Ragi-Ragini Chronicles from Aji's Kitchen
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Ragi-Ragini Chronicles from Aji's Kitchen (English, Paperback, Purohit Anjali)


Ragi-Ragini Chronicles from Aji's Kitchen  (English, Paperback, Purohit Anjali)

8 Ratings & 5 Reviews
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  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Yoda Press
  • Genre: Cooking
  • ISBN: 9789380403045, 9380403046
  • Pages: 108

Rustic recollections, or cookbook? Ragi-Ragini: Chronicles From Aji's Kitchen is interesting, anyway it is read.

Summary Of The Book

Ragi-Ragini: Chronicles From Aji's Kitchen presents the health benefits of ragi, and many ragi recipes within the framework of a story about a girl named Ragini. The girl, who lost her mother at a young age, is brought up in a village by her Masi (aunt - mother’s sister), and Aji (grandmother).

When she comes to live with her Aji and Masi, she is a frail little girl. But, the dishes made from ragi make her a healthy young girl, and she learns many tasty ragi recipes from her family.

Ragi (finger millet) is a grain that has been grown in many parts of India for a long time. Known by various names like kelvaragu, coracano, nachani, and muthari, it is an extremely healthy cereal.

In Ragi-Ragini: Chronicles From Aji's Kitchen Ragini talks about her family, life in the small village, the recipes for the various ragi dishes, and the benefits of consuming ragi as she learnt from her Aji.

Interspersed with these are the ovis. The ovis are couplets composed in Marathi by the poet Bahinabai, sung by women as they did their daily chores.

Ragi-Ragini: Chronicles From Aji's Kitchen is hard to classify. it is not a straightforward cookbook, as it does not just contain a set of ragi recipes. It is more than that. It is also not just a book that talks about the beneficial effects of ragi.

It is an interesting story of a young girl who was brought up by her aunt and grandmother in a village. She recollects the special bond she shared with them, the experiences that she remembers when she was growing up, the many delicious ragi dishes her aunt and grandmother prepared for her.

The recipes and the grain’s health enhancing properties thus form part of the girl’s story. The book also contains interesting illustrations done by the writer herself.

About Anjali Purohit

Anjali Purohit is a Mumbai based writer-artist.

Another notable work by her is Bitter Harvest.

Her art and her writing are mediums she uses to explore her world and express her views.

Anjali Purohit paints in many styles, realist, expressionist, impressionist, and her paintings are understated yet compelling aesthetic expressions of personal experience. She also writes poetry and fiction. Her writings have appeared in many leading journals. Her short story, Bitter Harvest, won the Commonwealth Short Story Competition for the year 2008/09.

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Gentle labour of love

Part recipes, part memoir, part fiction, part poems - Ragi-Ragini on the whole is a gentle love letter to Ragi. No matter why you are picking up this slim volume, be it for health, taste, curiosity or research on Bahinabai, you will not be disappointed. Charmingly illustrated by the author and designed to be a tactile pleasure, this book is comforting in a way only home food can be.

Sourav Roy

Certified Buyer

Apr, 2012

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Was a 'delight to read' Loved the simple straight from the heart plot no complicated twists n turns. Extremely simple yet so much to take away from it...recipes and rustic truths that make up the fabric of our lives.Parvi n again back to Parvi the story neatly comes full circle. It is about two girls n how they are the mother's strength yet the focus is not the girl child, in the sense we know.The book also focuses on the ovis of Bahinabai...lines familiar in many parts of the rural scenari...

Rita Mukherjee

Feb, 2012

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Good Buy.

Excellent book with great recipes and a pleasure to read. Happy I bought it. The ovi is just added bonus and great to read.


Certified Buyer, Chennai

Aug, 2014

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Touching all the right chords

Read and re-read the book while trying many recipes from it.It always brought back the memories of my aai and aaji trying out and passing down new recipes to me over the years.........Bahinabai is incorporated in proper doses without making the book preachy....The recipes open new avenues of healthy eating!

Rewati Lokhande

Certified Buyer

Jun, 2013

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Ragi Ragini

This is a must read for three simple reasons
1. Gives reader exposure to Bahinabai , incredible insights allowing even non Marathi readers to be introduced to incredible wisdom of one who was not educated formally but just learned from life.

2. Ragini - Anjali writes as well as she paints , I guess I dont need to say anymore

3. Ragi recipes practicable and likable, great for health of course.

Its really a slim book and immensely enjoyable read, in the unusual format presented.

Shreerang Athalye

Jun, 2012

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