The Shadow of Death: The Conquering Darkness

The Shadow of Death: The Conquering Darkness  (English, Paperback, Lucas Hault)

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  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Prowess Publishing
  • Genre: FICTION
  • ISBN: 9781545738542, 1545738548
  • Edition: 2018
The Shadow of Death is a dark fantasy series. It deals with the many secrets hidden under the darkness of the night. Secrets that are veiled behind the cloak of time, and are too dangerous to reveal, and if unwrapped, even the strongest of us are too fragile to withstand it. . . . Truth.. as they say is a dangerous weapon and hence must be treated with caution. This is not a mere proverb but an absolute reality, and so is the mysterious city of Harot, a place where even the sun's rays cower to enter. The city and its threat lie dormant for decades till a team of three ambitious people set their foot inside, starting a horrific chain of events spelling destruction for the land. As the president of Syneria gathers a team to stop these cataclysmic events, another disaster hits their territory. A dark force, invisible and savage is loose on the streets preying on innocent humans, animals and even wild beasts. The source of this threat is unknown and the sole witness has been embraced to madness. Lord Elias Rayne, the Governor-General of Townslane decides to send his son Borkan on a perilous journey to seek the answers. He must find the fabled clan of the Holves, an ancient race who hold the key to the puzzles surrounding their land. This quest will lead him to a series of paralyzing events which will alter his life forever. Dreams are considered to be a Fool's Paradise, but the dilemma is totally different for Barbara Maddox whose dreams are sometimes beautiful, sometimes scary, sometimes intimidating and above all- they are truthful. Will her prophesying dream help humanity survive turbulent times or will they lead to a doom, annihilating everything? On the other hand, the North-Eastern dictator, Antonio Calaway continues to expand his territories utilizing his arsenal filled with fear, wealth and treachery. Will he realize that a greater game is being played, one in which he is a mere pawn! Is his dominance true, or is there something more impregnable conquering their land? Sebastien Stummenford, an honorable man and a decorated warrior finds himself in a trap during one of his missions in a remote island. There he discovers something which turns his world upside down. Warriors, noblemen, traitors, rulers, scholars; all will fight a battle for supremacy in a land haunted by death itself. Explore a scintillating world filled with magic, adventure and romance which promises to go beyond your wildest dreams.
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Book Details
  • Prowess Publishing
Publication Year
  • 2018 November
Book Type
Author Info
  • LUCAS HAULT hails from Ranchi, where he grew up in his grandfather's land. Raised by his large family, he has spent his childhood running wild with his cousins and obsessing over fantasy and fiction books, monsters, and the world full of magic. He is a fan of J.K. Rowling and considers her to be the one to have influenced the writer in him. There is a very interesting tale behind his characters, which he says are very personally attached with him. Each of them carry a long lasting impression, and some of the traits which he himself possesses. Visit his official website and connect with him to get to know him better.
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