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In India, cricket has a huge fan following. Cricket stars are as celebrated as movie stars in the country. Every other kid dreams of becoming a cricketer and wants to own a tennis cricket bat. You can make a child’s dream come true by gifting him the perfect cricket bat. With various options available at Flipkart, it has become even easier to buy a tennis bat online. These bats are also known as tennis ball cricket bat or hard tennis cricket bat. They are generally used for people who play cricket as a hobby or in a limited space. These bats are not ideal for playing professional cricket with the deuce balls because of the material the bats are made of. These bats can also be made of hard plastic. Some of the popular brands selling tennis cricket bat made of English/ Kashmir/ Poplar willow are CEAT, SS, Spartan, MRF, KOOKABURRA, and New Balance. Brands like Lycan and Sunley sell bats made up of hard plastic/ PVC. These bats are available in various sizes and weights and customers can pick one best suited for their requirements.

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Reviews for Popular Cricket Bat
WILLAGE Plastic bat Ball , Plastic bat For Tennis Ball,Cricket Plastic bat for tennis ball PVC/Plastic Cricket  Bat
1. WILLAGE Plastic bat Ball , ...
383 Ratings&55 Reviews
52% off
  • Age Group 15+ Yrs
  • Blade Made of PVC/Plastic
  • Training Playing Level
Most Helpful Review

Just wow!

I purchase this bat for normal playing at home. Very good quality. And the best part is it is very light weight. This bat came with sticker and grip which is...
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Vivek Singh

Certified Buyer

8months ago

Recent Review

Does the job

Not suitable for full hand match and against pace bowling...but its okay for gully cricket and Indore practice
Read full review

subhadeep mondal

Certified Buyer

11days ago

MRF genius grand virat kohli signed Poplar Willow Cricket  Bat
2. MRF genius grand virat kohl...
3,767 Ratings&731 Reviews
66% off
  • Age Group 15+ Yrs
  • Blade Made of Poplar Willow
  • Beginner Playing Level
Most Helpful Review


this is really good I beat 55 runs on first day and it's packaging is really good please buy this and flipkart delivery is also best and it comes in just 4 d...
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Certified Buyer

Oct, 2018

Recent Review

Pretty good

Nice bat....I want white grip but unfortunately I have black grip.....
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Soumik Mukherjee

Certified Buyer

4days ago

CEAT Tennis Bat ,Ball Combo Poplar Willow Cricket  Bat
3. CEAT Tennis Bat ,Ball Combo...
3,874 Ratings&602 Reviews
72% off
  • Age Group 15+ Yrs
  • Blade Made of Poplar Willow
  • Recreational, Beginner Playing Level
Most Helpful Review

Must buy!

Nice bat but delivery late nice products best
Really nice 👍👍👍👍👍👍 Bat Power easy six in per ball
Read full review

dhirubhai Vala

Certified Buyer

Jan, 2020

Recent Review


price money wise good bat
Read full review

Prasanta Kumar Pari

Certified Buyer

8days ago

VICKY Supreme Cricket Bat Poplar Willow Cricket  Bat
4. VICKY Supreme Cricket Bat P...
277 Ratings&51 Reviews
15% off
  • Age Group 12 - 14 Yrs
  • Blade Made of Poplar Willow
  • Beginner Playing Level
Most Helpful Review

Best in the market!

This bat is best bat for tennis ball but its wait is more than 1700-1800 gram but bat quality is nice
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Flipkart Customer

Certified Buyer

Mar, 2020

Recent Review


Nice bat at 470rs firm one I enjoy playing
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Mahesh Nair

Certified Buyer

7days ago

NB EXCLUSIVE NB DC 1080 Vigorous bat ( Poplar Willow) Cricket Bat Poplar Willow Cricket  Bat
5. NB EXCLUSIVE NB DC 1080 Vig...
1,177 Ratings&172 Reviews
68% off
  • Age Group 15+ Yrs
  • Blade Made of Poplar Willow
  • Intermediate, Beginner Playing Level
Most Helpful Review


Its a good product. I bought it for my brother and he is very happy with the bat. Worth every penny. I would recommend it. Great service Flipkart and the sel...
Read full review

Flipkart Customer

Certified Buyer

Jul, 2020

Recent Review

Could be way better

Bad quality meterial please guys don't buy the bat
Read full review

Flipkart Customer

Certified Buyer

8days ago

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Buy Cricket Bats Online and Begin Playing Your Best Game


What is a cricket bat? What type of wood is used in the making of cricket bats? What should I buy? Are these questions that are lingering in your mind? We’ll try and explain it all here.


Cricket bats can be made of two types of willow. We have English willow cricket bats and Kashmir willow cricket bats. Bats that are used for a game of leather ball cricket are mostly made of English willow. English willow is considered as a better option when compared to Kashmir willow. Kashmir willow cricket bats are good for tape ball cricket, softball cricket or even tape ball cricket. The price of English willow bats is higher as it is the better type of wood between the two. To get a better idea do a research on SG cricketbats and MRF cricket bats before you decide what is the best cricket bat for you.


What do We Mean by Better Willow’?


The word ‘willow’ that we are constantly using here refers to a specific type of wood. As already discussed there are two types of woods used in the making of cricket bats - Kashmir and English willow.

The most obvious difference between the two is the colour. Kashmir willow bats are brownish while English willow bats are whiter. English willow bats have thicker blades for more stability. This results in the ball moving faster and further when you strike the ball. White willow (English Willow) bats may be very popular but need a lot of maintenance.


English willow bats are graded from 1 to 5, with 1 indicating the bat is made of the best quality of wood. The grains of the wood are straighter and have lesser blemishes on the bat. This grading system used to assess the bats is base on since and used by brands such a GM and Kookaburra. Always remember, if you are paying big bucks you are probably getting a superior willow grade and if price dips so will the quality of the bat.


Sizes of Cricket Bats


A one size fits all approach is inappropriate when it comes to buying cricket bats. There are sizing chart that you can refer to in order to understand this better. Adult bats are not meant for children.

Affect of Weight of a Cricket Bat


Players that have a strong upper body prefer heavier bats while players that use their wrists may prefer lighter bats. The pick-up and weight distribution can make a heavier bat feel lighter, for this reason, it is important to focus on the next criteria for selecting a cricket bat.


Cricket bat Sweetspot


Now that you are aware of what you need to know to be able to select the wood of your cricket bat, we will take you to the next level - knowing the sweet spot. Some batsmen prefer the mid sweet spot on the bat. Other batsmen may prefer that low sweet spot. This results in enhanced bat speed and front foot play. Players who play on bouncy surfaces enjoy a high sweet spot. 

Where to Buy Your Cricket Bats


You can buy cricket bats online from your favourite sports equipment e-retailer. Some of the e-retailers offer free home delivery and just in case you need an exchange they also have free return pickups. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a new cricket bat and improve the quality of your batting.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) about Cricket Bats


Q.1 Which is the best cricket bat?


Ans. The best cricket bats are as follows:


  1. WOLFER Vaulter Grade 4A English Willow Cricket Bat 


  2. SG Maxxum Plus Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat


  3. DSC Scorer Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat Short Handle Mens 


  4. Sanspareils Greenlands Cobra Select


  5. Slazenger V100 TAS G3


  6. Adidas Incurza


  7. MRF Genius Virat Kohli Popular Willow Cricket Bat 


  8. Salix SLX Grade One


  9. Spartan MS Dhoni Run CB-154 Kashmir Willow Bat 


  10. Kookaburra Kahuna Popular Willow Cricket Bat


Q.2 What is the cost of Virat Kohli's bat?


Ans. The cost of Virat Kohli’s bat is somewhere between 17,000 - 23,000 INR. This bat weighs around 1100 to 1200 gms and it is made of English willow wood. 

Q.3 What are the sizes of cricket bats?


Ans. Cricket bats are available in various sizes. The different sizes are given below: 

1 64.135 cm (25 ¼) 8.89 cm (3 1/2)
70.485 cm (27 ¾) 8.89 cm (3 1/2)
73.025 cm (28 ¾) 9.525 cm (3 ¾)
75.565 cm (29 ¾) 9.525 cm (3 ¾)
78.105 cm (30 ¾) 10.16 cm (4)
80.645 cm (31 ¾) 10.16 cm (4)
HARROW 83.185 cm (32 ¾) 10.583 cm (4 ⅙)
FULL SIZE (Short Handle) 85.09 cm (33 ½) 10.795 cm (4 ¼)
FULL SIZE (Long Handle/Blade) 87.312 cm (34 ⅜) 10.795 cm (4 ¼)

Q.4 What size bat should a 14-year-old use?


Ans. A 14-year-old should ideally use a Harrow bat. The bat length should be 83.185 cm (32 ¾) and the bat width should be 10.583 cm (4 ⅙).  


Q.5 How do I choose the right size cricket bat?


Ans. You can choose the right-sized cricket bat as per your age. Cricket bats are available for all age groups. You can check the table to know more.

4-5 Years Old 1
6-7 Years Old
8-9 Years Old
9-10 Years Old
10-11 Years Old
11-13 Years Old
12-14 Years Old HARROW 
15+ Years Old FULL SIZE (Short Handle)
15+Years Old FULL SIZE (Long Handle/Blade)

Q.6 Who uses the heaviest cricket bat?


Ans. The heaviest cricket bat was used by Lance Klusener - SS Zulu (1.53 kgs). Besides Klusener, the following players have also used heavy cricket bats. 


  1. Sachin Tendulkar - MRF, Adidas (1.47 kgs)


  2. Chris Gayle - Spartan CG “The Boss” (1.36 kgs)


  3. Virender Sehwag - SG VS 319 (1.35 kgs)


  4. MS Dhoni - Spartan Bat (1.27 kgs)


  5. David Warner - Gray Nicolls Kaboom (1.24 kgs)

Q.7 Which cricketer has the most expensive bat?


Ans. The Gray Nicolls Legend Cricket bat is one of the most expensive cricket bats in the world, costing approx 98826.44 INR. Cricketers who use Gray Nicolls cricket bat are Alastair Cook, Sam Billings, and Kane Williamson. 


Q.8 Which bat is best for beginners?


Ans. English Willow bats are ideal for beginners.

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