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    Tablets are the latest innovation in computer technology and they are designed to be highly portable and functional. These compact computing devices use touchscreen technology to get rid of the cumbersome key and touch pad. The touchscreen can be used to type, play games, draw pictures and perform many other functions. There are tablets in different price ranges to fit every budget and need. Use your tablet to access the internet and reply to emails, complete your notes, draw, use social networking sites to keep in touch with friends and family.

    Buy tablets online from Flipkart by browsing through different brands such as Micromax, HCL, Zync, Huawei, Samsung, Swipe, Milagrow, Karbonn, BlackBerry, Acer, Apple, Asus, Lenovo, Sony and Mitashi to find they one you want. These tablets have different screen sizes ranging from 4 inches to a little over 10 inches. Different tablets run on different operating systems like Google's Android, Apple's iOS, Windows OS and Blackberry tablet OS. Download apps from their respective stores and use them to be creative and have a ton of fun. Some tablets also comes with cameras that allow you video chat, capture photos and take videos. Battery life for these computing devices is good, but they mainly depend on how often you use battery draining apps or softwares.

    These tablets have inbuilt memory to store data, videos, music and photos. Internal memory starts from 1 GB for some tablets while the upper limit constantly changes as newer tablets get released. You can add more memory by inserting a memory card in some models. Pay using your credit card or avail the cash on delivery option. Flipkart has a 30 day return policy which entitles you to a refund or replacement. Get you brand new tablet delivered straight to your doorstep by Flipkart and start living life on the move.

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