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    Bridal Wedding Sarees Collections Online

    When it comes to an Indian wedding, a bride cannot miss on a bridal sarees. She’ll have at least one wedding saree in her trousseau. Undoubtedly one of the most versatile items of clothing, a bridal saree can be draped in many ways. Gone are the days when bridal sarees collections were available in only red, pink and maroon. Today these sarees can be found in a variety of designs and colors. And when there are so many beautiful wedding sarees collections to choose from, why go for anything else?

    Weddings, engagements and anniversaries are a part of every family. Every year, it's either a cousin, an in-law. a niece or some close or distant relative who is either getting engaged, married or celebrating his or her wedding anniversary. And there goes the big fat Indian wedding again. Preparations are made, halls are booked, flowers are arranged, the choice of food is chosen and above all, planning begins on what wedding saree to wear, with what shoes and what jewellery. Yes, the big fat Indian wedding cannot feel complete without the sight of all those traditional silk sarees, made beautiful and attractive with large zardozi borders, thread work, pearls and other beaded designs. Shopping for wedding sarees and looking at the bridal sarees collection online begins the day you receive a wedding invite from your relative. This has been practiced from times immemorial in our country, the only difference being that today, a lot of us prefer to shop for wedding sarees and bridal sarees collections online, unlike the past where women would keep aside an entire weekend to visit every shop in the town's shopping street. Today, you have wedding sarees online, attractively displayed with women wearing and posing in them to give you a better idea of how the saree will look on you. 

    Types of Designer Sarees For Wedding

    The diversity in Indian culture is well reflected in our wedding sarees, too. Every Indian state has its own kind of bridal saree. If you’re looking for wedding sarees online to add to your trousseau, you might get a little overwhelmed with the variety at your disposal. Reputed brands, such as Vishal, Mimosa, Vipul, Saara, Pavechas and Hitansh Fashion, bring to you bridal sarees in various colors, designs and prices. To make matters easy for you, we have curated a list of some of the most popular types of bridal sarees you can shop for online. Take a look. 

    Kanjivaram Wedding Sarees for Bride

    These Kanjivaram Pochampally silk sarees take the pride of place in almost every Indian trousseau due to their bright colors, intricately woven pallus and zari work. Considered as the pride of Tamil Nadu, these sarees are also known for their exquisite and wide temple borders. Some of these sarees also feature paintings depicting scenes from Indian epics, such as the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Well-known actresses, such as Vidya Balan, Bipasa Basu and Kangana Ranaut, are often seen walking the ramp in beautiful Kanjivaram sarees by Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Manish Malhotra and Ritu Kumar. 

    Banarasi Wedding Sarees

    These six yards of elegance from Varanasi occupy a very important place in almost every bridal wardrobe. Banarasi sarees are known for their heavy and intricate brocade work, especially on the pallu and the borders. Also, the golden and silver brocade render these sarees a striking look, making them extremely popular among Bengali brides.

    Net Wedding Sarees 

    Over the years, net sarees have become quite popular among the brides from North India. Although they're almost transparent, these bridal sarees feature beautiful embellishments, including silver or golden brocade, semi-precious stones and pearl-work, patchwork, zardosi, gota lace and heavy embroidery sarees . Found in a plethora of colors, net bridal sarees can surely make you look even more beautiful on your wedding day.

    Other Kinds of Marriage Sarees

    In addition to the abovementioned bridal sarees, you can also shop online for Mysore sarees, Paithani sarees, Pattu sarees, Sambalpuri sarees, Assam silk sarees, Arani Pattu sarees, Thanjavur sarees and Chanderi sarees.

    Benefits of Buying Wedding Sarees Online

    When you shop for wedding sarees online, you get a good variety in brands, colors and designs. Reputed brands, such as Mahaveersilkcreations, Indian Silks, Banasuri Enterprises and Lakshmi Lifestyle bring to you bridal saree collections at good discounts. And since bridal sarees are usually expensive, these shopping sites also let you pay for them in EMIs. 

    Browsing Through Bridal Sarees Collection Online

    Got your big day around the corner? Wondering what bridal saree to wear to look your best as you tie the knot? The following are a few pointers to help you. 

    1. Choose a Color That Flatters Your Complexion Best - As a bride, you are going to have all eyes on you and you wouldn't want anything to go wrong. So, one of the most important things that determine how you look is the color of your saree. If you are dark complexioned, choose a saree that is darker, something on the lines of maroon or dark pink rather than red, orange or light pink. 

    2. Keep the Jewellery in Mind - Your jewellery is another thing you need to keep in mind while choosing your bridal saree. Bridal sarees with heavy designs can draw away attention from the jewellery that you so carefully selected. So, while browsing through bridal sarees collections online, ensure that you go for something that matches or complements the look of your jewellery rather than clashing with it. 

    Buy Wedding Sarees Online

    Weddings are not just the time of shopping for sarees for oneself but for each other too. Weddings are when a number of wedding sarees are exchanged along with smiles, warm hugs and well wishes. So, if you are attending a wedding, perhaps one of the best things that you can gift the bride is a saree that she can wear on outings and celebrations in the family. There is nothing like a collection of newly gifted sarees to encourage a young bride to please her in-laws by looking elegant in a saree. So, no matter whether it is your big day or a close relative's big day that you are invited to, have a look at the range of wedding sarees and bridal sarees collections online and choose the one that you find appropriate to buy. 

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