Strap the realme band on your wrist and get set to keep a track of all your fitness activities. This sleek and stylish fitness band has a large color display and an easy-to-use touch-button. It comes with 9 sports modes that can be utilised to help you track your fitness activities like walking, running, and more. Oh, and if you love playing cricket, then this fitness band’s Cricket mode will be a delightful feature for you to look forward to. The realme fitband is also a great way to keep track of your health. It comes with a heart-rate monitor that can measure your heart rate. This fitness band also helps you monitor your sleep patterns and it will help you keep track of your sleep quality. If you are sitting for a long time, this band will remind you to take a walk. That’s not all, it will also ensure that you stay hydrated by reminding you to drink water. Oh, and you don’t need another cable to charge this device. This fitness band can be directly connected to a USB port and charged. You can also receive notifications on this fitness band whenever you get a call, message, email, etc. 


Realme Band - Strap on This Smart Fitness Tracker

Looking out for a stylish fitness buddy? The realme Band, with its large color display and sports tracker, will be the ideal one to tag along. You can buy the realme fitband from your favourite shopping app. You can choose the colour of your choice, add it to cart, and have it delivered home. Would you like to know some of the features that make this fitness band worth every buck? We have it all covered here. Happy reading!

The realme Fitband Has a Large Color Display

Style and convenience, both join hands together in the making of this fitness band. Take its display for example. The large 2.4 cm (0.96) color screen comes with a touch-button that lets you operate the fitness band effortlessly. 

Personalize It the Way You Want to

You can change the dial face to something of your choice with the help of the realme Link application. This way, you can give your fitness band a touch of your personality. 

The Ideal Fitness Partner

What are the qualities you look for in your ideal fitness partner? If stability and motivation were the two factors that came to your mind then this fitness band from realme is a perfect choice. It is designed with 9 sports modes such as yoga, running, cricket, and more. So, you can track your workouts and exercise effectively. 

A Special Cricket Mode

We Indians love cricket, don’t we? The realme band has us covered in this aspect, thanks to its dedicated Cricket mode. 

Comes with an IP68 Rating

You don’t have to worry about dust, sand, and splashes of water coming in the way of you and your fitness goals, as this fitness band has an IP68 rating. 

A Great Health Assistant

Keeping track of your health is just as important as staying fit. This fitness band comes with a real-time heart rate monitor that will help you keep an eye on your health. It also analyzes your sleep pattern and lets you get a clear report about your sleeping patterns. 

Idle Alert for a Healthier Life

We all know that it’s not good to sit down for long hours. It’s necessary to take a break and take a walk. This fitness band will remind you to do the same and it will also inform you to drink water at regular intervals so that you stay hydrated. 

Say Goodbye to Extra Cables

That’s right! You don’t have to fret about having to carry one more charger in your bag. This fitness band can be directly plugged into a USB port and charged easily. 

With these features in place, the realme Band is definitely a fitness buddy you can rely on. Oh, not to forget, it is a stylish one too. So you can flaunt it wherever you go with whatever you wear. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the realme Band

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about this band, along with the answers - 

Q1. What Is the Display Size of the realme Band?

Ans. This fitness band has a 2.4 cm (0.96) large color screen and a touch-button. So, you can operate it easily. 

Q2. How Do I Charge the Band?

Ans. You can charge the realme band effortlessly by plugging it directly into a USB port. This eliminates the need for any extra wires or cables. 

Q3. Is the band Waterproof?

Ans. The band has an IP68 rating which keeps it protected from small splashes, dust, sand, and dirt. 

Q4. Can It Record My Sleep Quality?

Ans. Yes. This band can monitor your sleep quality and it can even generate a detailed report to help you get a better idea about your sleeping patterns. 

Q5. Can I Recieve Notifications on the Band?

Ans. Yes. This fitness band lets you receive notifications from your smartphone when you get calls, messages, emails, and more. 

So, can’t wait to strap the watch around your wrist? Then, make no delay in ordering this band from your favourite shopping app. Let no excuses come your way while you make an effort to achieve your fitness goals. 

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