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Cycling is one of the best exercises. You can cycle across scenic landscapes, enjoy the sceneries, and also become fit. So, when you choose cycling over other workouts to stay healthy, you also give yourself various other benefits. You can choose to ride early in the morning when the roads are empty, and the sun shines softly. If you are not a morning person, then you can opt to ride in the evening and enjoy the city lights. By opting to ride a bike, you even choose to save the environment. Cars and other vehicles emit smoke and need petroleum and diesel to run. Bicycles do not cause pollution or need fuel to run on. So, when you choose to ride one instead of a motorbike, you contribute to the well-being of the environment. To top it off, you also help yourself stay fit. Plus, cycling is also much more enjoyable than only running on a treadmill. Cycles also do not require a lot of maintenance. However, if you wish to modify the one that you have, then you can buy the equipment and make the changes. You can purchase gear cycles online on Flipkart from brands such as Hero, Hercules, BSA, Atlas, Cosmic, and more.


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Cycle - Pedal Away to a Healthy You

Cycling is considered to be the one of the most relaxing forms of exercises that not only helps you keep fit but can also be considered a popular activity during your courting sessions - thanks to Bollywood! A cycle is the perfect mode of transportation if you are someone who is concerned about the skyrocketing fossil fuel prices and the impact that they are having on our environment. In fact, you can get your favourite bike from popular brands such as Hero, Hercules, BSA, Atlas, and more. Let us take a look at some of the important points you need to consider while buying a cycle.
The reason why you buy a bicycle usually falls under 4 general categories. These categories being daily commute, exercise, endurance, and off roading. As mentioned above, if you are an environmentalist, you might opt for a bike as a means of your daily commute. If you are a fitness enthusiast, you can opt for a gear cycle to remain fit. Road bikes are perfect if you are into long distance cycling. Off roading can best be enjoyed with MTBs (mountain terrain bikes).
Frame Size
Choosing the right frame size is very important for a comfortable and pleasant bike-riding experience. The frame size of the bike should be decided based on your height and the inseam length (leg length) of the bike. Most online websites give you a size chart on how to choose the perfect bike for yourself. However, if you are doubtful, you can go to your local store and try out a few bicycles. Once you are comfortable with a certain frame size, you can come back and buy a cycle with your preferred frame size online.
Riding Conditions
The riding conditions that you would be using your bike on also is a major factor that decides what type of bike you would require. For instance, if you would be riding your bike on steep climbs or inclines, a gear cycle would be a great option. In case the road that you take is riddled with potholes, a cycle with a front suspension would be a great choice.
Handle Shapes
First and foremost, you should ensure that there is sufficient distance between the seat of the bike and the handle of the bike. The gap should be such that it is not too much for you to stretch and hold the handle bar and not too less to make you feel cramped. Depending on your preference and style you can opt for a drop bar for a sporty stance, a flat bar for a uncompromised sitting position and great riding experience. In case you are opting for an MTB, go for a riser bar. This type of a bar gives you the perfect balance while you ride along uneven terrains.
Now that you have a fair idea about what to look for while going shopping for a cycle, you can get your bike online from Flipkart. You can choose a range of cycles for men, ladies’ cycles, and kids’ bikes at attractive prices.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) about Cycles

Q.1 Which is the best cycle to buy?

Ans. The top ten cycles are as follows:

  1. Omobikes Model-1.0

  2. Axan Fat Bicycle with Dual Disc Breaks

  3. Montra Trance

  4. Cosmic Trium

  5. Hercules NFS Roadeo

  6. Hero Hawk Nuage

  7. Hero Ranger DTB Steel Single Speed Mountain Bike

  8. Kross K 40 

  9. Montra Helicon Disc – Hybrid City Bike

  10. Cosmic Voyager

Q.2 What is the price of btwin cycle?

Ans. The price of Btwin cycles starts from 14,000 INR and they can go up to 70,000 INR. These cycles are also known as RockRider. They are available in various models as well. 

Q.3 Are montra cycles good?

Ans. Montra cycles are ideal for those who want to go a step higher from their basic cycling experience. It is one of India’s first premium performance cycle brands. If you do not have a higher budget you can opt for Montra cycles as they come with many features and pocket-friendly prices. 

Q.4 Which is the best cycle for kids?

Ans. Kids’ cycles are available as per their age. You can check a few of the best cycles for kids in the table below:

Age Group Brand
Under 2 years Tiny Toes Striker by R for Rabbit
  Tiny Toes Benz by R for Rabbit
  Tiny Toes Sportz by R for Rabbit
Amardeep Multipurpose Tricycle
2- 3 Years of Age BrilRider Balance Bike
  Strider 12 Sport
  Run Ride 100 Kids Bicycle
3-6 Years of Age Firefox Monstran 14
  BSA Champ Ringo 12T
Btwin Inuit 100
Btwin Darkhero 500
Tiny Toes Jazz 16T by R for Rabbit
Artic100 & DarkHero by Decathlon
7 -10 Years of Age Firefox Stormyum 20
Firefox Sweetie 20
Firefox Alfa 20T
Btwin Racing Boy 300 & 320 Models
MistiGirl 300 & MistiGirl 320
10 to 12 Years of Age Firefox Bad Attitude 2.4D 
Btwin RockRider Jr.
Atlas Snippy
Avon Sportik

Q.5 Which brand is best in cycle?

Ans. The best cycle brands in India are:

  1. Hero Cycles

  2. Atlas Cycles

  3. Hercules Cycles

  4. Avon Cycles

  5. BSA Cycles

  6. Btwin Cycles

  7. Montra Cycles

  8. Firefox Cycles

  9. Mach City Cycles

  10. La Sovereign Cycles

Q.6 Can you lose belly fat by cycling?

Ans. Yes, you can lose fat around your belly by cycling. You can also add interval training to burn more calories. 

Q.7 What are the top 10 bicycle brands?

Ans. The top 10 bicycle brands are:

  1. Giant Bicycles

  2. Trek Cycles

  3. GT Bikes

  4. Kona Bikes 

  5. Santa Cruz

  6. Cannondale

  7. Bianchi

  8. Yeti Cycles

  9. Orbea

 10. Marin Cycles

Q.8 Which is the No 1 Cycle Company in India?

Ans. Hero Cycles is one of the top bicycle brands in India. It is also the largest manufacturer of cycles in the country. 

Q.9 What is the most popular bicycle brand?

Ans. Giant Bicycles is one of the most popular cycle brands across the world. It is also the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer.

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