Samsung 840 Series 250 GB SSD Internal Hard Drive (MZ-7TD250BW)

Samsung 840 Series 250 GB SSD Internal Hard Drive (MZ-7TD250BW)

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  • Type: SSD
  • Interface: SATA
  • Form Factor: 2.5 Inch
  • Capacity: 250 GB
  • Desktop, Laptop
Product Description
Your PC made new again.
The Samsung SSD 840 is the Single Best Upgrade for your PC

The easiest and most economical way to breathe new life into an existing computer is to upgrade to an SSD. When boot-up speeds and application load times are slow, people become frustrated with their PCs’ performance. Today, most PC performance woes are the result of slow read and write speeds of the main storage device rather than a lack of CPU performance. Thus, upgrading to a Samsung SSD 840 can breathe new life into your system by enhancing boot-up and application load speeds, and multi-tasking performance.

Simple, 3-Step Upgrade Solution

Don’t waste your time & money buying a new PC. With its simple upgrade solution, Samsung’s SSD 840 SATA III is the single best upgrade for your PC and will deliver a whole new improved PC experience. There is nothing to worry about, because the simple, 3-step process will easily migrate all of your existing data. The improved Magician software makes it convenient to maintain your SSD in peak condition. And Samsung’s SSD 840 is available with a full range of installation accessories for both desktops and laptops. (Installation accessories are offered only in kit models.)

SSDs Save Time, Letting you Do More of What you Love

With the Samsung 840, photo editing programs load twice as quickly and video clips render 30% faster than with an HDD. An 840 Series SSD helps you get work done and out to family and friends in no time, leaving you extra time to do more of what you love. Spend less time in front of the computer and more time making memories.

Multi-tasking Multiplied. A Powerful Complement to Windows 8.

Outstanding Multi Tasking Performance: Windows 8’s intuitive new Metro UI encourages multitasking. Samsung’s 840 Series SSD ensures users will experience great, lag-free performance when working with multiple applications.

Consistently Fast Boot Time: Worn-in Windows installations must manage a plethora of third-party applications, many of which load instructions at start-up. While an HDD will suffer performance deficits over time, the 840 Series industry-leading Random Read Speeds and Latency time ensure that boot times remain fast even after months of heavy OS use and application installations.

Industry-leading Reliability

From the world’s leading storage engineers at the #1 maker of SSD components, Samsung’s SSD 840 Series delivers rock-solid reliability and sustained high performance over time and under heavy use.

A True End-to-End, Integrated Solution

Samsung SSDs are designed completely in-house. To arrive at the perfect solution, Samsung builds all of the main SSD components itself. The result is enhanced performance with Toggle DDR2 NAND flash, lower power consumption with LPDDR2 cache memory, and better energy efficiency with the 3-core MDX controller.

Toggle DDR2 NAND Flash Memory

Samsung’s Toggle DDR2 NAND flash chips enable data transfer rates of up to 400 megabits per second (Mbps) - more than three times as fast as previous chips – offering dramatic read speed performance improvements. In addition to performance improvements, the chips also consume less power than competing NAND.

3-core MDX controller

More powerful and energy-efficient, the new Cortex-R4 CPU-based Samsung MDX controller accomplishes more under the same power conditions.

Ultra Low Power Consumption for Longer Battery Life

Samsung has made major leaps forward in power efficiency with the 840 Series. It boasts of low idle power consumption of any SSD. In fact, Samsung's new MDX controller consumes only 40 mW of power during idle mode. Further improvements come from the use of LPDDR2 cache memory, which offers higher performance while consuming 30% less power when active and 93% less power when idle than regular DDR2 or DDR3 memory.

Keep your Data Safe with Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) Technology

Simply enable an HDD password via your computer’s BIOS, and Samsung’s SSD 840 applies data encryption automatically. You can re-purpose your drive or dispose of your data simply by running a Secure Erase through Samsung’s Magician software.

In The Box
Sales Package
  • SSD
  • Samsung
Model ID
  • MZ-7TD250BW
OS Compatibility
  • Windows: 7,8
  • 840
Drive Configuration
  • Desktop, Laptop
Device Type
  • 2.5 Inch SSD
Drive Capacity
  • 250 GB
  • SATA
Cache Memory
  • 512 MB
  • 1500000 hours (Mean Time between Failures)
Form Factor
  • 2.5 Inch
Standard Input Voltage
  • 5 V DC
Operating Conditions
Operating Temperature
  • 0DegC to 70DegC
Other Features
  • Compatible with SATA 3 Gb/s and SATA 1.5 Gb/s, Storage Memory: Samsung 2x nm Toggle DDR 2.0 NAND Flash Memory (400 Mbps), Controller: Samsung 3-core MDX Controller, TRIM Support, S.M.A.R.T Support, GC (Garbage Collection): Auto, Encryption Support: Yes (AES 256 bit), WWN Support, Sequential Read: Upto 540 MB/sec, Sequential Write: Upto 250 MB/sec, Random Read (4 KB, QD32): Upto 96000 IOPS, Random Write (4 KB, QD32): Upto 62000 IOPS, Random Read (4 KB, QD1): Upto 7900 IOPS, Random Write (4 KB, QD1): Upto 29000 IOPS, Shock: 1500 G and 0.5 ms (Half Sine), Enjoy Enhanced Multitasking with Windows 8, 0.071 Watts Average Power Consumption, 0.046 Watts (Typical, DIPM Enabled Value), 0.279 Watts (Typical, DIPM Disabled Value), Magician Software for SSD Management, Cache Memory: 512MB Low Power DDR2 SDRAM, SATA III, Data Migration Software
  • 100 mm x 69.85 mm x 6.8 mm
  • 52.5 g
Warranty Type
  • Replacement
Warranty Summary
  • Flipkart Warranty
Covered in Warranty
  • Manufacturing Defects
Not Covered in Warranty
  • Forceful Tampering, Burnt, Mishandling and Physical Damage
Domestic Term
  • 3 Years
Ratings & Reviews
57 Ratings &
19 Reviews
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Good SSD for the price to per GB ratio!

I was looking for an upgrade of my MacBook Pro for a long time and that is when I decided to look for some SSDs to boost the performance and I came across this SSD.
Two things that made me purchase this SSD was firstly the backward compatibility to 3 Gbps SATA port and then the price per GB, which boils down to around 49 Rs/GB.
Got this SSD in a well packaged box, when opened the box, the SSD is pretty much light as compared to the HDD.
Replaced this with the HDD and did the reinstall of the ...

Dinesh Gaikwad

Certified Buyer

24 May, 2013

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Excellent SSD for the price

I recently replaced the HDD in my 5 years old MacBook Pro with Samsung SSD.

The performance of the drive is upto the mark. 265MB/s read and 205MB/s write. These are lower than the published ratings since I am on SATA II. The performance difference is still quite significant. It's much more than when I upgraded from 4GB RAM to 8GB RAM. Boot time has come down to under 30 seconds from 2+mins earlier. Applications such as iTunes, iPhoto, outlook open in less than 3 seconds.

There are many arti...

Manish Singh

Certified Buyer, Mumbai

13 Jul, 2013

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Received within 2 days!

This is best one in this price range. Small note for buyers. This does not come with any connectors. make sure that u have the usb hdd casing or esata/esatap cable ready with you to transfer the data :)


Certified Buyer, Udupi

22 Nov, 2013

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Excellent value for money.

The use of the TLC tech means that this is not the fastest SSD around, but bear in mind:

1) The TLC tech is what makes the value per GB so much better than any other SSD.

2) Even though it isn't going to break any performance records compared to other SSDs, when compared to even a fast 7200rpm HDD it just doesn't really matter; this drive will leave spinning disks in the dust and it does so affordably.

I'm very happy with it. It's a bit too early for me to judge its reliability, but after ...


Certified Buyer

5 May, 2013

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installed in mac mini

and it boots in seconds now
after I optimized the OS for it with Cameleon (enabled TRIM and noatime)
I also used this SSD on Linux - also stellar performance comparing to any HDD!

Igor Barinov

Certified Buyer

30 Apr, 2014

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Great performance

Replaced the HDD in my Dell laptop with this SDD about 4 months ago by following the procedure shown on You Tube. Did take a big risk of busting the laptop, but it was definitely worth it! The Laptop has got a new lease of life & is blazing fast now.

Definitely recommend for all those who want to get zippy performance from their PC / Laptop at a reasonably low price.

Prashant Hemmady

Certified Buyer, Mumbai

16 Mar, 2014

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A good ssd at reasonable cost

Picked up this product from flipkart to replace my boot internal HDD in my Mac Pro. Works great, the booting is much faster than it was before.

Subrata Sen

Certified Buyer, Kolkata

22 Feb, 2014

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Very nice drive and for those who dont want to pay the extra for the Pro or evo version, this will do just as well. Honestly, I dont see a great speed bump from using my older SSD (vertex 2), which has the read speed of about half of this model.

But the drive has been extremely stable of my 6 months of usage and the additional software, for transfer of data as well as the drive optimization works very well. This software is downloadable from the Samsung website.


Certified Buyer

30 Jan, 2014

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Superb drive by Samsung

Just install this drive in your laptop and see the boot time. You will be amazed by the super fast speed of this drive. Samsung and Intel make best SSDs. Go for it and if you have even bigger budget then go for Pro model of this drive which is even faster than this. For most of us non-pro is just enough.

Flipkart service is best as usual.

Anil Kinikar

Certified Buyer, Pune

12 Jan, 2014

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Samsung pulls off a winner

After reading about failing OCZs and other sandforce based SSDs, I decided to go with Samsung's in-house SSD to quicken my 2010 Macbook Pro. I installed it in October and have been running Mavericks and Windows 7 on it. Completed LA NOIRE and Crysis 3 and the drive is still as speedy as it was the first day.

I'm using a SATA II and the read and write speeds are 290+ and 260+ MBps respectively. So far so good and I hope it stays that way for the next couple of years :)

Sayan Dhar

Certified Buyer

4 Dec, 2013

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