Razer Electra Essential Gaming and Music Headset with Mic
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Razer Electra Essential Gaming and Music Headset with Mic (Black, Over the Ear)


Razer Electra Essential Gaming and Music Headset with Mic  (Black, Over the Ear)

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  • With Mic:Yes
  • Connector type: 3.5 mm

The gamers’ ultimate accessory after the controller would be the audio devices that they employ, be it 5.1 speakers or headsets. There is no comparing a set of external speakers to a pair of high quality headphones that delivers jaw dropping sound clarity and thumping heavy beats. The Razer Electra Headset reproduces sound complete with the bass and treble in well balanced clarity. The finely tuned sound drivers of 40 mm size, that are used in the construction of the high performance auditory devices make it stand out in terms of audio and enhanced bass delivery to the listener’s ever critical ear.

The uncompromising sound quality delivered by the Razer Electra Headset makes it ideal for use not just with gaming but also to be used as an accessory to your favorite music player. The wired headset has an over-the-ear design with a circumaural layout. The closed headset comes with an Omni-directional microphone. The set has a maximum power input of 50 mW. The high quality Razer Electra Headset comes with a frequency response of 25 Hz to 16000 Hz, providing for a superior listening experience.

The Razer Electra Headset is ergonomically designed to cut out sound from the outside and seal in the sounds emanating from within the speakers. The soft and shapely ear cups fit snugly along your outer ear and contort to the shape of your ear, making it cut out the outside noise and isolating the sound within your ear canal. The speakers are designed for maximum comfort and provide for adequate ventilation which is necessary in keeping the sound waves in sync with the vibration of the drum within the headphones. The magnets used in the construction of this set are Neodymium which makes it possible for the manufacturers to give an impedance value of 32 Ohm and a sensitivity of 104 dB/mW.

The snug design of the headphones makes them comfortable to wear even during extended periods of time with good quality music playing from it. The headband used in the Razer Electra Headset is flexible enough to take the shape of your head more or less without going out of shape and keeps the ear cups firmly fit against the ears. The headphones are not too heavy and yet do not compromise on build quality. The Razer Electra Headset is built to last and will always keep your favorite tracks pumping through your system.

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Model Name
  • Electra Essential Gaming and Music
  • Black
Headphone Type
  • Over the Ear
Product Details
  • Circumaural
Open/Closed Back
  • Closed Back
Magnet Type
  • Neodymium
Other Features
  • S/N Ratio: 58 dB, Superior Sound Isolation, Built for Long-lasting Comfort
Headphone Driver Units
  • 40 mm
With Microphone
  • Yes
Sound Features
  • 104 dB/mW
  • 32 Ohm
Maximum Power Input
  • 50 mW
Minimum Frequency Response
  • 25 Hz
Maximum Frequency Response
  • 16000 Hz
Other Sound Features
  • Enhanced Bass Response, Inner Ear Cup Diameter : 55 mm
  • 284 g
Cord Length
  • 1.3 m
Ratings & Reviews
455 Ratings &
112 Reviews
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1 year of user experience

I am using these headsets for more than a year now and here is what i think of these headsets.
Firstly let me inform you guys that i use Fiio E09K Desktop Headphone Amplifier to power these headsets and i also have portable amp fiio E6 for travelling.
I guess if you want to buy these or any kind of headphones(poweron) than you
need headphone amplifier and i am not saying that it boosts the volume only,
you can listen at volume 10% in winamp and feel the difference rather than listenening at ...


6 Aug, 2013

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Razer's most value for money product yet

Razer Electra is a headset I bought after a lot of research on headsets. And as it turns out, I made the right choice when I bought it. I have actually experienced a lot of headsets, and this one was not one of them, but believe me, this headset can be compared with headsets 2 or 3 times the price of it. Absolutely perfect for gaming. Whatever a gamer looks for in a headset - comfort, proper surround sound, high noise cancellation, and a lot more. Of course, it lacks a microphone, but you get...

Saurabh Shirodkar

Certified Buyer

3 Aug, 2012

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Best Headset for Gaming and Music

Well yeah, i upgraded my sennheiser HD 180 to these, and i have to Admin these are bang for the bucks

let me summarize it

Epic Bass
Good Volume
Looks cool
Great Build Quality
Removable Cord
Cord is bade from High Quality rubber
Inline mic, to use it with Mobiles

Inline mic cannot be used on PC (u can buy 3.5 female to 2x male Converter from ebay to solve this problem)
Ears Pain a bit after prolonged use
Looks huge, Recommended for indoor use

But overall, its a great piece for t...

Aniket Bhoir

25 Nov, 2013

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Most Amazing Headphones Ever!!!

In short: It's Cristal clear sound with great bass, great looks!!!
I got these headphones within 48 hours of my order. Great packing by Flipkart as expected.
The headset sits perfectly in my head. Very Comfortable padding around the speaker cups . Great looks!!! Can be folded. Great for gaming. Was playing COD MW 3, could hear every sound from different directions! Also great pairs for listening to music. I was listening to a lot of music with this. Really amazing sound quality. There are 2 c...

Arijit Gupta

Certified Buyer

19 Apr, 2012

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Razer has done it again!

These headphones are simply amazing! The packaging was brilliant, typical razer pizzaz, and the sound quality is absolutely unbelievable! Everything sounds 100 times better with no settings changed on either an ipod or phone, its truly quite remarkable! For this price range, this beats any other headphone in its class because its bass is truly pumping and the clarity is crisp, and the best of all is its super comfortable cushions which truly give you a fantastic experience! Razer have serious...


Certified Buyer

6 Feb, 2012

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Crystal clear, loud and affordable headphones for gamers and music lovers

-Crystal clear
-Awesome for gaming
-Very good for music - rock, dubstep, hip hop
-Neon green

-Takes getting used to comfort wise
-Not 100% surround sound but you get what you pay for
-Not easily compatible with ps3
-No mic with separate jacks (needs a splitter for the mic to be used with pc)
-When connected with Blackberry/iPhone, only the left side gets audio

In short, I am 99% satisfied with these headphones. I'm a gamer and basically needed good...

Mehul Rajpal

9 May, 2012

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Booming bass and amazing sound but very uncomfortable

I bought these headphones from US and not from flipkart.

It was a difficult process deciding which headphones to buy. I considered Sennheiser, Sony, Audio Technica, Koss, Skullcandy, etc. After looking at more than a hundred headphones, I stumbled upon the Razer Electra. The specifications and reviews made it perfect in every way. Most headphones I checked had some flaw or the other but the Razer Electra was perfect.

Physcial Aspects:
The headphones are quite sturdy and have a strong buil...

Pradeep Raghuraman

25 Jan, 2014

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Simply awesome

A must for all music enthusiasts. Much better than the exorbitantly priced other famous brands. Product quality is good and sturdy.


Certified Buyer, New Delhi

19 Feb, 2014

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Value for money headphones..........

must buy for gamers..............n bass music listeners.................
bass is excellent
sound clarity is good
overall value for money product

Siddharth Singh

Certified Buyer, Delhi

14 Feb, 2014

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The Headphones are freaking awesome!

It is surely a value for money, The headphones have a really great bass and makes the gaming experience so much real. I also use these for listening to music and they work really good in this field too (I'm surprised).
The looks make this mindboggling headphone one in it's type.
To be precise, there are certain cons to this headphone too! :'(
They are so huge (not bulky) that it is difficult to wear them in public places.
If you wear them for a long time, your ears will begin to sweat and i...

Raghav Mittal

Certified Buyer, New Delhi

10 Feb, 2014

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Product Description
Enjoy music like its meant to be, with the new Razer Electra Wired Headset that provides crystal clear sound.
Comfort & Pleasure

Designed with thick leatherette ear cushions, the Razer Electra Wired headset provides a comfortable experience, as you enjoy your favorite tracks. The cushions provide ample ventilation. The flexible headband and lightweight body of the headset give you a fuller music experience.



Sound Isolation

The Razer Electra Wired headset provides you superior sound isolation as the optimally placed ear cushions do not allow external noise to permeate inside. In addition to that, the Sensitivity @1kHz: 104 dB +/-3 dB ensures that you get ample bass and clear sound while gaming or listening to music. With a frequency response of 25 - 16,000 Hz, the headset has impedance equivalent to 32 ohm, which runs on 50 mW.



1.3 mCable

Rubber Sheath


The headset comes with a microphone that has a frequency response of 100 - 10,000 Hz and signal-to-noise-ratio of 58 dB. The omni-directional microphone has a sensitivity of -44 dB +/-4 dB.

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