Social Background of Indian Nationalism
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Social Background of Indian Nationalism (English, Paperback, Desai A. R.)


Social Background of Indian Nationalism  (English, Paperback, Desai A. R.)

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  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Popular Prakashan Ltd
  • Genre: Political Science
  • ISBN: 9788171546671, 8171546676

Social Background Of Indian Nationalism by A. R. Desai is a vital resource for understanding the dynamic nature of Indian nationalism and its impact it on the social, religious, economic, political, and cultural aspects of the society.

Summary Of The Book

Social Background Of Indian Nationalism is a doctoral thesis which documents the changes that have occurred in the Indian society over the last 150 years that have contributed to nationalism today. The book documents the development of nationalism up to the start of the Second World War.

Desai provides a comprehensive examination of the rise in Indian nationalism in different forms such as cultural, economic, religious, and political. The text provides a historical and systematic explanation of how Indian nationalism has developed. In order to understand the different political movements which have arisen in India, it is necessary to acquire a sound comprehension of how the Indian society transformed in response to new social forces. Using historical materialism to analyze Indian history, Desai has singled out and assessed the variables which have contributed to Indian nationalism. The book takes into account the impact of these changes on different aspects of the Indian society.

The text contains 19 chapters, arranged in chronological order according to the development of Indian history. Some of the topics covered by the chapters are Economy And Culture In Pre British India, Britain’s Conquest of India, How India’s Agriculture Transformed Under British Rule, the Social Consequences Resulting from the Transformation of India’s Agriculture, the Decline of Village Artisan Industries, the Development of Modern Indian Industries, the Contribution of Modern Methods of Transport to Indian Nationalism, the Political and Administrative Unification of India after the British Rule, New Social Classes, the Crusade Against the Caste System and Untouchability, Religious Reformity amongst Hindus and Muslims, and the Increase in Political Movements. The end of the chapters are followed by an epilogue, a bibliography, an index, and a list of references for further reading.

Social Background Of Indian Nationalism is still considered to be the most prominent sociological interpretation on the subject of Indian nationalism. The book was first published in 1946.

About A. R. Desai

A. R. Desai was an author and professor.

He wrote many notable books during his lifetime. Some of these titles are Rural India In Transition, Rural Sociology In India, Slums and Urbanization, and Present Struggles In India.

Desai completed his LLB and Ph.D. from the University of Mumbai. He was a professor and the Head of the Sociology department at the University of Mumbai. Desai was greatly influenced by Marxism, and was often referred to as a Marxist sociologist. He was very active in human rights issues. Before teaching, he was a practising lawyer. Upon retiring, he regularly contributed to newspaper columns. He authored over 10 books in English, and over 30 in Gujarati. Desai was married to Neera, and together they had a son. Desai passed away in 1994.

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  • Popular Prakashan Ltd
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  • A. R. Desai\'s life was a rare and exemplary combination of activism and scholarship. His was a lifelong commitment and involvement in socialist and democratic causes: as a pioneer Marxist theoretician, activist for a time in the revolutionary Socialist Party, major inspiration for a variety of Marxian Left-and particularly Trotskyian-groups in Bombay and Gujarat. This went along with dedicated and rigorous scholarship, as sociologist and historian, author of numerous highly influential studies on nationalism, rural sociology, and urbanisation, and editor of two important collections on peasant struggles in India.
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  • B.A
  • B.A(Political Science), B.A(History), B.A(Sociology), B.A(Sociology)
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Unique book on Indian history

If you want to know why a common man joined the national movement, shed his blood for his country, was forced to adopt extreme methods, this is the book for you. This book gives you an ordinary man's perspective, what where the difficulties faced at British times. This book is one of its kind and excelently written. Should be read atleast once.

Abhishek Bhaskar

Certified Buyer

15 Sep, 2012

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