SPICE ART Casual Blue Clutch - Regular Size

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She plays cricket with the colony kids and hates pink colour. You will most often than not see her in a pair of rugged jeans and a loose T-shirt with the Spice Art Wallet – For Women in her hand. As the wallet is made of canvas on the exterior and synthetic on the interior it is sure to last fot long and show resistance towards the multiple falls and spills it is put through. With dimensions measuring 203.2 x 101.6 mm, this Spice Art Wallet – For Women can be held by her without much trouble. She is like a spring of fresh water when you compare her with the dull and coy women. The pattern on this wallet matches her taste which is unique. She keeps her feelings within and puts on a brave face when she is in a difficult situation, quite alike the zipper closure of this wallet which keeps her possessions enclosed. When she is at the beach she is not concerned about her skin getting tanned, she is overpowered by the joy of being in the midst of the ocean. This wallet is designed for women like her who don’t care about the hard and fast rules of the world.

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