Samsung WA82B4TEC Automatic 6.2 kg Washer Dryer
    Samsung WA82B4TEC Automatic 6.2 kg Washer Dryer (Light Grey)

    Samsung WA82B4TEC Automatic 6.2 kg Washer Dryer  (Light Grey)

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    • Plastic Tub
    • Air Turbo Dry
    • Sari Course
    • 2 Years Domestic Warranty
    2 Years Domestic Warranty

    A long day at work and all you can think of once you get home is to laze around and have a peaceful day of doing nothing. However, the moment you get home, you see the huge pile of clothes lying in your room, which you have been collecting all week and now desperately, needs to be washed. The Samsung WA82B4TEC Automatic 6.2 kg Washer Dryer will make this task easy and simple for you. Equipped with advanced features and high-quality technology, this Samsung Automatic Washer Dryer is a top loader, which allows you to load your clothes from the top side of your refrigerator. With a commendable washing capacity of 6.2 kg, this Samsung WA82B4TEC will wash your week’s load of laundry all at one go.

    Design and Technology

    This Samsung Washing Machine, along with giving you clean and fresh clothes, ensures that they are germ-free, stain-free and odour-free owing to the Eco Storm Pulsator Technology it is equipped with. This technology allows you to make optimum utilization of the water, giving you the best wash with low water consumption.

    Once you are done with washing the clothes, you can make use of the impressive Air Turbo Dry Feature of this Samsung WA82B4TEC Automatic 6.2 kg Washer Dryer, which will give you almost dry clothes so that you do not have to waste much time in drying them after the washing process. The Air Turbo Dry Feature of Samsung Washing Machine boasts of dual air intakes and turbo power, thus adding tremendous functionality to this machine. The air is allowed to be drawn in through dual vents, creating a whirlwind of drying power. Running at the speed of 680 revolutions per minute, the powerful motor instigates a force, which pulls out most of the moisture from your clothes. The washed clothes are thus free of any dampness and hence turn out to be fresh-smelling without any unpleasant odour.

    Performance and Features

    The Automatic Washer Dryer from Samsung is perfect for those housewives who have a huge collection of saris since the advanced techniques and intelligent features of this machine allow you to give a gentle wash to your saris. Make use of the specialized and customized sari course, which works in unique ways, to give you clean and fresh saris, without them getting tangled with each other. The optimization in this procedure gives your saris a perfect wash, making them look as good as new.


    The Samsung WA82B4TEC Automatic 6.2 kg Washer Dryer is equipped with a Plastic Tub, which contains all your clothes and does the washing. With the dimensions of 540 x 940 x 560 mm, this compactly and conveniently designed Samsung Washing Machine can easily fit in any nook or corner of your house, restroom or the balcony. The smart features, exquisite aesthetics and stylish exteriors of this Samsung Washer Dryer make it a budget-friendly and user-friendly home appliance, thus making it a good buy.

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    In The Box
    • Sales Package
      • Unit, User Manual, Warranty Card, Inlet and Outlet Pipe, Service Center Details
    General Features
    • Type
      • Automatic Washer Dryer with Top Loading
    • Capacity
      • 6.2 kg (Washing)
    • Wash Programs
      • 8
    • Washing Type
      • Pulsator Washing
    Washing Features
    • Water Level Settings
      • 5 Levels
    • Fuzzy Logic
      • Yes
    • Other Washing Features
      • Air Turbo Drying System, 5 Step Super Wash, Soak
    Wash Modes
    • Other Wash Modes
      • Delicates, Quick Wash, Blanket, Sari Course
    Convenience Features
    • Other Convenience Features
      • Memory Backup, Last Setting, Delay Start
    Additional Features
      • Easy Open Articulating Handle, Magic Filter, Plastic Drum, Tempered Glass Window, Clean Tub, Aqua Preserve, Easy to Use Handle, Eco Storm Technology Pulsator
    • W x H x D
      • 540 x 940 x 560 mm
    • Service Type
      • Customer has to call the customer care number and book a servicing. The concerned Authorized Service Center will send their technician to the customer's house for servicing
    • Not Covered in Warranty
      • All the Rubber and Plastic components
    • Covered in Warranty
      • All the Electrical components
    • Domestic Term
      • 2 Years
    • Warranty Type
      • Within warranty period, Samsung Authorized Service Centers will repair or replace any defective part, if required, to rectify the problem
    Ratings and Reviews
    5 Ratings &
    2 Reviews
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    Value for money

    Excellent washing machine for its cost. Its silent even during spin and rinse. The dryer works pretty well. It has 5 water level option which is sufficient and even the 5 wash types do their job. It has a fiber drum and hence doesnt get spoit due to water. Only thing is it doesnt support hot water which we rarely use.

    Abhishek Nalluri

    Certified Buyer

    15 Nov, 2012

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    Wonderful washing machine and at quite an impressive price..just loving it..worth to buy and it has everything you can ask for in a washing machine ...
    The only con is it takes huge amount of water..but that's also fully automatic. go for it..

    Aniket Sinha

    Certified Buyer

    2 May, 2012

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    Product Description
    Samsung's Top Loading Washing Machine with the Eco-Storm Pulsator delivers germ-, stain- and odour-free clothes while utilizing less water to give you the best wash.
    Water Saving!

    The 3D Dynamic Wash made by Samsung's Wobble Technology™ can increase the washing power and save up to 30% water during each wash cycle.

    5 Step Super Wash

    Samsung presents a unique 5-Step Super Clean System that is engineered to remove dirt and grime easily and quickly.

    What is 5-step cleaning? Samsung washing machines ensure the perfect wash with its unique 5 Step Super Clean System. Step by step, it first removes dirt from in between the fibres, and then from the fabric surface and finally lifts stains and dirt completely off the clothes. After washing, its like you’re wearing clothes that is as good as new.

    Step 1: Deep Soaking Removes deep-set dirt from between fibres • Less water is added initially to get rid of ingrained dirt, which keeps the detergent concentrated. • Gentle water currents allow the detergent to fully permeate the fabric.

    Step 2: Soaking Eliminates heavy dirt from fabric surface • A little more water is added at this stage to maintain the concentration of the detergent and to further allow permeation of the fibres.

    Step 3: Stain Dissolving Dirt dissolves and completely separates from clothing during this stage • More powerful water currents drive the detergent into the fibres to dissolve dirt. • Water is added at this stage to prevent damage to your clothes and to enhance detergent activity.

    Step 4: Dirt Separation Completely lifts stains and dirt off clothes • Since the laundry is automatically weighed at the beginning of every cycle, the proper amount of water is added to ensure a thorough wash. . • Vigorous tornado-like water currents completely lift stains and extract dirt particles from fabric.

    Step 5: Deep Cleaning Prevents removed dirt from re-contaminating the laundry. • In this final stage, clothes have already absorbed a certain amount of water. • Water in the tub is returned to its original level to ensure that dissolved matters does not re-attach to the fabric.

    Practically Dry, Straight from the Washer

    Imagine ironing your clothes immediately after taking them out of the washing machine. Samsung makes it possible with the amazing Air Turbo Drying System™.

    What is the Air Turbo Drying System™? Dual air intakes and turbo power add tremendous functionality to Samsung top loading washing machines. This Air Turbo Drying System™ allows air to be drawn in through dual vents creating a whirlwind of drying air. A powerful motor rotates the drum at speeds of up to 680 revolutions per minute, pulling the majority of the moisture out of the clothes.

    Save time with speedy drying • In the Air Turbo Drying System™ a powerful motor rapidly rotates the washing machine drum to pull more water out of the load and reduce drying time. This turbo power combined with the dual air intakes, ensures really speedy drying, which saves you valuable time.

    Magic Filter

    An insightful innovation that improves upon conventional technology to increase lint collection.

    What is Magic Filter? Samsung’s Magic Filter ensures better collection of lint even the water level is low. Locating the filter in a lower position than conventional washing machines improves the filtering performance at any water level.

    The advantages of Magic Filter • Lower Magic Filter achieves effective filtration. • Effective rinsing leads to lesser wastage of water.

    Aqua Preserve

    Samsung’s Aqua Preserve reduces wastage of water by reusing the last-rinsed out water. After rinsing the clothes during the last stage of the wash cycle, the washing machine filters and keeps the water for the next cycle in order to save water and your money.

    Sari Course

    Samsung's special sari course, enables you to conveniently wash your delicate saris without any tangles.

    Stronger Glass Window

    The tempered glass window is much stronger than the conventional glass window. They have a longer life span and feature a scratch-free surface. This highly durable window also withstands wear and tear.

    Last Setting

    Samsung’s Last Setting function is used to reuse the wash cycle last employed. This function automatically memorizes the option selected and helps in saving your time.

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