Samsung WA82BSLEC Automatic 6.2 kg Washer Dryer

    Samsung WA82BSLEC Automatic 6.2 kg Washer Dryer (Light Grey)

    Samsung WA82BSLEC Automatic 6.2 kg Washer Dryer  (Light Grey)

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    • Diamond Drum Tub
    • 5 Step Super Clean
    • Air Turbo Dry
    • Magic Filter
    • 2 Years Domestic Warranty
    2 Years Domestic Warranty

    A washing machine has become an inevitable part of every household. Most people, with their busy schedules, barely have any time to wash clothes on a daily basis. With the abundance of dirty linen that piles up by the end of the week, a washing machine is much required to make the job easier. Samsung brings to the WA82BSLEC, a smart, feature-packed home appliance designed to make the Herculean task of doing your laundry easier.

    Design and Technology

    The WA82BSLEC from Samsung is a fully automatic, top-load washing machine boasting a massive load capacity of 6.2 kg. This makes it possible for you to wash an entire bulk of clothes, all in one go.

    Eco Storm Technology Pulsator - This technology provides for effective and efficient use of detergent and water to deliver germ-free, stain-free and odour-free clothes by using minimal amounts of water.

    Diamond Drum Tub Technology - This technology used in the Samsung WA82BSLEC Automatic 6.2 kg washer dryer features specially and uniquely designed holes in the drum of the machine which are deeply embossed in a diamond shape. All the dirt and soil particles in the clothes get effectively removed by reason of the intelligent functioning of this state-of-the art technology. Also, your clothes don’t get caught in the cubic drum and get damaged.

    Performance and Features

    5 Step Super Clean Process - The Samsung WA82BSLEC makes use of a 5 step super clean process to leave your clothes looking sparkling clean and smelling fresh. The 5 steps of the super clean process include deep soaking, soaking, stain dissolving, dirt separation and deep cleaning. The detailed process in each step of this washing cycle ensures that all your clothes go through a remarkable washing procedure and come out clean and fresh, all while using minimal amounts of water and absolutely no detergent residue.

    Air Turbo Dry Feature - After the washing cycle you can make use of the Air Turbo Dry Feature of this feature-packed home appliance from Samsung to remove excess water from your clothes. This feature makes use of dual air intakes and turbo power to add maximum functionality to the drying process. The driving force generated pulls out all the moisture and dampness from the clothes. When you finally put the clothes for drying after the whole washing process is over, your clothes dry in no time, without any unpleasant odour resulting due to dampness.

    Magic Filter - This feature made use of this ergonomic Samsung top load washing machine provides for better accumulation of the fiber and other lint, extracted from the soiled clothes during the washing process, to be accumulated in a proper manner even when the water level is low. The filter, located at a lower position of the washing machine, can be adjusted as per your requirement to improve the filtering performance at any water level

    Sari Course- The Samsung WA82BSLEC automatic washer dryer features a Sari Course, amongst the 9 wash programs offered, which can be used ideally to wash your Saris. The Sari is washed, rinsed and dried delicately and does not incur any damage in the process.

    The WA82BSLEC 5 different water levels, out of which you can choose a level that would comply with your requirement.

    With the abundance of convenience features, the Samsung WA82BSLEC Automatic 6.2 kg Washer Dryer is a device designed exclusively for making your life easy and convenient.

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    In The Box
    • Sales Package
      • Unit, User Manual, Warranty Card, Inlet and Outlet Pipe, Service Center Details
    General Features
    • Type
      • Automatic Washer Dryer with Top Loading
    • Capacity
      • 6.2 kg (Washing)
    • Wash Programs
      • 9
    • Washing Type
      • Pulsator Washing
    Washing Features
    • Water Level Settings
      • 5 Levels
    • Fuzzy Logic
      • Yes
    • Other Washing Features
      • Air Turbo Drying System, 5 Step Super Wash, Soak, Pre Wash
    Wash Modes
    • Other Wash Modes
      • Delicates, Quick Wash, Jeans, Blanket, Sari Course
    Convenience Features
    • Other Convenience Features
      • Memory Backup, Last Setting, Delay Start
    Additional Features
      • Easy Open Articulating Handle, Magic Filter, Diamond Drum, Tempered Glass Window, Clean Tub, Aqua Preserve, Easy to Use Handle, Eco Storm Technology Pulsator
    • W x H x D
      • 540 x 940 x 560 mm
    • Service Type
      • Customer has to call the customer care number and book a servicing. The concerned Authorized Service Center will send their technician to the customer's house for servicing
    • Not Covered in Warranty
      • All the Rubber and Plastic components
    • Covered in Warranty
      • All the Electrical components
    • Domestic Term
      • 2 Years
    • Warranty Type
      • Within warranty period, Samsung Authorized Service Centers will repair or replace any defective part, if required, to rectify the problem
    Ratings and Reviews
    12 Ratings &
    6 Reviews
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    Great Product !!!

    I purchased this washing machine two months back (May 2012) from Flipkart.

    The product is of good quality, very less sound and washing quality with Surf excel is good. Using it is also very simple.
    Multiple selection mode for different kind of washing.

    After washing this washing machine will only remove water from clothes through spin option. Some moisture will be still there, so you have to dry them.

    Overall good product.

    Flipkart delivered it very fast !!! Amazing !!! Thanks Flipkart.

    Majeed Ahamad

    Certified Buyer

    7 Jul, 2012

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    Value for Money

    I checked Washing Mach at 4-5 Leading stores before I purchased it offline. But I found the best selling machines in Top Loading category are Samsung & Panasonic. I was above to book the Panasonic Display Piece from Reliance Digital, but just 3 hours before I went to the Mechanic & asked him to suggest. He vouched for Samsung as best because very little complaints, PCB/ECB board can be repaired unlike other brands which requires repplacement which means Rs.5000-8000 expenditure. The same thin...

    Sunil Narsinghani

    Certified Buyer

    14 Mar, 2013

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    Super washing machine (Samsung WA82BSLEC Automatic 6.2 kg Washer Dryer)

    Amazing washing machine. Very quite. Very easy to use. Lint filter is very useful (though initially I thought this was not required).

    Service was good (installation). Have been using close to 3 months now (2-3 times a week), not a single issue. Short run time to wash and dry. Cleans thoroughly without being hard on clothes. Drying is really good. We have washed odd materials like jerkins, caps, foot mats (cotton), thick bedsheets and everything was washed cleanly and without harming the mate...

    Rajesh Ramakrishna

    Certified Buyer

    13 Jun, 2013

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    Samsung WA82BSLEC Automatic 6.2 kg Washer Dryer

    I looked at this model at various outelts and finally decided to buy it at flipkart as it was cheapest here. I've been using this washing machine for more than 6 months and its absolutely fine. Good washing machine, VFM .. speedy delivery .. hats off flipkart !


    Certified Buyer

    16 May, 2013

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    Good to go

    I have gone for it just for Samsung and their customer service coverage. It's a good product with very good features, no issues so far go for it...

    Asif Basha

    Certified Buyer

    19 Apr, 2013

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    Amazing Product from amazing Flipkart

    I ordered this product from FLIPKART and got it delivered within two days. WOW!!!!

    Now about the product:
    Easy to use
    Good Wash Quality
    Good features like aqua preserve for water inadequate areas
    Adjustable wash time

    Really happy with the product!!!

    Vikas Kalangutkar

    Certified Buyer

    7 Jan, 2013

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    Product Description
    Samsung's Top Loading Washing Machine with Diamond Drum & Eco-Storm Pulsator technology delivers germ-, stain- and odour-free clothes while utilizing less water, giving you the best wash.
    Practically Dry, Straight from the Washer

    Imagine ironing your clothes immediately after taking them out of the washing machine. Samsung makes it possible with the amazing Air Turbo Drying System™.

    What is the Air Turbo Drying System™? Dual air intakes and turbo power add tremendous functionality to Samsung top loading washing machines. This Air Turbo Drying System™ allows air to be drawn in through dual vents creating a whirlwind of drying air. A powerful motor rotates the drum at speeds of up to 680 revolutions per minute, pulling the majority of the moisture out of the clothes.

    Save time with speedy drying • In the Air Turbo Drying System™ a powerful motor rapidly rotates the washing machine drum to pull more water out of the load and reduce drying time. This turbo power combined with the dual air intakes, ensures really speedy drying, which saves you valuable time.

    Keep Clothes Looking New with Diamond Drum™

    The Diamond Drum provides a cleaner and gentler washing experience. Our secret for cleaner clothes is in the drum design you have never seen before.

    What is Diamond Drum? Imagine taking the world’s best minds and high-performance computers to design a washing machine drum that could not only remove deep-seated dirt but also do it gently enough to handle a wide variety of fabrics. Samsung has produced the next evolution in drum design to more efficiently use water with a unique series of diamond-like depressions.

    Advantages of Diamond Drum. Samsung Silver Nano Washing Machines with the unique Diamond Drum offer a host of unique advantages that make washing an effortless affair to ensure sparkling & fresh clothes.

    Tangle free wash • Smaller holes mean no fabric sticks out. • Lesser wash-related damage.

    Unique embossed surface • Enables a modern, gentler spin for washing. • Creates varying levels of water, which in turn allows for a much more thorough, penetrating wash.

    The revolution of washing • Ideal for a wide variety of fabrics. • Perfectly suited for distinct Indian conditions and lifestyle.

    Longer life for your fabrics • Gentler action ensures a safer wash.

    5-Step Super Wash

    Samsung presents a unique 5-Step Super Clean System that is engineered to remove dirt and grime easily and quickly.

    What is 5-step cleaning? Samsung washing machines ensure the perfect wash with its unique 5 Step Super Clean System. Step by step, it first removes dirt from in between the fibres, and then from the fabric surface and finally lifts stains and dirt completely off the clothes. After washing, its like you’re wearing clothes that is as good as new.

    Step 1: Deep Soaking Removes deep-set dirt from between fibres • Less water is added initially to get rid of ingrained dirt, which keeps the detergent concentrated. • Gentle water currents allow the detergent to fully permeate the fabric.

    Step 2: Soaking Eliminates heavy dirt from fabric surface • A little more water is added at this stage to maintain the concentration of the detergent and to further allow permeation of the fibres.

    Step 3: Stain Dissolving Dirt dissolves and completely separates from clothing during this stage • More powerful water currents drive the detergent into the fibres to dissolve dirt. • Water is added at this stage to prevent damage to your clothes and to enhance detergent activity.

    Step 4: Dirt Separation Completely lifts stains and dirt off clothes • Since the laundry is automatically weighed at the beginning of every cycle, the proper amount of water is added to ensure a thorough wash. . • Vigorous tornado-like water currents completely lift stains and extract dirt particles from fabric.

    Step 5: Deep Cleaning Prevents removed dirt from re-contaminating the laundry. • In this final stage, clothes have already absorbed a certain amount of water. • Water in the tub is returned to its original level to ensure that dissolved matters does not re-attach to the fabric.

    Aqua Preserve

    Samsung’s Aqua Preserve reduces wastage of water by reusing the last-rinsed out water. After rinsing the clothes during the last stage of the wash cycle, the washing machine filters and keeps the water for the next cycle in order to save water and your money.

    Magic Filter

    An insightful innovation that improves upon conventional technology to increase lint collection.

    What is Magic Filter? Samsung’s Magic Filter ensures better collection of lint even the water level is low. Locating the filter in a lower position than conventional washing machines improves the filtering performance at any water level.

    The advantages of Magic Filter • Lower Magic Filter achieves effective filtration. • Effective rinsing leads to lesser wastage of water.

    Stronger Glass Window

    The tempered glass window is much stronger than the conventional glass window. They have a longer life span and feature a scratch-free surface. This highly durable window also withstands wear and tear.

    Sari Course

    Samsung's special sari course, enables you to conveniently wash your delicate saris without any tangles.

    Last Setting

    Samsung’s Last Setting function is used to reuse the wash cycle last employed. This function automatically memorizes the option selected and helps in saving your time.

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