SAMSUNG WF0754W7E Automatic 7.5 kg Washer Dryer

SAMSUNG WF0754W7E Automatic 7.5 kg Washer Dryer  (White)

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  • Automatic Machine
  • 14 Wash Programs
  • Front Loading
  • 7.5 kg Washing Capacity

The Samsung WF0754W7E Automatic 7.5 kg washing machine is a thorough piece of advanced machinery that changes the experience of washing clothes. The Samsung WF0754W7E works on a newly developed Eco Bubble Technology and covers 3 imperative washing machine-duties, providing best washing performance, perfect fabric care and being energy efficient at the same time. Eco Bubble technology dissolves detergent with air and water before the normal cycle begins generating bubbles. The detergent and water solution having dissolved perfectly, floods into fabric quickly and evenly, 40 times faster than high concentration liquid detergents. The well dissolved liquid washes clothes thoroughly without leaving behind residual detergents. Eco Bubble Technology provides advanced fabric care and perfect cleanliness with minimal damage, less mechanical action and more bubble cushion to produces such superior quality washing.

The Samsung WF0754W7E is a front loading washing machine and comes with a washing capacity of 7.5 kg. You never have to move around your schedule, run late to work or run out of clothes to wear on a date with this Samsung washer’s 15 Minute Quick Wash Program that washes clothes in just 15 minutes.


The Samsung WF0754W7E washing machine comes with dimensions of 600 x 600 x 850 mm and will easily fit into your bathroom, balcony or any space of utility within your home. With its Chrome-plated door, this sleek washer will glamorise the space around it. This Samsung home washing appliance is easy to use and operate with its Jog Dial Controls and LED Display. This Samsung washing machine uses a Ceramic Heater for its hot water functions which is three times more durable than regular heaters, saves you money on repairs and has no scale build-up due to hard water. This heater saves you energy while it heats the water.


The Samsung WF0754W7E has 14 wash programs and is able to cater to a large range of fabrics, clothes and other washables that require light to intense washing. This washer employs a unique Quiet Drive Motor which ensures a more peaceful and quiet wash. The Quiet Drive Motor delivers power directly to the drum which decreases chances of a breakdown which means lesser maintenance costs and increase in the motor’s efficiency. This motor emits low frequency noise and less rough sound so you can peacefully run a round of laundry even during the night. 

In the Samsung WF0754W7E, the typical washing drum is replaced by one covered in deep, diamond-shaped depressions that efficiently uses water with a series of diamond depressions for a cleaner and gentler washing experience. This Diamond Drum Technology is unique to Samsung, and ensures a tangle free wash with 97% less fabric damage. The exceptional program Wool Mark program washes woollen apparels and washables with utmost care. Even the most stubborn stains are effectively removed with the help of this Samsung washer’s Prewash function. The Samsung WF0754W7E comes with spin speed up to 1400 rpm.

Safety and Convenience Features

The Samsung WF0754W7E brings with it a Super Eco program that conducts a powerful wash and with which you can save up to 70% in cold wash without having to compromise on washing performance. The advanced Volt Control uses a urethane coated durable circuit of smart digital sensors located behind the washing machine to prevent water leaking in and causing electrical shocks. Volt Control also ensures that your washing machine is working safe even during voltage fluctuations. The Samsung WF0754W7E resumes its operation from the point at which it was forced to stop in the event of a power failure or in the case of other technical issues, and finishes its wash cycle instead of reverting to the start of the wash cycle.

Washing clothes is no longer a chore with the Samsung WF0754W7E. With its advanced and intelligent technologies, efficient motor and gentle washing abilities, this Samsung washer picks up after your dirty clothes to get them looking as good and smelling even better than you had expected.


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Product Description
Samsung's Front Loading Washing Machine offers a superior and futuristic washing experience. Clothes get sparkling clean with its advanced Bubble Wash Technology. Air Wash Feature ensures cleanliness and gentle fabric care without using water. Unique Diamond drum and wool wash keeps your clothes sparkling clean without shrinkage or tattering and Volt Control protects the machine from voltage fluctuation to ensure efficient operation and longer machine life.
Why Eco Bubble Technology?

Samsung's latest Eco Bubble Technology provides 3 perfect solutions for the best washing performance, perfect fabric care, and improved energy saving. It maximizes the performance of washing machine in a smart way like you've never experienced before.

How Eco Bubble Technology Works?

The Eco Bubble Technology generates bubbles by dissolving detergent with air and water before the normal cycle begins. The perfectly dissolved detergent penetrates into fabric quickly, evenly and deeply. Samsung Eco Bubble Technology ensures the detergent is distributed evenly. It also deeply penetrates into fabrics 40 times faster than high concentration liquid. The completely dissolved detergent helps fabrics be thoroughly rinsed out without any remaining detergent residue or stains.

Quiet DriveQuiet Performance with Durability

The unique Quiet Drive Motor works without belts or gears reducing vibration and noise, making the washer quieter and more durable. Samsung guarantees a peaceful and quiet wash.

Ceramic Heater

The ceramic Heater is three times more durable when compared to regular heaters. That saves you money on repairs. Also there is no scale build-up due to hard water. It also saves energy and time when heating the water.

Key Benefits Energy Saving

Samsung's Eco Bubble Technology saves extra energy used for heating the water by enhancing the washing performance at low temperatures. You can enjoy a better washing performance at 15°C with Eco-Bubble wash technology when compared to a conventional 40°C wash. When you select Super Eco Program, you can save energy around 70% in cold wash without compromising on the washing performance.

Eco Drum Clean

Samsung's Eco Drum Clean is specially designed to remove buildup of detergent residue and dirt in the tub, diaphragm and door glass without any special chemical detergent. This feature maintains the drum hygiene by rapidly spinning 70°C hot water.

Outdoor Wear Care (Special Water Repellent Wear Program)

Samsung's Eco Bubble Technology delivers advanced fabric care as well as perfect cleanliness by minimizing damage even with water repellent wear. With less mechanical action and the bubble cushion, you can clearly see the superiority of bubble care.

Diamond Drum

The Diamond Drum provides a cleaner and gentler washing experience. Our secret for cleaner clothes is in the drum design you have never seen before. What is Diamond Drum? Imagine taking the world's best minds and high-performance computers to design a washing machine drum that could not only remove deep-seated dirt but also do it gently enough to handle a wide variety of fabrics. Samsung has produced the next evolution in drum design to more efficiently use water with a unique series of diamond-like depressions. Advantages of Diamond Drum. Samsung Silver Nano Washing Machines with the unique Diamond Drum offer a host of unique advantages that make washing an effortless affair to ensure sparkling & fresh clothes. Tangle free wash • Smaller holes mean no fabric sticks out. • Lesser wash-related damage. Unique embossed surface • Enables a modern, gentler spin for washing. • Creates varying levels of water, which in turn allows for a much more thorough, penetrating wash. The revolution of washing • Ideal for a wide variety of fabrics. • Perfectly suited for distinct Indian conditions and lifestyle. Longer life for your fabrics • Gentler action ensures a safer wash. • Tests prove that the textile area exposed to the harmful effects of washing by conventional washing machine drums has been reduced by a tremendous 79%.

Quick Wash

Samsung's 15 minute Quick Timed Wash program is the best solution for your busy life. This program washes your clothes in 15 minutes. Also, you can freely select other wash cycles based on the fabric and the amount of dirt. With this program, you can wash the clothes easily, quickly and conveniently according to your time schedule.

Voltage Control

Samsung's Voltage Control is an innovative technology that safeguards the washing machine from high or low voltage. It provides consistent voltage and in turn protects the life of the machine. An additional protective measure in the washing machine also protects clothes as it controls the washing cycle even during unforeseen power fluctuations and will automatically restart after power cuts. Volt Control Circuit Board • Urethane coated durable circuit of smart digital sensors. • Located behind the washing machine to make sure water doesn't leak in, preventing any electric shock. No need to restart washing machine • In sudden power failures, conventional washing machines simply stop without finishing the wash cycle, which can ruin clothes. • Samsung washing machine automatically restarts from the same point after power returns. Longer lasting washing machine • Large deviations in voltage is a major reason for machine breakdown. • Volt control keeps the Samsung washing machine working consistently for at least 10 years when compared to conventional washing machines. More Durable and reliable washing machine • Volt Control ensures that your washing machine works safely even with voltage deviations of 400 Volt. • Volt Control ensures safe operation between 165V ~ 400V.

Wool Mark

This exceptional program safely and gently cleans your favorite woolen garments, guaranteeing the effective laundering of your washable woolen apparel with care. Simply by selecting Wool course, you can always keep your clothes' natural look and fee.

Stronger on Performance, Gentle on Clothes

Pre-washing or hot temperature washing gives better results, but adds extra tumbling time or causes heat damage to fabrics, which can be harsh for your delicate fabrics such as silk or wool. The Bubble generator creates a detergent infused Bubble Cushion during the washing cycle. The foam dissolves deep into the fabrics much more quickly than normal, aiding the wash process even in mild wash temperatures. The cushion also protects delicate clothes by providing a softer tumbling action.

In The Box
Sales Package
  • Unit, User Manual, Warranty Card, Inlet and Outlet Pipe, Service Center Details.
General Features
  • Automatic Washer Dryer with Front Loading
  • 7.5 kg (Washing)
Wash Programs
  • 14
Special Features
  • has_digital_display
Washing Features
Max Spin Speed
  • 1400 rpm
Wash Modes
Other Wash Modes
  • Synthetic, Woolens, Baby Care, Quick Wash, Hand Wash, Sport Wear, Dark Garment, Jeans, Daily Wash
Convenience Features
Other Convenience Features
  • Center Timer
Safety Features
Other Safety Features
  • Voltage Control (Safe Operation Between 165 - 400 V), Urethane Coated Durable Circuit of Smart Digital Sensors
Additional Features
  • Eco Drum Clean, Delay End, Ceramic Heater, Diamond Drum, Jog Dial, Eco Bubble Technology, Eco Drum Clean, Quiet Drive
W x H x D
  • 600 x 600 x 850 mm
Service Type
  • Customer has to call the customer care number and book a servicing. The concerned Authorized Service Center will send their technician to the customer's house for servicing
Not Covered in Warranty
  • All the Rubber and Plastic components
Covered in Warranty
  • All the Electrical components
Domestic Term
  • 2 Years
Warranty Type
  • Within warranty period, Samsung Authorized Service Centers will repair or replace any defective part, if required, to rectify the problem
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