Spirituality: Understanding It and Pursuing It

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  • Peter Dennis
  • English
This book starts with the idea that we are spiritual beings. As spirits, we have chosen to exist in physical bodies and live in a physical universe. We are doing this in order to explore the concepts of separation and limitation – two concepts that are totally opposite to our true nature. At this time, we have learned just about all we can from this physical experience and it will soon come to an end.As we approach the end of this experience, we are waking up and realizing that we are more than just our bodies. We are understanding that there is something non-physical or spiritual about us. In arriving at this realization, we begin to understand more of the Creator’s plan and we can begin the process of returning to our true spiritual nature. The pursuit of spirituality, then, is the process of returning to our true spiritual nature, and this book explains many of the things we can do to accelerate that process.Topics Include:Part One: Understanding Spirituality The Creator Where we fit in Souls and Oversouls Energy and vibration The densification of energy The seven densities Why we have to forget The Third Density The shift of December 12, 2012 The Ego Summary, Part One Conclusion, Part One Part Two: Pursuing Spirituality Is it necessary to pursue Spirituality? How spiritual am I now? What is holding my vibration down? A. Subconscious Blockages B. Limiting Beliefs C. Stress D. Other Influences How Can I raise my Vibration? A. Hypnosis B. Meditation C. Activations D. Food E. Water F. Aroma Therapy G. Acceptance H. Thoughts I. Other Vibration Raisers J. The Law of Attraction Summary, Part Two Conclusion, Part Two Bibliography
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  • English
  • CAPCO International
  • 9780969892687
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  • 2014-12-22
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