Silence Your Online Mug Shot! 10 Free Things You Can Do to Bury Your Booking Photo, Restore Your Reputation and Protect Yourself from Mug Shot Extortion

Silence Your Online Mug Shot! 10 Free Things You Can Do to Bury Your Booking Photo, Restore Your Reputation and Protect Yourself from Mug Shot Extortion

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  • Kai Jackson Issa
  • English

Once upon a time you were arrested. It wasn't your best moment. It was a misdemeanor. Your case was dismissed. You were found not guilty. Your record was expunged. It happened years ago. Whatever the circumstances, you thought your arrest was behind you. Then a friend calls, or you do a selfie search of the internet and see it: Your booking photo, posted on one--no make that several--mug shot websites. This book will help you, or someone you love, to remove that online mug shot from the internet-for free.

No wonder you keep getting turned down for jobs or your clients tell you "no thanks." estimates that 80% of companies Google people before they hire them. No wonder that hottie you met the other day won't call you back, your co-workers are laughing behind your back. You've got a booking photo online, sending this one-word message to all who view it: criminal.

You want the mug shot to go away, but the mug shot websites are charging "takedown fees" of $99, $149, as much as $500. Do not pay! Your booking photo will just pop up on more sites. You're also thinking about paying pay hundreds-make that thousands- of dollars to online "reputation management" companies to scrub your booking photo from the internet,

Don't pay them for something you can do yourself!

If you, or someone you love, has a booking photo on the internet that is causing great harm, this book is for you. I speak from experience. I missed traffic court on a ticket for driving with an expired tag, didn't get the notice to appear in court because of a change of address, and was arrested. My case was dismissed a couple weeks later, but my booking photo ended up online. As a published author and a communications professional with 20+ years in the business, I knew how damaging this photo could be to my reputation. I was tempted to pay takedown and removal fees. Hours of researching mug shot websites taught me how to do this myself.

I learned 10 free things you can do to get your mug shot off the internet and restore your reputation. A mug shot, especially if you weren't even convicted of a crime, shouldn't haunt you for life, ruining your job prospects and reputation.

I wanted to share this information with you in the hopes that it will help empower you to restore your online reputation and fight back against the mug shot extortion industry that is in the business of ruining lives for profit. You can do it and this book will show you how!

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  • English
  • Kai Jackson Issa
  • 9781311003409
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  • 2014-07-28
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