SAMSUNG RT2735TNBSU Double Door - Top Freezer 255 Litres Refrigerator

    SAMSUNG RT2735TNBSU Double Door - Top Freezer 255 Litres Refrigerator  (Ultra Inox)

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    • Crystal Green Colour
    • 4 Star Energy Rating
    • LED Light
    • Big Bottle Guard
    • 1 Year Samsung India Warranty .
    1 Year Samsung India Warranty .

    More often than not, the type of appliance or electronic gadget you buy is solely based on the reputation the brand has in the international market. Once you have the brand sorted out and narrowed down, individual differences and performance preferences within the appliance you are buying help shape your decision towards finding the perfect product to meet your needs.

    Putting all this in perspective, the Samsung RT2735TNBSU is just one such refrigerating appliance that is backed by the prowess of a world renowned brand as well as the technology and hardware to cater to your daily preservation needs.

    Design and Technology

    The Samsung RT2735TNBSU refrigerator features a double door design with the freezer in its upper half. With a total storage capacity of 255 L, you can be sure to find more than enough room to stock up on all the essentials you need for the month. Moreover, to help you store a significantly greater quantity of fruits and vegetables, Samsung refrigerators are designed with a larger fridge to freezer ratio of 77:23; or in other words a fridge storage capacity of 186 L and a freezer storage capacity of 69 L. Since the appliance is designed to be frost free, it negates the need for you to spend hours every other month in emptying out and defrosting the refrigerator.

    The RT2735TNBSU refrigerator features some of Samsung’s latest patented technology; the most important of which being the Digital Inverter Compressor. The Digital Inverter Compressor or DIC modulates the power and running speed of the appliance depending on the immediate cooling requirements of the compressor. The DIC system is designed to uniformly and consistently cool the contents of the refrigerator while consuming considerably less energy. The 255 L refrigerator from Samsung also emits lower decibels of sound and is known for its reduced wear and tear of the fridge’s mechanical parts. Because of its highly energy efficient functioning, the appliance has earned the highest accolade of 5 stars when it comes to its energy rating.

    Performance Features

    To help keep your frozen foods and vegetables at its optimum freshness, the designers of the Samsung RT2735TNBSU 255 L Digital Inverter Compressor refrigerator have equipped it with Dual Sensor Control technology. This technology makes use Two Thermo Sensor Controls which enable you, the user, to independently set the temperatures of the fridge and freezer zones. It is this Dual Sensor Control technology that helps maintain the ideal levels of humidity in the Frrrunch zone.

    Samsung’s Frrrunch Veggie Zone is an exclusive compartment in the refrigerator that is designed to keep your fruits and vegetables easily accessible. In addition, the Frrrunch zone features Auto Moisture Control technology that maintains just the right quantity of moisture in its cooling system to keep your veggies and fruits naturally scrumptious and deliciously crunchy.

    The freezer compartment of the Samsung RT2735TNBSU 255 L refrigerator is equipped with the extremely useful Cool Pack feature. This Cool Pack feature ensures that the air in the freezer remains cool and continues to prevent food from spoiling even when there is a power cut of up to 60 minutes. In addition, to ensure that the appliance can handle electrical surges and fluctuations when the power does come back on, the device is equipped with an internal stabiliser.


    The 255 L Digital Inverter Compressor refrigerator from Samsung features some of the most ergonomically designed trays and shelves to cater to all your storage needs. From the Make-up and Cure cubbyhole that stores your cosmetics and medical items to the 1.5 L to 2 L bottle guard that houses larger quantity beverages, the Samsung appliance truly delivers an all-round package.

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    In The Box
    • Sales Package
      • Unit, User Manual, Warranty Card
    General Features
    • Capacity
      • Total - 255 L
    • No. of Doors
      • Double Door - Top Freezer
    • Door Type
      • Double Door - Top Freezer
    • Defrosting Type
      • Frost Free
    • Exteriors
      • Chrome Handle
    • Shelves
      • Toughened Glass Shelves
    Refrigerator Features
    • Refrigeration and Cooling Technology
      • Power Surround Cooling
    • Refrigerator Shelves
      • 2
    • Special Compartments
      • Big Bottle Guard, Frunch Box, Frunch Box Plus, Medicine and Cure Box
    Freezer Features
    • Ice Cube Tray
      • Yes
    • Energy Rating
      • 4
    Additional Features
      • Anti Fungal Gasket, Stabilizer Free Operation, Make Up Cure, More Fridge Area, Cool Pack, LED Light, Dual Thermo Control, Dual Sensor Control, Stylish Surf Design
    • Net Weight
      • 57 kg
    • Service Type
      • The concerned authorized service center will advise the customer whether to effect the repairs at site or at the authorized service center.
    • Not Covered in Warranty
      • Warranty is not applicable if the product is not operated according to instructions given in the operating instruction booklet. Warranty will not be applicable if defects are caused by improper, reckless use or if any repair work is carried by persons other than authorized service personnel, which shall be determine by the company personnel, warranty will not applicable in case of defects caused by due to causes beyond control like lightening, abnormal voltage,acts of God or while in transit to service center or purchaser's residence. The warranty is not valid in case, the serial number is deleted, defected or altered.
    • Covered in Warranty
      • Warranty comprises of a 1 Year warranty on all parts (except Light Bulb, Consumables, Loose Plastic Parts, Glass) in the first year and thereafter a 4 year additional warranty on the compressor
    • Domestic Term
      • 1 Year
    • Warranty Type
      • Within warranty period, Samsung India Authorized Service Centers will repair or replace any defective part, if required, to rectify the problem.
      • 1 Year SAMSUNG India Warranty and Free Transit Insurance.
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    Awesome Fridge

    Everything is working fine in the product...

    Except for ... In the product feature they mentioned that it will work very silent in respect and i thought that will be good choice and it makes noise better than my old fridge... That is annoying and the freezer space is too big that compared to regular storage.

    People who needs lesser freeze space, then go for some other model

    Gurulakshana NV

    Certified Buyer

    30 Jul, 2012

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    Product Description
    Only Samsung’s superior cooling technology provides the optimal food storage conditions that can be fine-tuned to satisfy your appetite. Samsung refrigerator’s excellent performance and outstanding design will make your life more delightful.
    Digital Inverter Compressor

    Samsung’s Digital Inverter Compressor (DIC) intelligently varies its power and running speed as per the immediate cooling requirement of the refrigerator. Unlike a conventional compressor, DIC does not abruptly start and stop, ensuring consistent, uniform cooling while consuming less energy. Fewer starts and stops also means low noise and less wear/tear of internal components, thus elongating compressor life.

    Dual Sensor Control

    The Dual Sensor Control comes with 2 thermo-sensor controls which enable you to increase or decrease the temperature in the freezer & fridge independently. Samsung's PBA electric control of the freezer automatically ensures that the temperature inside the freezer does not vary even if the temperature outside increases. It is the Dual Sensor Control which helps maintain the humidity in the Frrrrunch box to keep the food fresh and crunchy.

    More Fridge Area

    This Samsung refrigerator's fridge area is designed to be larger than most competitor models in order to store more vegetables and fruits. (Fridge : Freezer Ratio = 77% : 23%)

    Frrrunch & Frrrunch Plus

    Samsung Frrrunch Veggie Zone is an exclusive area created to make fruits easily accessible while ensuring they stay naturally fresh and tasty. This zone is located right above the Frrrunch box which is a special zone to store fruits and vegetables. The Frrrunch Veg Box with Auto Moisture Control maintains the optimal moisture level to ensure the food is naturally fresh and delightfully crunchy.

    Cool Pack (in Freezer)

    The Cool Pack keeps the air cool inside the freezer to prevent frozen food from thawing (melting) or getting spoiled during a power cut for up to 60 minutes. Created with a special material known as PCM, the cool pack maintains a low temperature in the freezer section.

    Crystal Green Colour

    The inner guards and boxes are designed in a transparent crystal green color to deliver a fresh look to the food stored inside.

    Make-up and Cure Box

    This storage space provides a specialized zone for medicines and cosmetics that need to be refrigerated.

    Big Bottle Guard

    These bottle guards are spacious enough to accommodate big 1.5 - 2 L bottles easily.

    Stabiliser Free Operation
    • Has better energy-efficiency ratio.
    • Consumes less power.
    • Can operate at voltages as low as 135V and as high as 290V and eliminates the need for an additional power stabilizer.
    5 Star Grade

    This refrigerator has a 5 Star BEE rating which makes it one of the most energy-efficient refrigerators on the market. It will help keep your monthly electricity bill low.

    LED Light

    The innovative LED lighting system used to light up the inside of the fridge consumes very little energy and lasts much longer that conventional bulbs or lamps. This futuristic technology ensures that the entire refrigerator is well lit so that you can see and access food items easily.

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