If you are planning on buying your wife a new on her birthday, then take a look at one of the most popular wristwatch types available in the market, quartz watches. You will see that these watches come in all kinds of designs and are made from quality materials. For many, watches are more than mere time-telling devices, they are fashion accessories that can be used to make a statement. If you are investing one for your wife, yourself or for someone else, it’s important that you know what a quartz watch is exactly. 

    Overview of Quartz Watch

    A quartz watch is a watch that runs on battery and a quartz crystal. The mechanism is quite simple. When the battery passes a current through the crystal, it runs a motor that in turn moves or controls that watch hands. So as long as the battery remains functional, you get an accurate time always. Also, unlike automatic watches that require constant winding, these watches require little or no maintenance. The only maintenance that you would require is replacing the old battery with a new one, every once in a while.   

    If you look for quartz watches online, you will see that they are available in three primary types, namely, analogue, digital and analogue-digital. In the first type, the watch comes with different types of face markings. Some of the common face markings include numbers, dots or Roman numerals to represent each hour. Most of these watches follow the three-hand design. In the second type, the display is all digital and the time is displayed in numerics. These are ideal for kids as time telling is easy. In the third and final type, the watch is a combination of digital and analogue watch. These watches are popular among active youth. The most famous brand of analogue- digital watches is G-Shock from Casio. 

    Quartz watches come with little or no major significant features. Most of them are water resistant and some of the models come with light feature and date display. The water resistance levels vary from as low as 33 feet to as high as 500 feet. 

    Buy Quartz Watches Online

    Buying a quartz watch online is easy. You can sit in the comfort of your home, browse through and compare models, choose the one that meets your needs, taste and budget, and order it to your address. With online shopping, you can enjoy the convenience of safe and secure payment options.    

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