Shrih Cooling Relaxing Velcro Gel Eye Mask

Shrih Cooling Relaxing Velcro Gel Eye Mask  (10 ml)

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  • Organic Type: Natural
  • Designed For: Men
  • Applied For: Reduce Dark Circles, Anti-wrinkle
  • Gel Eye Treatment
Cooling Relaxing Velcro Gel Eye Mask. Cooling Eye Gel Mask with Velcro Straps. This gel settles very well on eyes and face and it is very soft and comfortable to apply.It can be use both is room temperature or can be refrigerated. Suitable for fatigued eyes, puffy eyes and dry eyes. It relieves eye tiredness,dry eyes,eye and head aches,restlessness,insomnia. Description: The tiredness is caused mainly by build up of excessive heat above the neck area.The main reason for this is simply the nature of the work we do i.e.the indiscriminate focus on the computers or electronic media and mobile devices.This increases the cerebral activities more.In return this leads several discomforting conditions like headaches, anxiety, eye conditions, sleep disorders such as Insomnia and much more. The cooling effect on the eyes,head and the area around caused using this gel induces instant relaxation to you.It lowers the metabolic rates and cools down the body, relaxes,and this in return reduces tiredness and anxiety,eye conditions other conditions instantly. This Cooling Gel Eye mask is a wonderful strap on device that helps achieve this remarkably in simple way. For best results we can use it at bed time,use it in room temperature or by cooling it in refrigerator. This is a handy,simple yet an important device to have in our daily urban lifestyle.
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  • 1 Eye Masks
Model Name
  • Cooling Relaxing Velcro Gel Eye Mask
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