Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Rose Gold White, 32 GB)
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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Rose Gold White, 32 GB) Reviews
4,441 Ratings &
673 Reviews
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Worst Seller

I have ordered a new Note 3 and received a imported used piece with pictures taken from it that too a year ago. Do not take any products from flipkart as these people are selling products like these.

Like product the customer service is also worst. They do not understand the customer's issue and would extend time for replacement of the product again and again. I have taken the product on 21st November and they did not replaced my product till now.

I would like to give -5 star as these peopl...


Certified Buyer, Bangalore

Nov, 2014

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50,000 for a mobile!! You're drunk, go home samsung!

With a spate of manufacturers launching high-end devices, the focus has fallen on the pricing policy followed by them. While part of it could be attributed to the rupees weak health but what really justifies buying a phone worth Rs. 50,000?

With most high-end devices costing north of the 40k mark, does it really make sense to invest such hefty amount on just a phone?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 : Rs. 49, 990
Sony Xperia Z1 : Rs 43, 000
iPhone 5S : Rs 50, 000

Most phones can get most jobs done ...

Shubh Luthra

Sep, 2013

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My impression of the Samsung Note 3

Day 1:
It’s been a day since I have this phone and this is what I think of the product.
When playing games on the device it tends to get HOT after 15 min of game play, the volume button and power get really hot after 30 min of play time
The phone with 100% change got switched off in just 5 hours of usage
Every time before switching the screen off I have to end all tasks just to keep it working as the RAM usage was showing 1.78GB all the time. Even when I have nothing on except the power saver...

Tyrone Carton

Certified Buyer

Sep, 2013

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A niche product

First of all, people who have not bought this phone, please shut up. You are in no position to judge the product or the people who buy it. Samsung has not forced you to buy this phone and neither have they forced you people to give your opinion. You people need to get a life and use whatever phone you find good. Four things must be clear:

a) If you think about money, do not think of buying this or any premium smartphone.
b) If size is a problem, this phone is not for you.
c) If you love the ...

Sushant Bothe

Sep, 2013

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Review as on 08.08.2014

I bought it from a physical store and not from Flipkart. My model says SM-N900 which came preloaded with KitKat 4.4.2. I switched my wi-fi and got two updates over 4.4.2, performance and security related updates. First of all, I would like to say that there are many writing reviews for anything who do not have real experience with that product at all. Just by analyzing statistics and online stuff, many, are writing reviews. One issue/review I was reading here said that the call sound is low. ...

Mrinmoy Roy

Aug, 2014

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Note Satisfied

First of all this isn't 4G LTE version so Airtel is already giving 4G at nice rates slightly higher than 3G but you can't enjoy it. You gonna need to upgrade to other phone quickly.

Processor is exynos and not Snapdragon (Snapdragon is having better GPU performance about factor 1/4)

I guess Samsung needs to be reminded that we are IT freaks and have lots of money to buy their smart phones so they should make them available in India as well. I wonder they can manufacture smart phones but can...

Varun Batra

Certified Buyer

Oct, 2013

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Snapdragon Processor model is not released in India


Samsung has made 3 models of Note 3. The least model of Octa core Exynos processor is supplied in India and the rest 2 models is not released in India. Why Samsung has done this and what Samsung takes Indian market clearly reflected with the release of this old dum technology model of Note 3.

Btw FYI, the models available in Big Showrooms is N9005 (model with Snapdragon chipset) and when you will go for buying it is actually N9000 model (Exynos processor). Even the assisting persons ...

Chetan Gupta

Oct, 2013

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More than satisfaction......

i did not buy this from flipkart.....i bought it from a local store at 40,000.

i am using this for two weeks and finally i would say that it is a great device.....
lets talk about this

the display is lovely....if you wanna know then you have to see the phone physically. then you will understand how beautiful this device is and how gorgeous the display is. as you know it is 1080p display and you cant see any the display is very sharp.
I have seen sony htc lg but the super...

Snehasish Mallick

Apr, 2014

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Expensive, but worth the buy. The S pen is amazing, once you're aware of all the features & apps, you can sync it all together & never use pen & paper again.
The phone has a lot to offer, but if it doesn't match your needs or requirements and especially if you are unaware of its features (that you can't always know just by reading the specs).... It will seem to be a waste.
Only buy if the features help ease u our life.

Davis Zacharias

Certified Buyer, Mumbai

Jul, 2014

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One hell of a beast......

First thing first. Almost 80% of people commenting here in negativity don't own this phone and I can bet on that. They are here just to vent out their frustration siply because they can't own it. Now let's come to the review or I would rather say my experience ith the device so far. Having already used the original Note 1 and Note 2 I was well aware of it's size and the functionalities on offer. Although it's 5.7 inch but dimensionally it's equal to the predecessor Note II and surprisingly it...

Rizwan Azad

Dec, 2013

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