Resistance (Collection of 3 Full Games)
    Resistance (Collection of 3 Full Games) (for PS3)

    Resistance (Collection of 3 Full Games)  (for PS3)

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    • Platform: PS3
    • Genre: First-Person Shooter
    • Edition: Standard Edition
    • Game Modes: Multi-Player, Co-Op, Single-Player

      Travel from Britain to America and many other places to fight the evil that has taken Earth by surprise - The Chimera. Acting as Sergeant Nathan Hale in the first 2 games and Joseph Capelli in the 3rd, you will try to get rid of these ruthless monsters. Resistance: The Trilogy packs in all 3 games in the game series, allowing you to explore the game’s universe. 

      Resistance series is for gamers who love playing alien first person shooters. Hard core gamers will like the addition of unique guns and gameplay elements. The FPS game is available exclusively for the PS3 platform and has a Mature rating from ESRB.

      Synopsis and Features

      Earth is being ravaged by the Chimera:  a group of extra-terrestrial beings who are hell bent on destroying humans and establishing their race. If rumours are to be believed, the Chimera have been on earth since the 1930’s. Throughout the 3 games in the Resistance trilogy, you will assume different roles and try to annihilate the population of Chimera to save our beloved planet.

      Developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, Resistance trilogy offers an amazing story of survival. The single player campaigns in the games will take you to places across the world like Europe and America.

      The strength of the Resistance games lies in their weapon system. The weapons in the game have been modified. One of the best weapons includes the Auger. This weapon will not only allow you to shoot through walls, but also make the bullet fly faster, increasing their damage. You can upgrade your weapons as you progress within the games to purchase powerful attachments. These attachments will increase the power of the weapons, allowing you to kill the Chimera more creatively.

      Each game in the trilogy pack has its own special elements. The motion sensing controller has its own benefits as you can shake of enemies in the first game by simply shaking the controller. The health system is updated in the second game as there is a health regenerative system instead of a health bar. The 3rd game introduces many new weapons such as Mutator and a shrapnel grenade that explodes with a deadly shower of nails.

      One of the games featured in the trilogy – Resistance 3 – allows the use of PlayStation Move. This gives you more freedom as you can use the Move controller to control gameplay elements, indulging you in a much deeper gameplay experience.

      Online Features

      One of the best things about the Resistance games is its multiplayer. In Resistance 1 you can play wit up to 40 players online, while you can play up with up to 60 players at once in Resistance 2. 16 players can join together and wreak havoc in Resistance 3 as it has a competitive online multiplayer. The different gameplay modes in all 3 games include Team Deathmatch, Chain Reaction, Deathmatch, Breach, Capture the Flag, Skirmish, Meltdown and many more.

      The multiplayer has a variety of maps to choose from and features locations from different parts of world. As you earn XP, you will advance through the ranks to become the ultimate champion. The games feature a variety of downloadable content that will help you in unlocking maps, weapons and new character skins. There are even offline modes available. You can download the updates, DLCs and demoes from the PSN Network. Expect more than 100 hours of game time as the trilogy pack contains 3 games.

      Buying Guide

      While using the Move controller, please note that a minimum distance of 6 ft is required between the player and the PS3 for smooth game play. More space is required if extra players join in. Try to place the gaming console in a living room or the main hall to provide freedom for your hand and leg gestures. Ensure that the room has proper and even lighting; this helps the camera to capture your every moment and give you a seamless and entertaining gaming experience.


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      • Title Name
        • Resistance (Collection of 3 Full Games)
      • Platform
        • PS3
      • Edition
        • Standard Edition
      • Type
        • Full Game
      • Series
        • Resistance
      • Genre
        • First-Person Shooter
      • Game Modes
        • Multi-Player, Co-Op, Single-Player
      • Publisher
        • Sony Computer Entertainment
      • PEGI
        • 18
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