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    Samsung mobiles, are one of the most sought-after brands of smartphones that have become very popular among smartphone lovers for the wide range of mobiles they have in terms of technology and budget. Starting from the budget phones like the Samsung On5, Z2, J5-6 and the like, this brand of phones also have high-end mobiles like the Galaxy On max, Galaxy J7 Pro, On Nxt and many more. Known for their exquisite designs, excellent display, smooth performance and flawless camera output, Samsung mobile phones have made the cut in all areas of important features and is one of the most reliable mobile phones today.

    Latest Samsung mobiles

    Samsung Mobile: Innovation At Its Best

    Smartphones have become the most ubiquitous technological gadget in our world. Most people spend a vast majority of their day on their smartphones and one can almost not imagine life without them.If you’re going to be carrying your whole life in your phone, it makes sense to buy the best smartphone you can afford. Samsung is a leading manufacturer and retailer of smartphones worldwide.A Samsung mobile is functional, ergonomically designed, and come in a range of affordable price brackets.Samsung is a large multinational company founded and based in South Korea. The Samsung group also deals with food processing, household electronics, insurance, textiles, etc., but they are best known for their mobiles.The Samsung mobiles are regularly updated and new phones are released almost every year. This ensures that the mobile phones have the best and latest smartphone technology. In 2017, new models of Samsung mobiles like the Samsung A7 and Samsung J7 were released.A Samsung mobile even retails on the Internet and you can buy Samsung mobiles online from a number of reputed sellers across different platforms.When you’re looking to buy a new smartphone there are a few features you should consider:

    Samsung Mobile Phones Storage

    The storage capacity of your Samsung mobile will decide how much data you can store on it and how fast the phone processes this data. Everything that is on your Samsung mobile will take up storage including the operating system and often it is the operating system that takes up the most space. The total storage on your Samsung mobile actually has two components: Phone storage and internal storage.Phone storage holds the data and files required to make the phone work while internal storage contains all the music, photos, videos, etc. The more storage on the Samsung mobile, the faster it will run and the more files you can store on it.The Samsung Galaxy On Nxt is a new model released in 2017 that has 64GB of internal memory that can be expanded up to 256GB using an external SD or memory card. This model is new but comes at an economical price. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro are other great options with large storage capacities that will allow you to store anything you need.

    Long-Lasting Battery

    Everyone knows the sheer agony of watching your phone battery go dangerously close to 0 just when you really need it. A long battery life will save you from this predicament. 
    The Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro has a massive 5000mAh battery that will easily last all day. Moreover, it also has a fast charging feature that will charge your phone in no time. Despite, the large battery this Samsung mobile is still sleek and light. Another option is the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro which has a slightly smaller but still powerful battery that clocks in at 4000mAh. These phones are the best options for long lasting battery life in a light and compact design.
    Selfie Camera
    We all love to take selfies, and there’s nothing more disheartening than taking hundreds of selfies and hating them all. Get yourself a Samsung mobile with the latest selfie cameras and take the best selfies possible. 
    The Samsung Galaxy On Max has a stunning 13MP front camera that will give you clear and crisp selfies with all the richness of reality. The Galaxy J7 Max also has a 13MP front camera and comes at a more economical price. These phones are sure to take your mobile photography to all new levels.
    A Samsung mobile is perfect for everyone in any sphere of life. They are fast, sleek, and come with a variety of new functions that will enrich your life. You can now buy a Samsung mobile online for added convenience. Get the latest Samsung mobile for a mind-blowing experience.

    Samsung Mobile Price in India

    Latest Samsung Mobile Phones Price
    Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus (Orchid Grey, 64 GB) Rs. 64,900
    Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro (Gold, 64 GB) Rs. 24,990
    Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro (Black, 64 GB) Rs. 20,900
    Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt (Black, 16 GB) Rs. 11,490
    Samsung Galaxy B351Rs. 2,780
    Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime (Black, 32 GB) Rs. 13490
    Samsung Galaxy A7-2017 (Black Sky, 32 GB) Rs. 25,900
    Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro (Black, 64 GB) Rs. 31,,900
    Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro (Gold, 16 GB) Rs. 9,090
    Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime (Gold, 32 GB) Rs. 15,900
    Samsung Galaxy J5 - 6 (New 2016 Edition) (White, 16 GB) Rs. 10,090
    Samsung Z2 (Black, 8 GB) Rs. 4,650
    Samsung Z4 (Gold, 8 GB) Rs. 5,790
    Samsung Galaxy A5-2017 (Black Sky, 32 GB) Rs. 22,900
    Samsung Galaxy On Nxt (Gold, 32 GB) Rs. 15,900
    Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 Edition (Gold, 16 GB) Rs. 17,490 

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