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Skating is a sport that takes years to perfect. It is one of the more popular recreational activities enjoyed by kids and adults alike. It requires precision, balance, and control. But to truly enjoy skating, you should ensure that the skateboard you use is made from the best possible materials. You can get a variety of boards online that are made from strong, sturdy wood and are durable. They also come in a variety of sizes and designs. You can choose the board based on your skating skills. These boards are available for beginner, intermediate or expert level skaters. The dimensions of the skateboard may vary depending on your requirements. You can check out the skateboard prices in India to explore the wider variety of boards you can pick from. You can choose from electric skateboard, longboard, streetboard, waveboard, and more. You can also buy skateboards for adults, which you can get in unique designs. You can choose boards from various brands like S.V. Enterprises, Adrenex, Jaspo, Oxelo, and ARSTORE. 


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Skateboards: To Show Off Your Cool Moves

If you’ve been dreaming of zipping around on your own set of wheels, maybe it’s time to buy yourself a skateboard. Skateboarding as a sport grew out of surfing culture in the 50’s and 60’s. Apart from being a sport, skateboarding is also an art form, a mode of transport and a popular recreational activity. Of course, the first step to getting started is buying a skateboard. Skateboards are made of a special board covered with a polyurethane coating to make it smoother and more durable.

How To Use Skateboards

You’ll start off by placing one foot on the board and one foot on the floor. The foot on the floor is used to push against the ground and generate momentum. Alternatively, more advanced riders can start off by pumping both legs in structured movements such as the bowl or half pipe. For beginners, it might be easier to use a downward slope to get started.

Types Of Skateboards

Selecting the right type of board makes a huge difference; it will be easier to maintain your balance and perform maneuvers on a skateboard that is a good fit for you and your body. The types of skateboards available are:

The Longboard - As the name suggests, a longboard can be as long as 44 inches. First developed in the 1990s, this style of skateboards are built for cruising. You can perform tricks on these because of their size. They also tend to have larger wheels, and really stand out when it comes to downhill racing.

The Shortboard Or Street Board - Measuring about 33 inches long, this is a smaller board designed for park and street skating. It picks up air (jumps) easier, and is good for doing tricks. The wheels are smaller and harder so that they can handle hard surfaces such as concrete.

Cruiser Board - A medium-sized board that is designed for simply cruising around

Old School Skateboard - These skateboard styles have ‘kicktails,’ a flat nose, and are asymmetrical in design. They perform well in skating pools and on ramps.

Skateboards Specifications

If you’re really excited about getting started on your skateboard, you don’t even have to wait to reach the sports store. Just find your preferred skateboard online, and save yourself the hassle of a trip to the shop. Keep in mind the following specifications before you make a purchase:

Bearings  - Skateboard wheels are mounted onto an axle with two bearings. These are industrial standard “608” ball bearings in most skateboards. Most boards use steel bearings but some ceramic variants are also available. Bearings have to be cleaned regularly to prevent dust and rust build up.

Width - The width of a skateboard deck can be between 7 and 10 inches. The width you need depends on your style, your height, and shoe size. A wide enough board will give you more stability.

Board Shape - Most skateboards have a concave shape.  This means that the sides of the board curve up. A concave shape is said to provide better grip; it will help do trips and maneuvers. A few skateboards may have a convex shape (with the sides curving down) or a flat surface. A convex shape is preferred by downhill skateboarders, whereas flat skateboards give more room for your feet.

Things To Consider When Buying Skateboards Online

It may be tempting to skimp on cash when you decide to buy skateboards online but that could cost you in the long run. A poor quality skateboard will put you at risk of injury and impede your performance.

Choose a board that is the right size for you and appropriate for your skill level.

Skateboards online are available in an assortment of cool designs and graphics. Pick something that will show off your personal style but don’t be too disappointed if the designs get scratched up. After all, that’s simply the price of the sport.

Skateboarding is an exhilarating sport. If you find yourself wanting to learn this unique sport, don’t wait and go buy a skateboard online. Choose from brands such as Nivia, JJ Jonex, Sunset Skateboard Co. and many more. You’ll be skating along with the wind in your hair in no time!

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