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    Reality Fighters (Games, PS Vita)

    Reality Fighters  (Games, PS Vita)

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    From the first time quarrel started between humans, fighting has taken different forms and adopted various techniques. As humans advanced, so did martial arts. From Taekwondo, Karate, Kung Fu to boxing, modern fighting tests the absolute limit of human strength. The developers at Novarama wanted to introduce something new this genre and the result is Reality Fighters - a fighting game that allows you to use your own picture as a fighter’s character. Design, fight and win. Reality Fighters is all about you and your game character.

    The launch title for the newest portable PS handheld gaming console, Reality Fighters is an augmented reality game that offers several fantastic features. Targeted towards hard-core and casual gamers, the game is for anyone who likes mix-and-match martial arts. The fighting video game is addictive as it features various new and known fighters in the game. Reality Fighters game card is available for the PlayStation Vita gaming console and carries a Teen rating from ESRB.

    Synopsis and Features

    One of the key elements lacking in hand-to-hand combat games is reality. Donning the role of a player, you are advised to pull off moves that don’t feel real. However, in Reality Fighters you can fight following all the rules of a real fight. By customizing your character as you want, you can take complete control and punish your enemies like never before.

    Developed by Novarama and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, Reality Fighters allows the use of both cameras in the console. The single-player mode introduces you to the several personalization options. You begin the game with taking your photo with the console and matching it with your in-game character. Then you can customize your character as you like. This means you can select costumes, gender, body shapes and many other things.

    The combat in the game is tweaked with the addition of over 40 weapons and more than 12 different fight styles. By choosing a style, you can enter into a game ring with your enemy and turn him into pulp within minutes. The win is sweetened by the fact that you see your face on the game screen as the ultimate winner. If you think choosing randomly will help you win, think again. Each piece of clothing, body type and fight type that you select will have a different effect on your character. Based on your selection, the fighter will gain power to win or lose a game.

    The game features 4 game modes that include Story mode, Survivor, Quick fight and Time attack. You can play the game for endless hours in a day by selecting one of these modes. The coolest thing about a fight game is the cries and slogans that the fighter shouts at certain points in the game or after winning a fight. Reality Fighters customization level is so advanced that you can create your own slogans and battle cries.

    Online Features

    The fighting styles included in the game vary from Wrestling, Muay Thai to the graceful and beautiful Ballet. Taking advantage of the dual control system, you can punch your opponent out of the arena anytime you want. Hand-to-hand-combat games are no fun if they are not accompanied by a solid and stable multiplayer. However, with Reality Fighters you can set up an ad-hoc network and challenge the best players from across the world. Logging online, you can track your progress as the game features various online leaderboards.

    You can exchange photos and the other characters created in the game by using an application called NEAR. This is a great addition as you can expand your character collection and see how well you have shaped your character against your buddies.

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