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    For Indians a silk saree means more than just a fashion statement. It is an integral part of our culture. Whether you’re going through your grandma’s wardrobe or you’re looking for something in your friend’s closet, there’s a high chance that you’ll find a silk saree in there. The best thing about these sarees is that you can never go wrong with them. 

    When it comes to the silk saree, every Indian state has its own version of it. And every version is as beautiful as the next. So next time you want to glam up your style quotient while getting ready for a party, just pick a silk saree in your favourite shade and design - it’s as easy as that.

    Known to be one of nature’s most elegant and resilient gifts to mankind, silk is widely used in textiles. Clothes made of silk might look delicate, but with proper care they are known to last for a century. We Indians have a longstanding affair with silk. The passion for this luxurious and smooth textile manifests itself the traditional and festive clothes of India, especially the sarees. In fact, when it comes to silk sarees, every Indian state has its own version of it. And every version is as beautiful as the next. If you are looking for silk sarees to wear to your wedding or if you want to gift someone a sarees made of silk, you should look online. But before you buy just any silk saree, let us explain to you your options, so you can make an informed investment. 

    Types of Silk Sarees

    Pure silk, like any other luxury, is quite expensive. Which is why sarees made of silk are reserved for special occasions, such as marriages and pujas. But this doesn’t mean that you have limited options. In fact, the range available at your disposal can get overwhelming at times. Here’s a list of the various types you can find while shopping for silk sarees online. When you’re shopping for silk sarees online, you might get overwhelmed by the range available at your disposal. You don’t need to be as we have curated a list of the types of silk sarees that you can buy online. Take a look. 

    Kanjivaram silk sarees :

    Distinguishable by their wide contrast borders in zari, unique pallu and bright colors, Kanjivaram sarees are perfect for weddings and family functions. They hail from the Kancheepuram region of Tamil Nadu, which explains the moniker. In a genuine Kanjivaram saree the pallu and border are woven separately and later joined to the main body of the saree with discreet stitches. From Rekha to Vidya Balan, you must have seen a lot of Bollywood divas arriving at many red-carpet events draped in Kanjivaram sarees. Considered as the pride of Tamil Nadu, these sarees are extremely elegant. Perfect for weddings and other grand occasions, these sarees are distinguishable by their wide contrast borders in zari, unique pallus and bright colors. They can be found in a variety of designs, such as checks, temple-related motifs and floral patterns. Some also have paintings depicting scenes from Indian epics, such as the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

    Tussar silk Sarees :

    Originally hailing from the Bhagalpur region of Bihar, Bhagalpuri or Tussar sarees have an elegant yet rustic charm to them. The undyed ones are usually known for their natural dull gold sheen and coarse texture.

    Paithani Sarees :

    Paithani sarees are painstakingly handwoven from a very fine silk, and can take months in the loom to finish. They are traditionally from Paithan, Maharashtra, and feature pallus with bird motifs and borders in oblique square designs.

    Banarasi silk Sarees :

    Steal the show on: any festive occasion in a gorgeous Banarasi sarees. These sarees are originally from Varanasi, and are popular among brides for their elegant color combinations, and unique gold and silver brocade. Whether it is a housewarming puja or a wedding, steal the show on any occasion in a gorgeous Banarasi saree. Featuring unique gold and silver brocade, and Mughal motifs, Banarasi silk sarees never fail to leave their mark. Also, thanks to their vibrant colors and intricate designs, Banarasi sarees are quite popular among brides-to-be. 

    Mysore Silk Sarees

    Simple yet elegant, these sarees have found their way to many wardrobes. Thanks to their beautiful sheen and durability, Mysore sarees have become a mass favourite all over India. They are dyed using natural pigments and don’t wrinkle easily. From birds to fruits, these sarees feature a wide range of motifs. 

    Sambalpuri silk Sarees :

    The main attractio:n of Sambalpuri sarees is their Bandhakala technique, also known as the Sambalpuri ikkat. It is a process of dyeing the silk threads, that itself can take weeks. The sarees often feature religious motifs pertaining to Lord Vishnu, such as the wheel, conch and the lotus. From Katki to Bomkai, Odisha has gifted the world a wide range of silk sarees. But the one that steals the show is the Sambalpuri saree. They stand out for their Bandhakala technique, also popular as the Sambalpuri ikkat. These sarees are well-known for their intricately woven anchals featuring motifs inspired by nature and Lord Vishnu, such as the conch, the wheel and the lotus. 

    Chanderi Saree :

    Crafted from a fine blend of silk and cotton, Chanderi sarees are known for their glossy transparency, sheer texture and light weight. 

    Muga silk Sarees:

    Ethnic to Assam, India, Muga sarees are known all over the world for their natural yellowish-golden tint and shimmering, glossy texture. They are often rough to touch and are extremely durable. Muga sarees are ethnic to Assam, India. Over the years, they’ve become popular for their natural yellowish-golden tint and shimmering, glossy texture. Various nature-related motifs are painstakingly handwoven into the entire saree in vibrant colors, such as red, yellow and green. As a result, you get a striking contrast of colors that’ll help you stand out from the crowd on any formal or semi-formal occasion.

    Why You Should Buy Silk Sarees Online?

    Looking for a new silk saree? Check online. You will not only get a good variety in brands, but also design and color. Brands such as Unnati Silks, Sakhi Fashions, Thara Sarees and Pavechas offer sarees at good discounts. Not only that, you can also pay for your favourite sarees in EMIs. When you shop for silk sarees online, you’ll not only get a good variety in brands, but also colors and designs. Reputed brands, such as Ishin, Vishal, Mimosa, Pavechas, Vipul and Saara offer silk sarees at good discounts. And since sarees made of pure silk are expensive, these shopping sites also let you pay for them in EMIs. 

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