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    Lehenga Saree Sarees Price List

    Lehenga Saree SareesPrice
    Ambition Embroidered Lehenga Saree Silk SareeRs. 9248
    Aasvaa Self Design Lehenga Saree Jacquard SareeRs. 1538
    Ambition Embroidered Lehenga Saree Silk SareeRs. 9248
    Triveni Self Design Lehenga Saree Net SareeRs. 2991
    Ambition Embroidered Lehenga Saree Silk SareeRs. 9248
    Triveni Self Design Lehenga Saree Net SareeRs. 4334
    Preeti Solid Lehenga Saree Chiffon SareeRs. 2195
    Ambition Embroidered Lehenga Saree Silk SareeRs. 9248
    Triveni Self Design Lehenga Saree Net SareeRs. 5706
    Ambition Embroidered Lehenga Saree Silk SareeRs. 9248
    This data was last updated on 2017/09/21

    The Variety of Lehenga Sarees Available Online

    Have you ever imagined getting dressed in a sarees in less than five minutes? Yes, with a lehenga saree, it’s possible, because all you have to do is slip the saree on and pin the pallu to your shoulder. This spares you from having to spend time pleating the saree, especially if you are someone who doesn't wear sarees often. You can now wear a perfectly pleated saree in no time, so you can use those few extra minutes to focus on your hair, makeup and jewellery. And you can be comfortable the entire day without struggling to manage the pleats of your saree as you stand, sit or walk. It is for these reasons that a lehenga saree is the best option for an event where you have a lot of running around to do. So, whether it’s a wedding, a party, a formal event or a festive occasion that you have to attend, you cannot go wrong with this outfit. Some brands of lehenga sarees that you can have a look at online are Aasva, Triveni, Vandv, Mahotsav and Stylezone. There are sarees in different themes, fabrics, types and patterns, so no matter what kind of look you want, you can easily find what’s perfect for you. 

    Lace, Net and Sheer Sarees

    The very thought of looking sensual in a saree that clings to your body and shows off your figure can be tempting. Sarees in net, lace and other sheer materials go a long way in producing this effect. As these materials are softer, pleating them to perfection can be a challenge. But with lehenga sarees available online from brands like Mahotsav, you can now look hot in a net sarees without spending a quarter of an hour pleating it.

    Looking Traditional the Easy Way in a Lehenga Saree

    With lehenga sarees, you can now look elegant in a silk sarees without worrying about pleats. Brands like Vandv and Mahotsav have silk and satin sarees in beautifully embellished and embroidered designs that you can have a look at. Apart from this, you will also find sarees in brasso, georgette, jacquard and other such materials that can make you look traditional on weddings and other festive occasions. 

    Pleated vs Non-Pleated Lehenga Sarees

    One of the most important things that you have to decide while buying a lehenga saree is how you want the bottom of the saree to be. Shopping for lehenga sarees online, you will find pleated as well as non-pleated sarees. Pleated lehenga sarees resemble ordinary sarees and are a better option for weddings and other festive occasions. If you want a more elegant look, you can go for sarees with many pleats. Sarees with fewer pleats, on the other hand, are more lightweight and easier to carry out. 

    Non-pleated lehenga sarees are more like lehengas with a pallu and are easier to carry out and walk with. There are two types of non-pleated lehenga sarees - those that come with flare bottoms and those that cling to the body. The latter is a better option if you want a more sensual look. On the other hand, if you want something that looks more grand, you can go for a lehenga saree with a flare skirts

    Lehenga Sarees for Different Occasions

    Lehenga sarees with a lot of embellishments can be a great option for a wedding. Choose bright color combinations and colorful designs, especially if it’s an afternoon wedding. You can even choose heavy work sarees with embroidery for a traditional look. For a party, you can go for materials like lace, net or chiffon to look fashionable and modern. If you are buying a saree for a formal occasion, you can go for solid colors and lightly embroidered designs. No matter what occasion you want a saree for, you are sure to find the perfect mirror work sarees for you while browsing through lehenga sarees online. 

    Explore the Range of Lehenga Sarees Online

    We all love showing off our graceful Indian looks in a saree but then, the thought of managing those pleats the entire day can make us think twice before deciding to wear one. But with a lehenga saree, you don't have to think twice. You can look as hot as your other colleagues (or relatives, if it's a family function) and be comfortable throughout the day, without having to worry about your pleats coming off as you walk. Lehenga sarees are sarees that come pre-draped, so all you have to do is slip into one, pin up the pallu, and admire yourself in the mirror. You can get dressed in half the time that you would otherwise take to dress up in a saree as you don't have to struggle with pleats and pins. It is for these reasons that a good collection of lehenga sarees in your wardrobe can be very useful. 

    With a range of lehenga sarees available online in different styles and designs, shopping for lehenga sarees is great fun with the variety you can browse through in the comfort of your house. Brands like Aasvaa, Vandv, Vidya Fashion and Triveni have lehenga sarees in trendy styles and designs that can make you look as attractive and graceful as you would in a traditional saree. There are celeb style sheet net sarees, silk sarees, half sarees, lace net sarees and even sarees with a casual look that can make you look stylish at work. There are sarees in solid colors, self designs, embroidery, embellishments and so much more that you will find while shopping for lehenga sarees online. Lehenga sarees either come pleated or with flare designs that make them look more like lehenga skirts. There are sarees in different styles for different kinds of looks be it Gujarati, Coorgi or any other style.

    Lehenga Sarees for Weddings, Parties and Festive Occasions

    Does the thought of attending a wedding send you sighing at the thought of managing a heavy saree for an entire afternoon? Well, it doesn’t have to with the range of lehenga sarees online that you can shop for to get something that you can look stunning and at the same time be comfortable in. Shopping for lehenga sarees online, you will find a range of georgette sarees, jacquard, silk, satiin and brocade sarees that can provide a festive look. If you are looking for modern designs to look trendy at a party, you can shop for lehenga sarees online in crepe, chiffon, brasso, net and velvet to look hot and attractive. 

    Lehenga Sarees for an Everyday Casual Look

    We all have those times when we are required to come in a saree to work. It could be because an important guest is invited or supervision, that is, if you work in an educational instution. With a lehenga saree, you won’t have to dread these moments. Shopping for lehenga sarees online from brands like Gunjan, Aasvaa, Mahadevi and Ritoja, you can carry out a saree comfortably and look trendy on a regular day at work. 

    Choosing the Fabric, Pattern and Color of Your Lehenga Saree

    The best thing about a lehenga saree is the modern styles and designs that you will find while shopping for lehenga sarees online. There are sarees in different fabrics like silk, satin and velvet that can make you look like a princess on weddings and other family functions as well as fabrics like lycra, net and crepe that you can wear when you want to look hot and attractive. There are heavily embroidered and embellished sarees for the kind of bling you want as well as solid colors and self-designs that you can wear for work and other formal occasions. On days when you don’t feel like wearing a traditional looking saree, you even have half sarees to experiment with the South Indian look. So, shop online to find a range of styles and designs that lehenga sarees are available in and get a few sarees that you can wear when you don't feel like draping one around you. 

    Do Lehenga Sarees Shopping by  Online

    No matter whether it is a formal event or a grand function that you have to attend, you can easily find a lehenga saree online shopping for that is perfect for the occasion. A lot of them come with lehenga cholis or choli pieces, sparing you the hassle of having to go out and buy one. So, the next time you are told about a day when you are required to come in a saree, do not sulk. Wearing a saree is now going to be fun with lehenga sarees. 

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