Simplifying Business, Economics & Jargons (Pack of 2 Books)

Simplifying Business, Economics & Jargons (Pack of 2 Books)  (English, Hardcover, Rommel Rodrigues)

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  • Language: English
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Publisher: TV18 Broadcast Ltd (CNBC TV18)
  • ISBN: 9789380200699, 9380200692
  • Edition: 2013
  • Pages: 454
This Combo sets contain two books 1. Everything You Wanted to Know About Business & Economics - For those who have forever grappled with the scores of elements of business, economics and finance, this book comes as an illuminating encyclopaedia which will step-by-step teach you almost every component of complexly arranged terms that is commonly used and employed. Starting from a brief history of genesis of economic principals, economy of India and extensively covering topics like budget, trade & industry, stock markets, financial markets, investments, banks & savings, the book takes you through the entire lexicon of this domain in a very easy & light read mode. Laced with examples at every step for easy understanding of what looks like complex terminologies, which you can refer for authoritative facts, the book also doles out tricks & techniques for better investing your hard earned money in the variety of options that is well explained in a fashion which even the most novice of us will be able to comprehend. Interesting crispy factoids within the chapters is bound to keep you enthralled as you progress from learning one interesting topic to another
2.Simplifying Financial Jargons - While you dont have to be an automobile engineer to drive a car, you need to at least learn how to use the clutch, brake, accelerator, steering wheel and various other functions. You would also need to know traffic rules and how to follow road etiquette. Its the same with finance too. You may not know how to structure hybrid financial products or price equity for an initial public offering but as long as you can understand what kind of risk and return various investment products may carry and how to invest and disinvest in them youre fine. Unfortunately, most people have the misconception that finance is complicated and best left to experts. Managing the finances of the corporate or running a bank is best left to experts but as individuals who invest our hard earned money. We have the right and in fact the duty to understand what goes on financial system. This book is an attempt to simplify jargon related to finance which creates mental blocks to understanding concepts and structures. It is presented in the form of conversation between various people and me. To hold your interest, I meet different people at fresh locations under changing circumstances and explain a concept within a context. We trust this book will enhance your understanding of the world of finance and create a healthy curiosity about it. And, if the next time you are reading a financial news paper or overhear a conversation with some financial jargon and are able to truly understand, interpret and act on it, we will feel that the effort behind this book was well worth it.
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Book Details
Publication Year
  • 2013
Book Type
  • Combo Pack Book
Table of Contents
    Book 2. Simplifying Financial Jargons

    Concept 1: American Despository Receits (Adrs)
    Concept 2: Arbitrage
    Concept 3: Understanding Capital Account Convertibility
    Concept 4: Capital Gains And Indextion
    Concept 5: Cash Reserve Ratio
    Concept 6: Certificates Of Deposits
    Concept 7: Commercial Papers (Cps)
    Concept 8: Credit Defaults Swaps (Cds)
    Concept 9: Credit Spreads
    Concept 10: Deficits – Fiscal, Revenue And Trade
    Concept 11: Devidend Yield Ratio
    Concept 12: Quity Linked Debentures (Elds)
    Concept 13: Fiscal Deficit
    Concept 14: Fiscal Stimulus
    Concept 15: Repo Rate And Statutory Liquiity Ratio (Slr)
    Concept 16: Market Stabilisation Scheme (Mss)
    Concept 17: Green Shoots
    Concept 18: Differences Between Hegde Funds And Mutual Funds
    Concept 19: Hedging In The Commodities Market
    Concept 20: Mark-To-Market Accounting
    Concept 21: Montary Policy
    Concept 22: Money Market
    Concept 23: Money Supply
    Concept 24: Off Balance Sheets
    Concept 25: Oil Bonds
    Concept 26: Open Market Operations
    Concept 27: Pass Through Certificates
    Concept 28: PE Ratio
    Concept 29: PEG Ratio
    Concept 30: Purchasing Power Parity
    Concept 31: Sharpe And Information Ratio
    Concept 32: Real Estate Investment Trusts
    Concept 33: Return On Capital Employed
    Concept 34: Reutrn On The Net Worth
    Concept 35: Speculative Attacks
    Concept 36: Stagflation
    Concept 37: Calculation On Sensex
    Concept 38: The Value Of Money
    Concept 39: Velocity Of Money
    Concept 40: Yield Curve.

Authored By
  • Rommel Rodrigues
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