SAMSUNG RT32CDUX Double Door - Top Freezer 289 Litres Refrigerator

    SAMSUNG RT32CDUX Double Door - Top Freezer 289 Litres Refrigerator  (Ultra Inox)

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    • 3 Star Energy Rating
    • 289 Litre Capacity
    • Toughened Glass Shelf
    • Moisture Control
    • The Samsung Refrigerator comes with 5 Years warranty
    The Samsung Refrigerator comes with 5 Years warranty

    The Samsung RT32CDUX is a mid-sized refrigerator that has a contemporary design that is suited for modern living. This top freezer model from Samsung combines innovative features to ensure you and your family eat healthy and nutritious food every day. This 289 litre Samsung refrigerator can easily manage the food cooling requirements for a family of four.

    The Samsung RT32CDUX Refrigerator consumes less electricity than most contemporary models in the same capacity class. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency has awarded the RT32CDUX a 5 star energy rating, based on the superior energy saving features that will help you cut down on your electricity bill.

    Body and Power

    This standalone Samsung RT32CDUX Refrigerator offer advanced features that will make life easy and convenient for you. The rectangular RT32CDUX Refrigerator has dimensions of 610 x 671 x 1690 mm and is perfect for use in mid-sized to large kitchen. This 2 door refrigerator has the freezer located on top while the fridge occupies the larger lower section.

    The fridge has 3 toughened glass shelves that can be used to store heavy containers of food separately so that there is proper air circulation. These shelves have a carrying capacity of 150 kg and will not break if you drop it flat on the ground. The accessory box is a special box that is provided to store medicines and other small items like makeup. The accessory box fits perfectly in the door shelves for easy access.

    The Samsung RT32CDUX Refrigerator comes with the novel Frrrunch box that can be used to preserve vegetables and fruits for a longer period of time. The Frrrunch box combines advanced moisture control technology with an innovative design for the box to ensure freshness and crunchiness is maintained. The door handles are located on the left side and are ergonomically designed to offer a comfortable grip while opening the refrigerator.

    The Samsung RT32CDUX Refrigerator is able to function even when there are voltage fluctuations in the range of 135 V to 290 V. This is an advantage in India as we constantly face problems like power outages and low voltage. The energy efficient compressor consumes less power and eliminates the requirement for an external voltage stabilizer.

    The futuristic LED lamps ensure that the Samsung RT32CDUX Refrigerator is well lit while consuming very little energy. The Cool Kidz Ice Tray is an ice tray designed especially to keep your kids creativity flowing as they will now be able to make flavoured ice cubes in attractive shapes and sizes.


    The Samsung RT32CDUX Refrigerator makes use of the I Spin Cool technology to ensure the user is able to manipulate the direction of the vent, so that the cold air is directed to where it is needed the most. The I Spin Cool vent can be rotated at an angle of 360 degrees and can also be turned up, down, left or right. The innovative cool pack in the freezer helps maintain a low temperature even when there is a power outage.

    The dual sensor control system collects information from two thermo sensors and uses the information to increase or decrease the temperature in the freezer and fridge separately. The PBA electric control system helps the freezer maintain the optimal temperature even if the exterior temperature increases. The DTC and moisture control technology helps to maintain the humidity level in the Frrrunch box so that your food remains fresh and juicy.

    This frost free Samsung RT32CDUX Refrigerator automatically removes any excess ice build-up in the freezer. Samsung has made the RT32CDUX Refrigerator safer by making all the parts and wiring fire retardant. The durability and fire retardant capabilities of the concerned parts have been verified by UL international.

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    In The Box
    • Sales Package
      • Unit, User Manual, Warranty Card
    General Features
    • Capacity
      • Total - 289 L
    • Door Type
      • Double Door - Top Freezer
    • Defrosting Type
      • Frost Free
    • Temperature Control Mode
      • Yes
    • Special Features
      • Moisture Control
    • Shelves
      • Toughened Glass Shelves
    • Lamps
      • Main Lamp
    Refrigerator Features
    • Refrigeration and Cooling Technology
      • I Spin Cool
    • Special Compartments
      • Accessory Box, New Frrrunch Box
    Freezer Features
    • Ice Cube Tray
      • Yes
    • Power Supply
      • 135 - 290 V
    • Energy Rating
      • 3
    Additional Features
      • Cool Pack, Dual Sensor Control, PBA Electric Control, DTC Technology, Moisture Control Technology, Frost Free, Stabilizer Free Operation, Better Energy Efficiency Ratio, Consumes Less Power, LED Light, Fire Retardant Wires, Futuristic Technology
    • Service Type
      • The concerned authorized service center will advise the customer whether to effect the repairs at site or at the authorized service center.
    • Not Covered in Warranty
      • Warranty is not applicable if the product is not operated according to instructions given in the operating instruction booklet. Warranty will not be applicable if defects are caused by improper, reckless use or if any repair work is carried by persons other than authorized service personnel, which shall be determine by the company personnel, warranty will not applicable in case of defects caused by due to causes beyond control like lightening, abnormal voltage,acts of God or while in transit to service center or purchaser's residence. The warranty is not valid in case, the serial number is deleted, defected or altered.
    • Covered in Warranty
      • Warranty comprises of a 1 Year warranty on all parts (except Light Bulb, Consumables, Loose Plastic Parts, Glass) in the first year and thereafter a 4 Years additional warranty on the compressor
    • Domestic Term
      • 1 Year
    • Warranty Type
      • Within warranty period, Samsung India Authorized Service Centers will repair or replace any defective part, if required, to rectify the problem.
      • 1 Year SAMSUNG India Warranty and Free Transit Insurance.
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    Product Description
    Samsung presents its new range of Frrrunch Refrigerators with futuristic technology and innovations. This refrigerator will help you experience freshness with every healthy bite.
    New Frrrunch Box

    The New Frrrunch Box is a breakthrough innovation that combines advanced Moisture Control Technology with innovative design to ensure freshness in vegetables. With optimal moisture maintained inside the Frrrunch Box, vegetables remain naturally fresh and delightful crunchy.

    Dual Sensor Control

    The Dual Sensor Control comes with 2 thermo-sensor controls which enable you to increase or decrease the temperature in the freezer & fridge independently. Samsung's PBA electric control of the freezer automatically ensures that the temperature inside the freezer does not vary even if the temperature outside increases. It is the Dual Sensor Control which helps maintain the humidity in the Frrrrunch box to keep the food fresh and crunchy.

    5 Star Rating

    This refrigerator has a 5 Star BEE rating which makes it one of the most energy-efficient refrigerators on the market. It will help keep your monthly electricity bill low.

    Fire Retardant Wires

    Keeping consumer safety and power fluctuations in mind, Samsung has designed this range of refrigerators with fire-retardant wires that are certified by UL International.

    The Advantage of these wires are: 1) These wires are safe since they are designed to be fire resistant. 2) These wires are durable.

    Stabilizer-free Operation

    The Compressor has:

    • Has better energy-efficiency ratio.
    • Consumes less power.
    • Can operate at voltages as low as 135 V and as high as 290 V and eliminates the need for an additional power stabilizer.
    I Spin Cool

    Upgraded i-cool for even & fast cooling. This feature allows the users to manipulate the direction of the vent as per their needs, ensuring faster cooling inside the refrigerator. • i-spin cool vent can not only be rotated at 360 degrees but can also be turned up, down, right and left.

    Cool Pack

    Cool Pack delays the rise in temperature by supplying cold air even when the power is off, keeping food from spoiling. During a power failure, the Cool Pack absorbs a large amount of heat from the freezer section. This helps in maintaining a low temperature and keeping food cool.

    Accessory Box

    This Frrrunch series refrigerator from Samsung provides a specialized multi-utility storage section to store vegetable and fruits.

    LED Light

    The innovative LED lighting system used to light up the inside of the fridge consumes very little energy and lasts much longer that conventional bulbs or lamps. This futuristic technology ensures that the entire refrigerator is well lit so that you can see and access food items easily.

    Cool Kidz Ice Tray

    An Ice Tray especially designed for kids to make ice in different shapes and sizes.

    Toughened Glass Sheleves

    These toughened-glass shelves are very strong and are free from heavy metals which make them safe to store food on. They can easily hold up to 150 kg.

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