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Enrich your TV watching experience with friends and family with the latest range of Samsung TVs. Whether it’s an immersive sound experience, lifelike colours that make your favourite characters come to life, Screen Mirroring or Micro Dimming that results in deeper blacks and purer whites, Samsung ensures you remember the details of every movie you watch. Shop for Samsung TVs from the peace of your home and have our experts install them in your living room in next to no time! 

Have you always wanted to watch videos, TV shows, movies, and more in high-quality display and sound? If yes, then you can finally satisfy your wish by purchasing a Samsung TV. You can buy a Samsung TV according to the aesthetics and size of your room. Also, you can buy it as per the room where you want to place it. Usually, most people prefer placing large-screen televisions in their living room as compared to their bedrooms or guest rooms. So, if you are planning to buy a TV for your living room, we suggest you select a Samsung 139.7-cm (55) TV or a  smart TV. As for your bedroom, you can select a LED TV 81.28-cm (32) Full HD,  81.28-cm (32) TV, OR 81.28-cm (32) smart TV. If you are planning to place it in your guest room, you can opt for a Samsung LED TV, a 81.28-cm (32) TV, or QLED TV. You can buy these televisions on Flipkart at reasonable prices. Also, you can select various other options. You can cross-check the specifications too and then make your purchase.  The information you are reading has been last updated on 23-Feb-20

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Under ₹20,000

Samsung 80cm (32 inch) HD Ready LED TV
48% off
Samsung 80cm (32 inch) HD Ready LED TV
39% off
Samsung 80cm (32 inch) HD Ready LED TV 2018 Edition
45% off

₹20,000 to ₹40,000

Samsung 108cm (43 inch) Full HD LED TV
22% off
Samsung 4 80cm (32 inch) HD Ready LED TV
9% off
Samsung 4 80cm (32 inch) HD Ready LED TV
9% off
Samsung Series 5 100cm (40 inch) Full HD LED TV
21% off
Samsung 5 100CM (40 inch) Full HD LED TV
8% off

₹40,000 to ₹60,000

Televisions Price List

  1. Rs. 24999
  2. Rs. 10999
  3. Rs. 13999
  4. Rs. 12499
  5. Rs. 26999
  6. Rs. 5999
  7. Rs. 13999
  8. Rs. 8499
  9. Rs. 17999
  10. Rs. 14999
This data was last updated on 2020/02/23

Binge-watch Your Favourite Shows on a Samsung TV

After a tiring day at work, you can come home, switch on your brand new Samsung TV, sit back and enjoy watching the shows and movies you want to catch up on. If you don’t have a TV at home yet, then it’s time to log in to your favourite shopping app and buy a Samsung TV. This brand has various models that cater to each and everyone’s television viewing requirements. Whether it’s a 60.96 cm LED TV or a LED 81.2 cm TV’s price that you are looking at, your favourite shopping app has everything listed in detail to help you make an informed buying decision.

New launches: Samsung smart televisions 

Samsung’s latest television range will leave you spoilt for choice with their dynamic colour enhancers, 4K UHD resolution, wide viewing angles, slim bezels and Bixby voice assistant among other enviable features. Let’s take a look at what the brand’s latest has to offer: 

Samsung 163cm (65 inch) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV 

Immerse yourself into your favourite video content with this Samsung 65 inch smart TV. Boasting a 4K UHD resolution, the TV brings you sharp and crisp images for a realistic viewing experience each time you switch it on. Samsung’s UHD Dimming divides the screen into several small segments and processes each to ensure you see every small detail. The HDR aspect of TVs increases its range of light, inturn helping you see a wide spectrum of colours on screen even during the darkest of scenes. While the mega 65 inch screen is capable of bringing characters to life, the very slim design of the TV only adds to your decor. Its intelligent voice-controlled assistant Bixby helps you seamlessly access and control functions using voice commands. Not only can you buy and rent the latest movies, you can also watch movies on Apple TV. Yes, this android TV comes with Apple TV channels. SmartThings lets you connect this Samsung TV to almost all your IoT sensors and devices. Use it to switch on your lights or peek into your fridge! 

Samsung The Frame 138cm (55 inch) Ultra HD (4K) QLED Smart TV 

‘The Frame’ will give your living room a beautiful, unexpected touch of contemporary art. When it is on, it serves as a source of entertainment and when off appears as a painting thanks to its ultra thin bezel. You can choose what artwork you want to see from over 1000 pieces of paintings in its library. ‘Motion Sensor’ turns on the artwork only when you are in the same room as the TV. Once you leave, it turns itself off to save energy. Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology allows you to experience 100% colour volume no matter how dark the scenes are. You can tilt the frame forward, back and sideways to experience the best visuals from almost any angle in the room. With One Remote, you can access and control all connected devices from just one place. With Airplay 2, you can seamlessly stream and share content from your Apple devices onto the big screen. With just one connection box (One Invisible Connection), connect a wide range of devices to this TV while keeping all of them at a distance from it for a clutter-free living room. 

Samsung Series 4 80cm (32 inch) HD Ready LED Smart TV 

The Series 4 allows you to convert your TV into a quintessential PC. You can work from the cloud, mirror your laptop onto the big screen and remotely access your office computer. Watch your favourite music come alive as your TV turns into a virtual music system in three different colour tones. Home Cloud lets you save your important files on the TV wirelessly, freeing up space on your phone while keeping your data safe. Micro Dimming Pro divides the screen into different zones and analyses each of them for purer whites and deeper blacks so that you can see real colours and minute shadows on the TV clearly. 

Buy a Samsung TV Online 

In earlier days, when the use of mobile phones was not too common, TV channels and radio channels used to keep people occupied in their free time. Though nowadays one can easily watch every other show on his/her smartphone, the joy of sitting together with family members and watching a cricket match or a singing competition on TV is still unmatched. So, if you are planning to replace your old television with a new one, then you can, without any doubt, opt for a TV. A TV is engineered with highly efficient features. These features, combined with technologies, deliver top-notch picture quality. 

Buy a Samsung QLED TV, a Samsung LED TV, and More

Buying a television can also be quite tricky. As televisions come with a plethora of features, there are chances that you might get puzzled. For example, if you have to choose between a Samsung smart TV or a LED TV 81.28-cm (32), you might get confused if you do not know the differences. But, you can keep your worries aside. You can read below to know how you can select a TV that would fit your needs:

Resolution: Different televisions come with different resolutions. There are Ultra HD televisions, Full HD televisions, and HD televisions. 

Ultra HD televisions are also referred to as 4K televisions. When it comes to top-notch resolution, 4K occupies the highest spot. A TV with this resolution will let you enjoy even the tiniest of details in full clarity. They come with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

Full HD televisions also provide a bright and good-quality display. They are available in screen sizes of up to 127 cm (50), and they come with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. You can check the Samsung LED TV 81.28-cm (32) Full HD, and more if you want to buy one in this category. 

HD televisions are ideal for those who want to purchase a Samsung TV, which does not have a huge screen. Also, they are incredibly affordable. They come with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. 

Smart TV: A smart TV comes with a horde of features which let you watch content from not just the local cable channels but also various apps. You can easily connect your smartphone to such a TV and watch movies and more seamlessly. You can purchase a Samsung 81.28-cm (32) smart TV and enjoy the benefits. If you like the features, you can purchase one with a bigger screen size. 

Online Shopping

A TV which does not provide good-quality display can ruin the joy of watching video content. Imagine you are watching a movie where the scenes are shot in backgrounds that are dark and grey. Now, enjoying each scene without missing out on the details will be possible only if the display is impressive. If you have a television where you have to struggle to watch such scenes in a bright display, then it is high time you get rid of it. If you are worried about the expenses, then you can get rid of that worry too. 

Samsung TVs do not only let you experience an impressive display, but they are also priced quite reasonably. You can purchase one for every room in your house. If you are planning to watch the latest cricket match with your family on a big-sized screen, then we suggest you install a Samsung 139.7-cm (55) TV in your living room. If you want to relax and watch it from your bedroom, then you can install a 81.28-cm (32) TV in it. You can purchase them all on Flipkart. 

Watch Your Favourite Shows on Samsung TVs

When you come back home from a long, tiring day at work, the first thing you would like to do is unwind in some way. For me, I like watching my favourite shows and movies on my TV. Samsung TVs have a wide range of TVs like LED TVs, QLED TVs, Smart TVs, etc. With a number of features and technologies, Samsung televisions are a class apart. Apart from televisions, Samsung has a wide range of other electronic items, such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, air conditioners, and so on. Shop from a large collection of televisions on Flipkart and upgrade your television to something better.

Samsung Televisions

Samsung has features like the Quantum Dot technology that offers you an immersive viewing experience with 100% colour volume. Overall, you get to watch your favourite shows in lifelike, vivid colours and clarity. It has a wide range of 4K TVs that keep you engrossed throughout the show. A Samsung TV is also good to look at. With its sleek design, amazing speakers and great picture quality, it’s hard to not watch stuff on your TV. TVs are equipped with a motion sensor that helps in sensing your presence and turns on the TV for you. It also features a brightness sensor that automatically balances the brightness of the screen and colour tone be it during the day or night.

Samsung TV - A Bird’s Eye-view on the Samsung Lineups

Buying a TV is no longer an easy job. With a large number of players offering a plethora of products, as a customer, it becomes a tedious job to choose the right type of TV for your home entertainment. , a major player in the television manufacturing industry has almost a third of the world market under its belt. If you are looking at buying a TV, you’re not the only one aspiring for this global brand.

Why Buy a Samsung TV

One of the driving forces that have made one among the market leaders is the immense number of TVs that the company puts out on an annual basis. With a range of smart televisions options, from budget-oriented small TVs and HD goggle boxes to premium 4K QLEDs that have brilliant and crystal-sharp displays, it is not hard to believe the market supremacy of TVs over its competitors. With a range of LED TVs, QLED TVs, Designer models and more, in a way has you covered across the price ranges.

Which Size Fits the Best?

Irrespective of budget, performance and additional features, the size of the television is the first thing that needs to be considered while going in for a new TV. Depending on the number of family members who watch TV at the same time, the TV’s placement and of course the viewing distance, a smart choice should be made. Depending on the size of your living room or the room where you are placing the television, you can opt for sizes such as a TV 32 inches or more as per your viewing convenience. In fact, LED TVs being more popular now, you can also opt for LED TVs such as LED TV 24 inches, TV 32 inches or TV 40 inches. It would be wise to measure the distance from your viewing point to the place where you intend to place your TV so that you can choose the right size. 

However, if you are buying a television as a mass entertainment product i.e. to watch games with a large group of friends, it is best to go in for a large TV such as the Samsung LED TV 40 inches or the 43 inch Smart TV.

You should opt for at least a 40-inch screen if you are seated more than six feet from the TV, a 50-inch screen is good within 7.5 feet of the TV. However, if the viewing distance is more than 8 feet, the smallest you can opt for is a 60-inch screen. The ideal distance can vary depending on if you mount your TV on a wall or place it on a stand. A wall-mounted TV can give you a little more room to work with.

Screen resolution

Another very important thing that needs to be taken into consideration before making a purchase is the screen resolution. Resolution of a screen describes the number of pixels that make up the picture on a display. The higher the number of pixels, the sharper the image and better the clarity. In short, higher resolution is always the way to go.

For many years, the 1920 x 1080 resolution, or full HD, has been the standard resolution and is still very prevalent in TVs across the globe. However, with a large number of multimedia content upping the resolution game, TV manufacturers too are rapidly shifting to Ultra HD sets. They are also commonly known as 4K resolution. A 4K model has four times the number of pixels as an HDTV screen which translates to crisper and clearer images.

Refresh Rate

Faster the better is the new mantra of TVs. Described as how many times per second a picture is refreshed on the screen, the refresh rate of a screen is expressed in terms of Hertz (Hz). With standard refresh rates of 60 Hz making images and fast-scenes look blurry or jittery, especially on LCD HDTVs, the current generations of TVs come with higher refresh rates that go up to 120 Hz. A higher refresh rate television is what a gamer would seek, however, if you are using a gaming console, a 60 Hz television should do the job for you.

Connectivity Options

Connectivity options on television have become another important criterion that makes or breaks a purchase deal. Now that you have decided to take the plunge, ensure the Samsung television you are going in for has ports that support HDMI 2.0. This would future-proof you and ensure that your TV is ready for future Ultra HD sources. In short, it would be great if your TV has more than two HDMI port and at least one USB port. The auxiliary support usually come as a default feature.

Should I buy a Smart TV?

The current era is all about smart and connected appliances. With an increasing number of television sets coming with built-in WiFi, streaming services and other connected features a smart TV is sure the way forward. A Samsung smart TV comes with a host of features that let you stream videos from your favourite streaming service, run apps on your TV, mirror the contents of your mobile or tablet on your smart TV, download on-demand movies and more. In fact, the latest models of Samsung smart TVs can even search for content across streaming services and live-programming on cable and satellite and lets you choose from a wide array of multimedia content.

Whether you are looking for a basic TV or a high-end smart television, It has you covered. The future is clearer with 8K upscaling techniques and Samsung is not the one to rest on its laurels. Pushing hard on innovations, a smarter Bixby smart assistant and possibly an exclusive iTunes app for Samsung TVs, It is surging ahead to give its customer more advanced technologies that can help them help them have an even better immersive TV viewing experience.

Explore New boundaries of Art and Entertainment on the Frame by Samsung

The Frame - a 138 cm (55) TV is here to break ground for all things entertainment. With revolutionary features, such as the Art Mode, intelligent sensors, voice assist, QLED Technology and much more,

Samsung the Frame 138 cm (55) QLED TV redefines entertainment for you.

Let’s explore what the 138 cm (55) Class the Frame QLED Smart 4K UHD TV has in store for us:

Contemporary Edge to Your Living Space

The Frame is a TV that reflects your stylish self, while sleekly fitting in your living space, and beautifully complementing your living room decor. With the Art Mode, this TV adds a sophisticated edge to your living space when it is turned off. And, when it is on, it acts as a source of entertainment.

The QLED-certified Samsung TV 

Samsung’s revolutionary Quantum Dot Technology lets you experience 100% colour volume on this TV. You can now get to see lifelike, vivid colours right on the TV, no matter how dark or bright the scenes get. This 138 cm (55) 4K TV keeps the content rich, vibrant and sharp so that it feels like you are living out the scene that is on the TV.

Art Store 

A beautiful artwork plastered on your living room wall looks aesthetically appealing. You can get this and more artwork to display on your wall with this TV that gives you access to an ever-growing library that has over 1000 pieces of artwork from renowned institutions all over the world. 

The Samsung 138 cm (55) TV’s Intelligent Sensors

Detects Your Presence

Equipped with a Motion Sensor, this 138 cm (55) QLED TV senses your presence and turns on the display to show you beautiful artwork. You can take in the beauty of this artwork on the TV when you are around it. You don’t have to worry about turning the TV off as it does so automatically to save energy.

Brightness Sensor

This sensor automatically balances the brightness of the screen and colour tone by detecting the ambient light for natural illumination. So be it during the day or at night, you can truly appreciate the art that is displayed. 

Your Voice is Enough to Get Things Done

The Google Assistant and Bixby on TV

Right from flipping channels to getting answers, this 138 cm (55) TV will do it for you. You just need to to talk to it to get what you need from it.

Remote Control with Hotkeys

With dedicated Netflix and Prime Video buttons on the remote control, finding entertainment will be right at your fingertips. With the mobile app and One Remote Control feature, you can do things like exploring the artwork and adjusting the settings from one place. The built-in AirPlay 2 feature makes it easy for you to stream and share content from your Apple devices on this TV easily.

Now, without wasting any time, we introduce you to some of the features that you can expect in your Samsung TV model: 

Samsung TVs and Their Resolutionz

When it comes to the resolution of the TV, your television will surprise you. Get set to watch movies in great clarity, as most of the television’s from Samsung have HD or UHD resolution. So depending on the model number, you can get set to enjoy every visual with stunning clarity. 

Smart Televisions from Samsung

Gone are the days when you had to resort to your laptop to watch shows that are available only on your preferred streaming platforms. The range of smart televisions from this will impress you with a host of features. Let’s take the NU6100 television series for example. This model from Samsung comes under the smart television category. It comes with features, such as Live Cast which lets you broadcast your experiences directly onto your television. If you have gone on a long holiday with your friends, you can share this experience with your loved ones by casting all the memories onto the big screen, thanks to the Screen Mirroring feature. If you want to utilise your television for gaming purposes, then the NU6100 series will be a great one. It has been designed to let you enjoy your favourite games without any lag.  

A Little Bit About Samsung 

Now that we have a small idea about Samsung TVs, let’s get to know the brand better, what say? Headquartered in South Korea, It is a multinational electronics company. It is also the world’s largest producer of smartphones. Galaxy range of tablets, powered by Android, is one of the most commonly used tablets in the tablet computers segment. Samsung hit it off with the sale of colour televisions in Asia. Slowly and steadily, Samsung started manufacturing and selling various models of televisions worldwide. In 2007, Samsung introduced the Internet TV. Soon, this television got modified to pave the way for the Smart LED TV. This smart LED TV from Samsung supports downloaded apps. Fast-forward to the year 2010 and this brand came up with something that stunned the world - a 3D television. Samsung, even today, continues to manufacture various television models catering to the ever-changing needs and demands of the modern consumer.  

Shop for Samsung TVs Online

Shop from a huge collection of Samsung TVs online. TVs’ prices range from Rs. 10,500 to Rs, 9,21,400. Make sure to use the filters while shopping for televisions. With the use of filters, you can narrow your search down to your preferences. Bring home a Samsung TV now and get ahead of the times. You can watch Netflix and Amazon Prime shows on your TV as well. Apart from this, you can utilise your television for gaming purposes. You can also connect your smartphone to your TV to browse through your gallery and have a good time. Make sure you measure your living room before you make a decision on buying a TV. A small TV will not look good in a large living room and vice versa. You can also shop for other electronic appliances from Samsung. You can avail great deals on appliances that are on sale. So, why wait? Start shopping and upgrade your appliances at home.

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