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    Cotton Sarees Price List

    Cotton SareesPrice
    Anugrah Plain Bollywood Cotton SareeRs. 487
    Nilesh Fab Floral Print Bhagalpuri Cotton SareeRs. 425
    Kvsfab Plain Banarasi Cotton SareeRs. 1197
    E-Vastram Self Design Banarasi Cotton, Silk SareeRs. 593
    Trendz Style Printed Fashion Tussar Silk, Cotton SareeRs. 422
    The Chennai Silks Embroidered Narayanpet Cotton SareeRs. 2039
    Trendz Style Solid Fashion Cotton SareeRs. 832
    Saara Geometric Print Assam Silk Cotton, Silk SareeRs. 538
    Rangoon Printed Fashion Cotton SareeRs. 732
    Anugrah Floral Print Bollywood Cotton, Silk SareeRs. 606
    This data was last updated on 2017/10/20

    Looking Stylish and Being Comfortable in a Cotton Sarees

    Are there times when the announcement of some big event that requires you to come in a saree sends you rolling your eyes heavenward? Does the thought of having to manage a heavy silk sarees on a hot summer afternoon send you sighing with displeasure? With a collection of stylish cotton sarees in your wardrobe, you have nothing to worry about. The light weight of a cotton sarees will ensure that you are comfortable all day. And you don’t have to worry about having binged over the week and gained a few extra pounds as cotton sarees look good on all women, no matter whether slim or not. So, if all you have are silk sarees in your wardrobe, then it’s time to start shopping for cotton sarees online. And if you thought that shopping for cotton sarees is not as exciting as shopping for other sarees, then all you have to do is have a look at the range of cotton sarees online and you will be surprised by what you find. 

    Shopping for Cotton Sarees for Weddings

    There are two main seasons when our post boxes brim with wedding invitations. One is Christmas and the other is in the summer months of April and May. While you can dress up in elegant silk sarees for the former, cotton sarees are the best for the latter. You can easily shop for cotton sarees online to find sarees in popular styles like Banarasi, Chanderi, Jamdani and even fashion and Bollywood sarees if you are looking for something more trendy. Apart from pure cotton, you also have sarees in cotton blends from brands like Trendz and Maxx Lifestyle. Shop online and get yourself an elegant cotton saree for the next wedding in the family and you will be surprised to see the result as you drape your cotton saree around you. 

    Cotton Sarees for Work

    A cotton saree can be the best option on a day when you are required to be more smartly dressed at work. Shopping for cotton sarees online from brands like Pavechas, Miraan and Mimosa, you will come across stylish cotton sarees in a variety of designs like checkered patterns, fashionably striped sarees, Banarasi sarees in solid colors and checkered designs, traditional looking handloom sarees and so much more. In this way, you have no end to the range of options to look smart and formal in a cotton saree. 

    Whether it’s a wedding, a party, a festive occasion or even a formal occasion that you need a cotton saree for, you easily find a stylish saree to suit the occasion while shopping for cotton sarees online. There are traditional looking sarees with gold detailing, feminine looking sarees with floral prints and even sarees in modern designs like digital prints and contrast colored borders. From sarees in colors like red to pastel shades, you can shop online to find cotton sarees in different colors. You can even find sarees in nude shades that are very fashionable. So, shop online to have a look at the range of cotton sarees for an interesting collection in your wardrobe. 

    Buy Cotton Sarees Online

    Sometimes what you need is not a sarees that shows off your belly or makes heads turn with its eye-catching design. What you need is a neat saree with a pallu that stands stiffly when pinned to your shoulder, making you look really dapper and sophisticated as you address your audience with your speech or presentation. Yes, a stylish cotton saree or two is a must-have in your collection of sarees. So, if you have an important presentation which is just a few days away and are wondering what to wear, what you need to do is browse through the range of cotton sarees online, and you are going to be glad for it. While a skirt or a dress can end up looking too suggestive, a saree is something that can never go wrong when you have to stand before an audience in a country like ours. Apart from a sophisticated look, another feature that makes cotton sarees a good choice in a country like ours is the fact that they are the best for the weather, which makes them an ideal choice for afternoon events. Unlike silk sarees that can leave you sweating and sticky, sarees in cotton keep you comfortable the entire day. 

    Two Things to Keep in Mind 

    1. Do not wear your saree without ironing it - What makes a saree in cotton so special is its neat look after it has been firmly pressed. Wearing one without ironing, on the other hand, can do the exact opposite, as you can never hide wrinkles on this saree. 

    2. Drape with care - The good thing here is that the pleats stay firm and won't slip off as in the case of most synthetic sarees. But, one thing that you need to keep in mind is that sarees in cotton need to be carefully pleated without any wrinkling. 

    Choosing a Cotton Saree

    No, sarees in cotton are not for serious occasions alone. You even have a range of cotton sarees online that are perfect for occasions like weddings. For a simple yet beautiful look, choose a saree in a solid color and an attractive border. You have a range of cotton sarees online with attractive borders in golden and other shades that you can choose from. If you are looking for a little more bling, you also have a range of sarees online that come in beautifully embroidered sarees cotton designs and other forms of handiwork. Then you also have women sarees in stylish prints that are ideal for daily wear. 

    And it is not just pure cotton that you have. You also have a lot of sarees that come with a mix of cotton silk sarees and are great for formal events. There is no end to the variety that you will find while browsing through cotton sarees online. So, what are you waiting for? Go online and browse through the range of cotton sarees in different designs before you find the one that is going to look perfect on you. 

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