A Strange Kind of Paradise
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A Strange Kind of Paradise (English, Hardcover, Sam Miller)


A Strange Kind of Paradise  (English, Hardcover, Sam Miller)

10 Ratings & 4 Reviews
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  • Language: English
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Publisher: Penguin Books India
  • ISBN: 9780670085385, 0670085383
  • Edition: 2014
  • Pages: 440

Flipkart Official Review

Sometimes a different perspective always helps. There is always so much to know more about what we think we do, till a fresh point of view takes us by surprise. This is how I felt when I read Sam Miller’s, “A Strange Kind of Paradise”.

“A Strange Kind of Paradise” is a bit of History and a lot of Travel about India, its various places and traditions and norms. Miller weaves both of them quite excellently. He looks at India with a kaleidoscopic view and gives the reader the India they did not know, on a platter, to savour and relish.

The chapters may seem complex, however they are not. The book is very well researched and quite insightful in most parts. It is a foreigner’s view, no doubt and yet it is much needed if you want to know more about something you did not.

A Strange Kind of Paradise is a picture of India throughout the ages, from travellers who came from all over the world to see the wonders and magic that was India.

Summary of the Books

As a foreigner who has lived in India for many years, Sam Miller has a viewpoint not very common among Indians. He speaks about what he sees, and how India has been perceived over the centuries. His writing captures India from the time of Alexander, examining how Greeks came to India for trade, culture and just for her sheer exoticism. Covering accounts of figures such as Xuanzang, St. Thomas, Vasco da Gama, Babur, Mark Twain, the Beatles and even Steve Jobs, A Strange Kind of Paradise shows what India means to everyone across history, everyone except her own people. What ensues is a page-turning ensemble of anecdotes and memoirs about a country that has perhaps the most vivid and colourful history of all.

About Sam Miller

Sam Miller is a journalist and writer. He has also written: Delhi: Adventures in a Megacity and Blue Guide India.

A student of history at Cambridge University and politics at the University of London, he has been working for a long time in BBC World Service, taking on roles of editor, TV commentator and reporter. Prone to wanderlust, he goes where his job takes him, and has travelled widely across India.

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Book Details
  • Hamish Hamilton
Publication Year
  • 2014 February
Book Type
  • Non Fiction Book
Authored By
  • Sam Miller
Ratings & Reviews
10 Ratings &
4 Reviews
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A Most Entertaining Read

A fascinating account of India seen through the eyes of a naturalised alien. Despite being an unabashed Indophile, Sam Miller takes a fairly objective view of all things Indian. The book is full of priceless nuggets of information, possibly unknown hitherto even to a well read Indian.

sravan marur

Certified Buyer, Pune

Dec, 2014

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Very Informative

This book is a very good read.
Extremely informative and humorous throughout.
One would need a dictionary though to keep track of Sam Miller's vocabulary.
Definite buy for a person interested in historical facts and perceptions of India by foreigners through the ages


Certified Buyer, Bangalore

Aug, 2014

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A Strange Kind of Paradise- What scholarship!

This book is full of information and knowledge about India in different periods, yet in an irreverential manner,with a personal memoir running alongside.
India is better seen by those who study and read older texts rather than who keep harping on its old glories without checking up facts.
So now Darlymple,Susan Gole and Alice Albinia have company!
Superb choice of words.Keep a dictionary handy.......


Certified Buyer, Dehradun

Apr, 2014

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Just bought the book and going through it. Have placed order for one more piece. Of course, this is a good book so far.... It helps you know the country better from an outsider's perspective. Many a times an outsider would be a better person to judge us than an insider. Would recommend for people who would want to know India Better....
All the best to the author for his future work. Certainly not reading this because he has showered encomiums / eulogies.....in some parts....
Pramod Reddy

Flipkart Customer

Feb, 2014

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