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Skateboard Grip Tapes
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Skateboard Like a Champ with the Right Skateboard Grip Tape

Skateboard grip tape is the sand papery, gritty layer that you apply to the top of your skateboard so that your shoes can maintain a grip on the board. You can cut the tape into various patterns before applying it onto the board. This will help you easily identify the nose and the tail of the board and it also makes the board unique. To take uniqueness to the next level, you can also spray paint different patterns on top of the grip tape. Some of the popular brands that you can find online are Akiara, Rexmon, Spacci, Bapna, ETIPL and many more. 

Longboard grip tape comes in different varieties. The most common one that you can find is the one that is black on the gripp side while the bottom of the tape can be peeled off so that the sticky side will stick to the top of the deck. This tape isn’t always black, it can be bought in any colour. You can even find camouflage and transparent options. 

Benefits of Grip Tape


Branded skateboard grip tape will help you skateboard comfortably as they will be the right amount of sticky. And, if you want to learn professional skateboarding, then you’ll have to use the best one so that you can maintain a hold on the board. The branded tape will help you perform complex tricks and maneuvers. When you try out different branded tapes, you will be able to understand which tape damages your shoes and which one doesn’t. This way, you can invest in the ones that suit you the most. You can even buy certain tapes if you just want to use your skateboard to move around the block or fun and so on. 

Comfortable Use

This tape will help you use your skateboard comfortably for a while before you have to replace it again. This way, you can skateboard with your friends and have competitions without worrying about having to change the tape. 

Aesthetic Appeal

This tape comes in various shapes and designs, so you can enjoy effective support while also enjoying the aesthetic appeal of your board. You can set a theme or mood for yourself so that your unique identity can stand out when you skateboard with a group of people regularly. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Skateboard Grip Tape:

Q.1 Do I Need Skateboard Grip Tape On My Skateboard?

Ans: This tape is an important part of the whole setup of skateboarding. It helps you get the traction you need for your foot so that it stays on the board when you perform complex tricks. As some boards don’t come with a pre-grip, this tape will help you perform various stunts with ease. 

Q.2 How Do You Put Grip Tape On a Skateboard?

Ans: Remove the paper off the tape to reveal its sticky side. Smooth the tape onto the skateboard. Center the tape. Smooth the tape so that there are no air bubbles. Scrape around the edges of your skateboard with a metal file or the metal shift of a screwdriver. Do this until the grains are worn out and the outline of the edges of the board are shown. 

Q.3 Can You Cut Grip Tape with Scissors?

Ans: Once you apply the skateboard grip tape to your skateboard, you can use sharp scissors, a razor blade, or a box cutter to cut the tape to fit your skateboard properly. To get the best grip, adhere the tape to the edges of your skateboard deck. 

Buy Skate Grip Tape Online

You can sit in the comfort of your home and buy all your skateboard grip tape at the click of a button.

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