  Today, Mysore pattu sarees are sought after by women all across India and abroad as they’re considered to be the finest form of silk. The embroidery on these pattu sarees usually is about Indian ornaments and architectures. They sometimes have images like conch shells, chariots, and lamps as well. Mysore silk sarees weigh around 400-600 grams and usually have designs in the form of birds and elephants.  You can choose beautiful Mysore silk sarees with embroidery online. 

    Pochampally Sarees Online

    They come from the Nalgonda district in Telangana. The saree is very unique due to the geometric shapes that come in the design. Flowers, parrots and elephants are also present on the sarees. These sarees are worn by women all over India. The sarees come in cotton, silk, or even a mixture of both fabric varieties. BlackBeauty is one of the most trusted brands that offers a huge collections of Pochampally sarees online.  

    Gadwal Pattu Sarees Online

    The saree is named after a small town known as Gadwal in Andhra Pradesh. These sarees can either be pattu, cotton, or a hybrid of the two. The border of this saree is usually made of tussar silk. A special technique called Kuppadam is used when making these sarees. Pure pattu sarees aren’t as popular as hybrids are and you get a wide variety of the hybrids one online.The designs on these sarees are usually based around Lord Murugan and Rudraksha. Sometimes they come in designs that depict the culture and traditions of South India. 

    Konrad Sarees Online

    These sarees are from Tamil Nadu. These sarees have wide borders and designs that depict fecundity and fertility. Sometimes they have designs in the form of elephants and peacocks as well. The colors of these sarees are very vibrant. They have a unique identity and are worn by brides in Tamil Nadu. You can shop bridal Konrad sarees from a beautiful collection online. 

    Pattu Sarees From Other Parts of South India Online

    There are also pattu sarees that come from other places in the south that are available online like the Kanchi and Mysore pattu. Kerala has the famous Mayilati silk, Kalpathi pattu, Maradaka pattu, and Kannur cotton. Samudrika pattu is famous for bridal occasions. Andhra Pradesh produces some of the finest silk sarees in India. Some of these variants include the Venkatagiri pattu, Mangalagiri pattu, Uppada pattu, and Chirada, and Bandar sarees. Other famous sarees from Tamil Nadu are Coimbatore cotton sarees, Kumbakonam sarees, and Thirubhuvanam sarees and you can shop for all of these varieties online.Well, now you know a lot about Pattu sarees. The good news here is that you can find most of these types of sarees online. So, you don’t have to run around looking for which store has what. Not only does that save you a lot of time, but you can also save yourself a lot of money, if you can find them on offer. 

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