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A pair of high-quality sunglasses not only helps transform your look but also keeps your eyes well-protected. Adding a pair to your ensemble can take the look up a notch, without much effort. These fashion accessories also serve the beneficial purpose of protecting your eyes from the harsh sun rays. With so many frame shapes and sizes available online, you can easily shop for the required shades from the comfort of your home. You can choose from classic shapes like aviators and cat-eye or trendy hexagonal, square, and wayfarer styles of glasses. Not only are these shades apt for pairing with your casual wear and vacation outfits, but they also can make for statement accessories you can don with your festive and party wear. The versatility of these glasses, combined with their style factor, makes them a must-have in your collection. You can opt for different frame styles, lens shades, and frame materials to add variety to your outfits. By browsing through the collection, you can find some of the best sunglasses offered here by brands like Fastrack, Ray-Ban, Police, IDEE, Rich Club, and more. Select the styles that you like the most and shop for sunglasses online to have them delivered to your door. The information you are reading has been last updated on 27-Jun-22.


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Reviews for Popular Sunglasses
ROYAL SON Retro Square Sunglasses
1. ROYAL SON Retro Square Sung...
1,356 Ratings&136 Reviews
57% off
  • Frame Size: Large
  • Lens Color: Black, Grey
  • Features: Polarized, UV Protection
Most Helpful Review

Good choice

Looks good, decent quality, but could have been less on price.
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Sumeet Poojary

Certified Buyer

Jan, 2021

Recent Review

Utterly Disappointed

The product is poor quality,
It is not suitable for my eye.
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Bikash Pal

Certified Buyer

7days ago

ROYAL SON Rectangular, Retro Square Sunglasses
2. ROYAL SON Rectangular, Retr...
13,300 Ratings&1,597 Reviews
68% off
  • Frame Size: Medium
  • Lens Color: Black, Silver
  • Features: UV Protection
Most Helpful Review


Good product, comfortable 😊
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Rajdeep Debnath

Certified Buyer

8months ago

Recent Review

Best in the market!

Best sun glasses with a best app
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Rashmi bhati

Certified Buyer

1day ago

Fastrack Wayfarer Sunglasses
3. Fastrack Wayfarer Sunglasse...
61,893 Ratings&8,077 Reviews
35% off
  • Frame Size: Free Size (One Size Fits All)
  • Lens Color: Green
  • Features: UV Protection
Most Helpful Review


product is good , nice colour and packaging but there is a fitting issue, a big gap between glasses and cheek but overall its a good buy.
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khalid ahmed

Certified Buyer

Dec, 2019

Recent Review

Terrible product

It's broken when fall it within three feet
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Venu Gopalreddy

Certified Buyer

2days ago

ROZZETTA CRAFT Retro Square Sunglasses
4. ROZZETTA CRAFT Retro Square...
1,428 Ratings&146 Reviews
83% off
  • Frame Size: Free Size (One Size Fits All)
  • Lens Color: Black
  • Features: UV Protection, Gradient
Most Helpful Review

Just wow!

If one's looking for comfortable wear. Please go for this product. It's amazing..! It fits me perfectly. Thank you for this cool product.
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Toshi Yimchunger

Certified Buyer

8months ago

Recent Review

Highly recommended

This is really really good I really love it
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Subhadra Marndi

Certified Buyer

1day ago

New Specs Round Sunglasses
5. New Specs Round Sunglasses
454 Ratings&37 Reviews
79% off
  • Frame Size: Free Size (One Size Fits All)
  • Lens Color: Red, Black, Silver, Blue
  • Features: UV Protection
Most Helpful Review

Good quality product

Nice shading effect... Good to buy.
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Bandarupalli Radhakumari

Certified Buyer

2months ago

Recent Review


Worthfull for that price and I love it
Read full review

Flipkart Customer

Certified Buyer

29days ago

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Sunglasses: Not Just a Style Statement

Though history has the origin of sunglasses dating back to over 300 years, most of us have known them to be a symbol of high fashion and style all our lives. Introduced as a part of an ensemble by Hollywood actors in the early 20th century, tinted eyeglasses have evolved to be so much more. Their utility factor has increased with our improved knowledge of the harmful effects of UV rays on our eyes. Dust and regular exposure to the sun's harsh rays can have the same effects of sunburn on our eyes as on our skin. We often squint or frown to protect our eyes from the brightness of a summer day, causing severe headaches. A pair of dark shades can prevent this from happening, as you no longer have to contort your facial muscles to shield your eyes. Wearing good-quality sunglasses is necessary, but it is a myth that you have to spend a fortune on stylish sunglasses every time. It ideally should be a blend of utility and style. Branded sunglasses give you confidence without compromising the quality of the lenses or your vision. However, popular brands like Fastrack, United Colors of Benetton, IDEE, Fossil, and Titan all offer UV-protected latest sunglasses at modest prices. Of course, there are premium brands such as Ray-Ban and Montblanc too, and you can buy sunglasses online produced by all these brands.


Stylish Sunglasses with Protection

A well-suited pair of sunglasses can instantly uplift your appearance by making you look bright and attractive. With most brands offering their products online, choosing a pair of trendy latest sunglasses is easier. There are some classic style categories for both men and women; however, there is no hard and fast rule on what you can or cannot wear. Typically men opt for classic styles like aviators, square, rectangle, wrap-around, wayfarers, or sports eyewear. Among women, types like cat eyes, butterfly, bug-eye, and shield frames are more popular. However, most of these styles have been rendered gender-neutral, providing more variety for you. Colours conventionally considered more masculine or feminine are no longer treated that way. Some really bold and outlandishly stylish sunglasses are available for your consideration. You can well buy colours like white, pink, or reflector unisex eyewear, as long as they suit your face cut. Once used only by army men, aviators are a rage among women too. 

You can alter the style of shades depending on your attire or the occasion. For instance, you can wear a more sporty or funky pair of shades for a casual outing with friends and a metal-rimmed one with your office wear. An ornamental frame can add that extra bling to your attire for a daytime wedding or outdoor party. Most of the branded sunglasses are available with UV-protected lenses. It would be best if you always chose to buy a fully tinted, well-covered pair of tinted glasses for complete protection while keeping the style quotient intact.


Buy Sunglasses Online at your Convenience

Whether you are looking for high-end brands of eyewear or popular ones, you can find them all over the web. To get to know the specifications, look at the products, compare prices, and even check their popularity before you buy sunglasses online. Many buyers treat them as collectibles and like to keep multiple shades to enhance their appearance while keeping in mind the safety aspects as well. It is important that you get maximum utility and style from your purchase.

Sunglasses - The awesome fashion accessories

Although there’s no denying that you look great in your trendy pair of sunglasses but there’s another reason you wear them. Your shades might help you make a statement without saying a word, they also protect your eyes and the delicate skin around them from harmful ultraviolet rays that filter through on even the cloudiest of days. Even though the mighty Sun is millions of miles away from us, it still emits UV rays that play an important role in causing macular degeneration, cataracts and growths on the eye, including cancer. Hence, shield your eyes from harmful UV rays during outdoor activities like watersports, snowsports and driving in bright weather with a pair of good sunglasses like Ray Ban Sunglasses

How to buy the right pair of shades?

Determining the size of the eyewear frame is the first step towards buying the right pair of sunglasses. When we say frame size, it actually refers to the fit of your shades and should not be confused with their coverage. To determine the right frame size look for the dimensions, which are often mentioned as the eye size, bridge size and temple size. 

How to choose the right frame material?

When it comes to eye wear frames, they are available in a variety of materials like metal, nylon, polycarbonate, plastic, acetate and titanium, and should be selected as per the usage. Moreover, choosing the right one that suits your needs plays a vital role in how comfortable, safe and functional your sunglasses will be.

Which is the best lens material for you?

What are glasses without their lenses? The materials used in your favourite pair of shades can alter the quality of vision accordingly. Lenses for sunglasses are usually made of NXT polyurethane, acrylic, optical glass or polycarbonate-based materials. If you use your sports sunglasses , it is best to go for break-resistant ones.

Kinds of lens colors and tints

Apart from lens material, choosing the right lens color is also very important. From gray and green to brown, yellow, red and amber, different lens colors add to the performance of your lenses in different light conditions and offer different kinds of protection or vision enhancements. One one hand, brown or green-tinted lenses offer minimal color distortion while enhancing the contrast, while on the other hand, grey-tinted glasses help cut the glare to reduce eyestrain in slightly above average brightness situations. Yellow, amber or gold-tinted ones work well in moderate to low light conditions because of their ability to amplify the available light.

Lens enhancements for better eye protection

Enhancements for lenses are usually added to improve the quality of the vision. For instance, mirrored lenses feature a highly reflective surface that not only reflects light but also shields your eyes from other elements. There are also scratch-resistant lenses made of plastic or polycarbonate that are more durable than the untreated lenses. Perfect for various activities, the special scratch-resistant coating makes these lenses ideal for regular use. You also get photochromic lenses that can automatically adjust to the light in surrounding environments to reduce glare and provide enhanced clarity. When it comes to anti-reflective lenses, they allow more light to be transmitted through the lens without the glare and also sharpen the quality of vision.

Buy latest sunglasses For Men & Women online

If you are wondering where did your friend find those killer shades, then you can look online. With products from various reputed brands like Ray Ban, Fastrack, IDEE, Provogue, Tommy Hilfiger and Oakley sunglasses . Online shopping sites offer you branded sunglasses in different frames and lens materials at amazing prices.

Shop By Top Brands: Fastrack Sunglasses | Ray Ban Sunglasses | IDEE Sunglasses | Oakley Sunglasses | Metronaut Sunglasses | Provogue Sunglasses | Mi Sunglasses | Tony Stark Sunglasses | Streak Sunglasses

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Question and Answers

  1. Q.Why should I wear sunglasses?
    A.It is good to wear sunglasses when you are outside as it protects your eyes from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light, dirt, and dust. Besides, the sunglasses also give you a stylish look.
  2. Q.Which types of frames will look good on the square, round, and oval-shaped faces?
    A.The round-shaped and oval-shaped frames look good on square faces. If you have a round-shaped face, you should go for rectangular frames. Square, rectangular, or geometric shapes are good for people with oval faces.
  3. Q.Are there a different range of sunglasses for men and women?
    A.Yes, there are unique and stylish frames for both men and women, boys and girls of different age groups.
  4. Q.What material are the frames made of?
    A.There are light-weight frames in different types of materials such as metal, plastic, titanium, aluminium, alloy, stainless steel, acetate, TR 90, etc.
  5. Q.What are the different lens materials?
    A.There are lenses of fibre, glass, mineral glass, plastic, CR 39, TAC resin, and other types of material.
  6. Q.What type of lens features are available?
    A.You can choose from a variety of lens features such as gradient, mirrored, night vision, photochromatic lens, polarised, riding glasses, toughened glass lens, and UV lens. 
  7. Q.My face is small; can I get a frame for my face size?
    A.Yes, the frames are available in free size, large, medium, and small. You can select the size of the frame as per your face size.
  8. Q.What are some popular styles of sunglasses?
    A.There are a variety of styles such as aviator, butterfly, cat-eye, oversized, rectangular, retro square, sports, and more. There are different types of glasses for your different needs. There are glasses for biking, driving, running, eye protection, and style.
  9. Q.What colour choices are available in frames?
    A.You can select from a wide range of colours available in frames; there are frames in beige, black, blue, brown, copper, grey, silver, and many more colours.
  10. Q.What are some of the brands that offer sunglasses?
    A.Some brands are Fastrack, FOSSIL, Elligator, PHENOMENAL, ROZZETTA CRAFT, PIRASO, VINCENT CHASE, ROYAL SON, Sunbee, Lee Topper, and more.
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